World Defying Dan God - Volume 16 - Chapter 1545
Shen Xiang can refine Green Jade Root pill fast, if no accident, he can through refining Green Jade Root pill quickly earns massive saint stone. This is Green Jade Root pill, altogether has 40 grains.” Shen Xiang refines good Green Jade Root pill to give two females him, said with a smile: Now you can purchase Green Jade Root pill's herbs, can buy many many, I must refine Green Jade Root pill now crazily.” Hong Xia and Ji Ling sees Shen Xiang to be so self-confident, knows that made Shen Xiang attack and capture Green Jade Root pill, moreover refined is smooth, they started to calculate, must refine most grains to be able in the central area to purchase a house. If there is many Green Jade Root pill, can sell all of a sudden?” Shen Xiang asked that he compared worry sale the issue. Hong Xia sees these Green Jade Root pill's qualities to be so high, absolutely is in the market condition rare, she strikes one's chest saying: Does not have the issue, we are very big on this day, is only this antique Sacred City, can consume massive Green Jade Root pill, let alone sells other places, you do not need to be worried about this issue.” We purchase Green Jade Root pill's herbs now, you have many on hand, you refine first! Perhaps we must leave antique Sacred City quietly, goes to other place purchase.” Ji Ling said with a smile, she saw not long, she had not being able to spend saint stone. Hong Xia and Ji Ling that just came back, but went to the room to rest slightly, hastily left. A Shen Xiang double-hour can refine a furnace Green Jade Root pill, if after being skilled, can use many Illusionary Brilliant Furnace, when the time comes will refine the speed to promote several 20 times, so long as he will be able to endure lonely, many herbs he can practice. On him also 1000 jasper bottle gourds, but also suffices him to refine a period of time, builds up this batch, can receive in exchange for many saint stone, absolutely digging saint stone mineral lode comes to be easier than much. Those who let him compare the worry is, if later sells so many pill, definitely will cause others to begin to have suspicions, perhaps also will injure to the benefits of some big influences, when the time comes he and Ji Ling they will be very troublesome, therefore he decided after the central area stops over, finding the way to look for a fierce backer.

Every day his alchemy time is ten double-hour, rests two double-hour to make energetic, he has refined for two days, was stable, every day can refine ten furnace Green Jade Root pill, each furnace leaves the pill four grains, if as expected, will not be defeated from now on too multiple. Could not bear, tries Illusionary Brilliant Furnace!” The Shen Xiang one breath emits five Illusionary Brilliant Furnace, then uses Flashing Soul Fire Refining Law to refine, just started to be almost defeated, fortunately he has controlled, but let ruin two furnaces, the loss was not very big, simultaneously enabled him to grasp with the difficulty that many Illusionary Brilliant Furnace refined. Seven days pass by, Shen Xiang walks from secret room, Hong Xia and Ji Ling sees him to come out, immediately puts out to drive out the weary fruit juice to hand over, is intimate, has these two saintesses to take care, making Shen Xiang feel very crisp. I take a bath first.” Shen Xiang stretched oneself, consecutively for seven days in alchemy, his full is the perspiration taste. The bathing pool in Hong Xia and room of Ji Ling, they already prepared that type of Shengquan, after Shen Xiang jumps, approvingly, on him exhausted gradually is scattered, Ji Ling and Hong Xia walked, visits him with a smile. How many jasper bottle gourds did you purchase?” Shen Xiang sees their charming smiling faces and wears the frivolous clothes, lets in his heart, wants to draw in the water them very much...... 20,000 can, how many days your handle probably?” Ji Ling sits near the bathing pool, puts in the bathing pool to soak that snow white calf and tender and delicate jade fully, rocks that pair of white Hua Hua to result in the calf by Shen Xiang unceasingly, but the skirt on thigh has curled up, closely clamps to be well-grounded to become known in the legs, making the person look awaits eagerly, cancels the person.

What awfully is, Hong Xia also studies Ji Ling such, under curls up the skirt, reveals that such as the jade to become known the leg slenderly, soaks in the water, the both legs kick the pool of water, is smiling playing. Shen Xiang soaks in the bathing pool, backs on the, the both arms launch to build in Chi Bian, two beautiful moving saintesses, sit by him, seems like is taking care him probably. Hello, what does your color narrow the eyes thinks? Was asking that your words, 20,000 jasper bottle gourds, can you handle?” The Ji Ling coquettish look like the silk, eats to smile. Must handle 20,000 jasper bottle gourds definitely not to have the issue, but must handle two saintesses, was a little difficult.” Shen Xiang said with an evil smile, two hands place on Ji Ling and Hong Xia that whitening thigh separately, badly rubs to feel. Two female spat one tenderly, moved out of the way his bad hand, face was somewhat red, but did not think repugnant. little rascal!” Ji Ling charmingly angry [say / way], opens the hand that Shen Xiang that moves, Hong Xia is also same, she already knows that Shen Xiang was not an honest fellow, but she also thought very normal, after all Shen Xiang was a man. A Shen Xiang face is suffering from injustice: You are bad, open and aboveboard entices me, moreover look at me to take a bath, you take a bath, definitely is not willing to think so to me.” The Ji Ling comparison understands Shen Xiang, she had learned from Su Meiyao there many Shen Xiang's matters, especially compare the matter of Eight Diagrams, for example the Shen Xiang's emotion issue, she knew that side the Shen Xiang outstanding female are many, but Shen Xiang currently has three. Did not say in world of Nine Heaven, even if here, the Shen Xiang light is his abnormal alchemy ability, hires oneself casually words of big influence, how many outstanding saintesses when the time comes must have to be also normal, because Shen Xiang earned the saint stone speed to be too quick, who doesn't want this kind of treasure?

Now Ji Ling and Hong Xia, do not hate to leave Shen Xiang, moreover Shen Xiang is very good to them, although the strength is worse than them, but earns the saint stone skill to gather stronger compared with their two many. I remember before you, has said that this day has the influence to plan to enter world of Nine Heaven, right?” Shen Xiang asked. This is only Legend, but I think that should real, world of Nine Heaven adolescence too, sooner or later will threaten quickly here, therefore they planned that does not have adolescence to get up while world of Nine Heaven, suppresses them.” Ji Ling said. Highest Saint Gate possibly also has such idea, although world of Nine Heaven does not have here higher, but world of Nine Heaven also has other rich resources, otherwise there will not breed to threaten here strength.” Hong Xia by arriving at side Shen Xiang, is pinching his thick shoulder gently. Shen Xiang is pinching the smooth calf of Hong Xia, is rubbing gently, then moves to the thigh on gradually, Hong Xia is only lightly snorted. Moreover Ji Ling at the same time cannot escape by luck, she worried that Su Meiyao will be jealous, has not opened Shen Xiang's. The Shen Xiang ten shares receive rub to feel the jade legs of these two saintesses, said: I will leave here, but before again just before leaving, we will arrange you, making you have the sufficient resources to practice here, perhaps will attack world of Nine Heaven at the day after tomorrow, when the time comes I will need you to protect me.” When do you plan to walk?” Ji Ling some do not abandon, white hands transfer to the Shen Xiang's chest, is rubbing gently.