World Defying Dan God - Volume 16 - Chapter 1546
I have the urgent matter in world of Nine Heaven, naturally the quicker the better, but I before, must get so far as massive saint stone, then makes you not need to worry saint stone and pills matter here again.” Shen Xiang head by her jade leg. Hong Xia Youyou sighed, Shen Xiang and she was only friend relationship, but actually such thought of her, making in her heart be moved, they lost the support of strong presence, later is hard to cross easily and comfortably in this antique Sacred City, will rush about for that saint stone all day, but the Shen Xiang commitment, making them not need to be worried about these issues. Shen Xiang has soaked half double-hour Divine Spring, has probably rested a day of such spirit, moreover two beautiful women accompany, takes care intimately. These are Green Jade Root pill, 4000 grains, before that 1000 I had almost refined!” Shen Xiang puts out storage pouch. If before, Ji Ling and Hong Xia definitely will be startled are shocked, because Shen Xiang refines this very Green Jade Root pill who is difficult to refine, unexpectedly is quicker than that many Yu Immortal Pill. However now they are only in the heart exclaim in surprise one, has not made much ado about nothing again, they have been used. Ji Ling and Hong Xia give Shen Xiang that 20,000 jasper bottle gourds that they purchase, Shen Xiang has to admire the Hong Xia ability, in such a short time can get so far as, moreover uses very low price. Shen Xiang never inquired about the saint stone matter, he owed Ji Ling 2 million, but Ji Ling does not mention now, she knows that Shen Xiang to the advantage that she brought, was not only only 200 jin (0.5 kg). After two females leave, Shen Xiang returns to the secret room, reason that he goes all out alchemy, a reason, to look for an opportunity sees here Pill Saint, if can come to an arrangement, Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou can recover quickly. Person who since previous time has Highest Saint Gate looks, Ji Ling and Hong Xia go out becomes more discrete, although they have the cooperation with some big influences, but these big influences do not know their addresses, therefore this small hole palace had not been harassed again. But Highest Saint Gate actually intensely seeks for Ji Ling and Hong Xia, they know probably these two saintess together, Hong Xia and had Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade Shen Xiang, in the Highest Saint Gate Dean eye, was the priceless treasure, therefore posted a reward they two female posting a reward volumes to be higher. If not exit to buy and sell pills, Hong Xia and Ji Ling little exits, will stay in Immortal's cave exercises martial arts, simultaneously waited for that Shen Xiang alchemy comes out. Shen Xiang comes out each time, means that they had the matter to do, can obtain large sum of money saint stone quickly. Hong Xia no longer cultivates her beforehand cultivation technique, now cultivates Fire God Art with single-hearted devotion, strength advanced by leaps and bounds, cultivation base, although has not promoted, but actually displays strength that many within the body hide, especially regarding the utilization of that Sacred Spirit Fire Spirit. She is very clear, Fire God Art this cultivation technique, cannot weigh with saint stone, in her heart very grateful Shen Xiang. Transformation Technique of Ji Ling practice also makes not the small breakthrough, can make her turn into all kinds of people, as well as some middle-and-small beasts. They exercise martial arts in the same secret room, can see the progress of opposite party.

Nearly four months, for a long time had not seen that little rascal, I think him very much.” Ji Ling squats to sit by the bathing pool, caresses that lightly is being Shengquan of Shen Xiang preparation, was mumbling low voice. Ling'er moved the feelings of love.” After Hong Xia hears, said with a smile tenderly. Ji Ling white her eyes, then asked: Sister Hong, if, he can refine Saint pill to come, moreover this speed, then to be fearful?” This is natural, but Sacred Level herbs is an issue, he becomes Pill Saint, that will be sooner or later issue.” The Hong Xia nod said. Has not thought that we can be the friend with Pill Saint, after Ji Family that crowd of old fellow knows, definitely will regret dead.” Ji Ling happily said with a smile. Hong Xia arrives at side her, pinches her face to say with a smile: If his strength suffices, you do permit by the body to him?” Ji Ling spits the tongue, asked: „If you?” Hong Xia had not replied that two females were both silent the period of time, at this time the Shen Xiang's laughter transmitted: What were you chatting? What I hear to permit by the body probably, did our two saintess beautiful woman settle on that soldier?” Shen Xiang comes out from the secret room, directly soars here, walks to take off the clothes, then walks into the bathing pool smoothly, did not fear that Hong Xia and Ji Ling sees. Hong Xia and Ji Ling knew that they talked by Shen Xiang a moment ago are heard, face is somewhat red, wants to leave, but Shen Xiang actually emits two water vine, ties down their waists, draws in them the bathing pool, stirs up two female to shout tenderly. My alchemy is so long, bored, you had not planned that now accompanies me to speak, you cannot be so cruel.” Shen Xiang looks at their soaked body with a smile, after the frivolous women's clothing soaks, is sticking to their luster of the skin, that graceful tender body that outlined had the enticement, in addition their long hair wet appearance, making Shen Xiang smile badly. Dead rascal.” Ji Ling was scolding tenderly, must leave the bathing pool, who knows that her waist had held in the arms by Shen Xiang, Hong Xia was also this, what most made their charming was, Shen Xiang that was only bad the hand to swim to their chests flexible, was encroaching upon their sacred snowy peaks. The time, in the bathing pool, whole body smoothly Shen Xiang, puts on the thin clothing saintess to kid around with two, when spreads an intermittent clothing tears to pieces the sound, the tenderness of female shouted that floods full Fang with that spring scenery boundlessly.

After the bathing pool kids around plays, Shen Xiang also occupies completely two female convenient, Hong Xia and Ji Ling also can only unceasingly charmingly angry say him, they do not dare to use oneself that fearful Holy Power to cope, was worried that can injure to him. In hall, two females both already easy, they know that Shen Xiang alchemy is so long, definitely built up a large quantities of Green Jade Root pill, perhaps built up that 20,000 jasper bottle gourds, they then must exit to sell Green Jade Root pill to let. This time I and you go together, tidies up while convenient here, we possibly will not come back.” Shen Xiang said with a smile. „Did you refine really jasper bottle gourd?” Ji Ling is somewhat excited. If is really this, the business that then must make will be very big, we will have large quantities of saint stone all of a sudden!” Hong Xia is also same, is hard to conceal the excitement in heart. Shen Xiang is actually very calm, because in his eyes, this saint stone definitely also insufficient. Altogether 80,000 grains, my furnace can leave four grains!” Shen Xiang gives their two storage pouch, inside with jade bottled good Green Jade Root pill, even if must take inventory, wants a period of time. Even if early has the psychology to prepare Hong Xia and Ji Ling, at this time unavoidably dumbstruck, if changes into saint stone, that will be thousands of jin (0.5 kg) saint stone. Calm, you think that whom good to sell to?” Shen Xiang smiled: According to 200 jin (0.5 kg) saint stone one grain, my this should be able to obtain 16 million jin (0.5 kg) saint stone, when the time comes buys a good house with 6 million jin (0.5 kg), remaining purchases immortal four herbs again.” After Hong Xia took a deep breath, said: Relax, must purchase anything's the house in place, we already favored, must sell out these Green Jade Root pill, this should any issue, that big influence unable to store up that many Green Jade Root pill, happy also without enough time!” Shen Xiang changed an appearance, asked: „Do you have the Pill Saint news?” Ji Ling shook the head: Cannot look up, only then Big Shot of these super big influences, will know some clues, but we are hard to contact them now.” Shen Xiang knits the brows: Sold to his 80,000 grains of Green Jade Root pill, won't he take seriously?” Hong Xia said: Attaches great importance to attaching great importance, but will not act, because Green Jade Root pill does not have what help regarding him, gave some elders to be responsible for that's alright.”

What name is with the influence of your long-term collaboration?” Shen Xiang went out of Immortal's cave with two females, he planned big shot who must see this big influence. God Feather Sect! The Dean strength is very strong, Highest Saint Gate Dean does not beat him, is one of the Heavenly Saint area five big influences, usually we can only see some elders, even if this God Feather Sect elder, is very difficult to see one side their Dean.” Hong Xia said. Shen Xiang thinks: I will have the means to see his!” He thought that this God Feather Sect Dean, should be the characters of past world of Nine Heaven these Fifth of Nine Emperors same strengths. Ji Ling understands that Shen Xiang must see that Pill Saint, for Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou, her very clear Shen Xiang with their sentiments, she did not suspect words that Shen Xiang spoke, but she cannot think that Shen Xiang will have any means to see that God Feather Sect Dean. God Feather Sect in this antique Sacred City nearby region, that place is not considered as that antique Sacred City, has big mountain scene [lineage/vein] there, mountain range inside stands erect to put on clouds huge stone house, God Feather Sect as one of the day five big influences, background was abundant, had their saint stone mineral lode in day many places, their anything business did. Shen Xiang and two female now in Heavenly Saint area the top layer of stone house, here can see the region that distant place that piece of huge stone house stands in great numbers, that is God Feather Sect, seems shocks extremely, can feel that threateningly grand imposing manner by far. Three, because in the gate something must process, making you wait, was very sorry.” Feature old man appears in Shen Xiang gently suddenly they behind, is having a smile asking. This old man is a God Feather Sect elder, is mainly matter in the conduct business, named Luo Ji. Elder Luo, all right! This time we have brought many Green Jade Root pill, does not know that you can buy completely.” Hong Xia compensates to say with a smile. Luo Ji looks at Shen Xiang, directly has not discussed the matter of transaction, but asked: This is your alchemy masters? Does not look like like, but he can with your together, I think that should be he, really the person may not the facial expression!” Elder Luo, if this time we can discuss that my also small business transaction, I think your Dean are possibly interested.” Shen Xiang smiles, one type is as deep as a well to person felt. Hopes that your small business transaction can make me be surprised, can make our Dean care, he said that his has not worried to this in society matter anything, all day closes oneself, can let the words that he leaves the mountain, then to our God Feather Sect is a good deed.” Elder Luo he he smiles, simply put, tells Shen Xiang, only then some extraordinary thing, can make their Dean interested.