World Defying Dan God - Volume 16 - Chapter 1547

Shen Xiang to own Middle East West Africa common confidence, thought that must see that God Feather Sect Dean is very relaxed, he smiled to Luo Ji, then looked at Hong Xia and Ji Ling, hinted them these Green Jade Root pill to take to sell. Elder Luo, you should still remember before us, had mentioned, after a period of time will come with a group of Green Jade Root pill.” Hong Xia has put out storage pouch. Luo Ji nodded: I heard that you purchased from all sources massive Green Jade Root pill herbs, has not thought that you can find a group of outstanding alchemy masters to come the alchemy sell, this truly was one earns the saint stone good means that but the profit not will not be high.” Hong Xia sweet smiles, gives Luo Ji that storage pouch: Does not know that you can buy completely?” Ji Ling and Hong Xia know that their profits are much higher, because of beginning to end alchemy, only then a Shen Xiang person, moreover leaves pill quantity and refinement speed is terrorist, a Shen Xiang person top a large quantities of outstanding alchemy master. After Luo Ji received that storage pouch, sees inside to have 80 very big jade boxes, he takes one to place in the ground, although has not opened this big box, Green Jade Root pill but who his innermost feelings have thought in the exclamation, the quantity are definitely many. As soon as he turns on the cover, dazzling green light sprays, inside that over a thousand grains of Green Jade Root pill are similar to are sending out the ray jasper bead. Previous Hong Xia and Ji Ling takes over a thousand grains of Green Jade Root pill to come, but in that storage pouch also has many this type of big boxes. In each box has 1000 grains, altogether 80,000.” Ji Ling lightly smiled: Elder Luo, you take inventory carefully, your God Feather Sect must eat up these eight ten thousand Green Jade Root pill, should not be the issue!” Luo Ji took that 80 big box, 11 took inventory, then exclaims: We can certainly eat up, but has not seen like this bulk bargain for a long time, your alchemy masters are really outstanding, such in a short time can refine such a group of quality good Green Jade Root pill.” You in this wait / etc., I take some saint stone to come, on me has not had that many, the price defers to previous that.” Um, a 200 jin (0.5 kg) saint stone grain!” Hong Xia nodded.

After Luo Ji leaves, Hong Xia and in the Ji Ling heart has felt relieved, before they also somewhat worried that Luo Ji will not want that many all of a sudden. More than half double-hour, Luo Ji came back, brings storage pouch, inside puts is piling up 16 million jin (0.5 kg) saint stone, Hong Xia and Ji Ling is responsible for taking inventory. Later we continue to cooperate!” Luo Ji said with a smile, Green Jade Root pill was a quite scarce pill, can store up one batch, will not owe absolutely, moreover these pill's qualities were very high. Elder Luo, if in my hand has Sacred Level herbs, can chat with your God Feather Sect Dean directly?” Shen Xiang asked suddenly. Sacred Level herbs, where regardless, is expensive and is quite rare, even if not useful to oneself, has the opportunity words, as far as possible competition to own hand. „Are you willing to sell?” Luo Ji is somewhat surprised, he saw that Shen Xiang sees their Dean to have any urgent matter to be the same. If he can help me slightly busy, I can be the gift to give to him.” Shen Xiang to let Luo Ji believes that put out Blood Exquisite Fruit, Luo Ji has managed the God Feather Sect that huge industry, certainly can recognize this Blood Exquisite Fruit, this was therapy Sacred Fruit, can strengthen the blood in within the body. Ji Ling and Hong Xia surprisedly look in the Shen Xiang hand at this time that red crystal common round bead, Hong Xia exclaim: Is Blood Exquisite Fruit, this is Sacred Fruit!” Luo Ji took a deep breath, said: You come with me, I lead you to see Dean.” Shen Xiang to Ji Ling and Hong Xia sound transmission, making them handle the matter of house, then here meets, that 16 million jin (0.5 kg) saint stone, places in their hands, is transferred by them, making them purchase many herbs, moreover is Immortal Level four. Luo Ji brings Shen Xiang to walk into the transmission secret room in this Divine Feather building, through Teleportation Formation, transmits to one probably is the mountain side place.

Shen Xiang also thinks that God Feather Sect Dean in these big stone house, has not thought in the cave. This place constructed roughly, has probably hollowed out rocky mountain in very much, then opened cutting on inside rock wall unevenly again several caves. You wait here, I go to and Dean chat.” The Luo Ji half step moves toward a cave, making Shen Xiang stand in this mountain side middle alone. Waited well a moment later, Luo Ji quickly walks, he said with a smile to the Shen Xiang nod: You can go, our Dean want to chat with you.” The Shen Xiang politeness smiled to him, then walks into that cave. In his eyes, this God Feather Sect Dean should with the character of Fifth of Nine Emperors same rank, the place that but lives in so is crude. Enters that dim cave, Shen Xiang has walked forward, has not induced to here him to the expert aura, if that formidable character, must on formidable strength oneself go into hiding, that is quite difficult. Comes to the end of cave, this is a light and bright stone chamber, looking at the ornaments should be a living room, has some chairs. By a very crude stone table, wears the middle-aged woman of simple mourning clothes, she grows up, although is not beautiful, does not have the noble makings, looks like in a peasant family ordinary woman, the skin is not very good, some sons are rough, the corner of the eye has the wrinkles. This person ordinary is very very ordinary, the good feeling is she makes the person look like very comfortable to the person only, she sees the Shen Xiang's time, but also smiled slightly, smiles very kindly gentle. Please sit down, does not use politely.” That middle-aged woman politeness must give a hand signal, her sound is somewhat hoarse . Moreover the sound is somewhat jerky, probably she very long had not spoken to be the same. In Shen Xiang heart secret surprised, he has not thought that this God Feather Sect Dean, unexpectedly is a woman, moreover looks like so is ordinary.

brat Shen Xiang, has spoken Senior.” Shen Xiang hastily salutes, he can affirm that at present this woman is having with Fifth of Nine Emperors same terror strength, because he saw White Tiger in the past time, is this feeling. Sits, do not call me any Senior, my named Feng Yujie, you called me to shout my Aunt Feng.” After Feng Yujie greeted Shen Xiang sat down, then gives Shen Xiang but actually one cup of clear water. Shen Xiang thinks clearly, why not to chat God Feather Sect Dean, will be living such life. Aunt Feng, I come this to have very important matter to make you help.” Shen Xiang said the proper business directly. I listened to Luo Ji saying that you sold to our many Immortal Dan, moreover you also had Blood Exquisite Fruit.” Feng Yujie lightly smiled, sat, sizes up Shen Xiang earnestly, looks at some Shen Xiang non- natures. Shen Xiang nodded: Aunt Feng can you......” Feng Yujie interrupts his words, said with a smile \; You come from world of Nine Heaven?”