World Defying Dan God - Volume 16 - Chapter 1548
Yes!” Shen Xiang replied. How can say that world with me now? I am very curious, world of Nine Heaven properly speaking cannot revive that quickly, but you can refine 80,000 grains of Green Jade Root pill in the short time, perhaps the talent like you, was past Saint Dan Emperor compares you.” The Feng Yujie whole face is curious, waits for the Shen Xiang reply. Shen Xiang already suspected that here expert had occurring together with Fifth of Nine Emperors these people in the past. world of Nine Heaven...... I came here more than 200 years, there present changes quickly, moreover Emperor Heaven is recovering gradually, past Fire Emperor now is half remnant condition, other Fifth of Nine Emperors, were missing. As for me, that is only an exception, I quite like fiddling with pills, therefore has the achievement in this aspect comparison.” Shen Xiang he he smiles. This Feng Yujie takes God Feather Sect Dean, can see that 80,000 grains of Green Jade Root pill stem from a person of hand, is very normal matter. Feng Yujie said with a smile lightly: little brat, you are not honest, you may not only fiddle with the pills aspect to have the achievement.” Shen Xiang said with a smile silly: Aunt Feng, does brat have his merit? Can tell me?” After stepping into Sacred Realm, the Shen Xiang's dantian integrated in Divine sea, he thought words that one go into hiding , is the same with an average person, is very difficult to see. Your dantian disappears, but you actually intentionally make strength to lend the aura to confuse others there! I have not guessed that wrong words, you were a god cultivated before, after entering the Saint, the dantian integrates Divine sea, will therefore have this situation.” Feng Yujie smiles gently, was the matter that the god cultivated said Shen Xiang. Shen Xiang has hit, said: actually this is also the merit.” Feng Yujie lightly snorted and said: You, since needs help from me, should honest.”

Shen Xiang restraining smiling face, earnestly said: Good, my strength misses your many in any case, in your eyes is also only the small lamb that can recognize butchers, what matter do you want to know? I replied you honestly.” How do you come here from world of Nine Heaven?” Feng Yujie asked. I am......” Feng Yujie sees some Shen Xiang look fluctuations, white his eyes: Do not lie!” Shen Xiang sighed: I in world of Nine Heaven, entered one deeply, has a stone chamber also transmission stage there, I use Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade to turn on the transmission stage, arrived here, then meets some fierce Saint Beast outside, I have good luck ever, therefore has evaded, finally runs away to a saint stone mine, was guarded the person in mine to catch, but with my help, I and guarded the person in saint stone mine to do 3 million jin (0.5 kg) saint stone, finally hid into here alchemy to gain saint stone.” Feng Yujie has not felt surprised, said with a smile: Can obtain Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade little rascal, is really not simple, then can toss about.” Aunt Feng, I heard that here several big influence wants to attack world of Nine Heaven, suppresses world of Nine Heaven adolescence, through this ensure this Saint Territory was not invaded.” Shen Xiang asked that what he compared the worry was this. Almost, but you do not need to be worried that world of Nine Heaven when the time comes easily will not be broken through, Fifth of Nine Emperors has not died, right.” Feng Yujie smiles lightly: What are you worried about? Feared that others do snatch your Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade? Understood slightly Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade knows, this blade is the owner recognition person, even if isolates from you also useless.” What Shen Xiang fears after is Emperor Heaven reappears, that protects Dragon Vein Evil Dragon Burial Ground to get rid, that Dragon Vein is his treasure. When the time comes will you also go to battle?” Shen Xiang also asked.

I, my God Feather Sect meeting, I at the same time will certainly not be seeing a play.” A Feng Yujie face mischievous smiling face. „The death that Fifth of Nine Emperors remnant remnants, dying, missing missing, when the time comes definitely will defeat by you.” The Shen Xiang whisper said. You think, only then our does Saint Territory get rid? When the time comes other Heaven territory also some people appear, but is these Heaven territory expert treats as the battlefield world of Nine Heaven, hits one indirectly.” Feng Yujie said. Shen Xiang is not feeling well very much said: Fights to run our world of Nine Heaven to hit, restless good intention, in the past Fifth of Nine Emperors such destroyed.” Past years was because had a Great Emperor of Ten Heavens such character, therefore other Heaven territory expert are unable to carve up world of Nine Heaven finally, Yuan Qi damaged severely, Great Emperor of Ten Heavens also paid very deeply grieved price, Emperor Heaven as the main battleground, therefore disrupted, turns into many small world.” The Feng Yujie look suddenly becomes very remote, likely at the recollection past matter: Now looks like, probably must have such matter.” Shen Xiang said: Aunt Feng, I have satisfied your curiosity, now can discuss the proper business! Words that handles, I give you that Blood Exquisite Fruit.” Feng Yujie puts out a hand, said: Shows me that Blood Exquisite Fruit.” Shen Xiang has to take, in his heart somewhat was worried that Feng Yujie will not give back to him, Feng Yujie in the hand, carefully looked, moreover is good to hold appreciatively, seemingly does not want evidently. Sees appearance that a Shen Xiang face loves dearly, Feng Yujie to throw smiles: You had said gives to me, the present was my!” In the Shen Xiang heart thump jumps, hastily said with a smile dry: Aunt Feng, you have not known that I must make you help!”

You said that I think that should not be difficult, I should be able to accomplish.” Feng Yujie is very confident to oneself, that Blood Exquisite Fruit was received by her. Helps me look for Pill Saint, I must refine Saint pill, herbs I leave, I will give his good reward.” Shen Xiang said directly: This regarding Aunt Feng, should not be the difficult matter!” Hears the Shen Xiang's words, Feng Yujie frowned, then sighed: This somewhat is perhaps difficult, on this day in has Pill Saint, but I do not know them, is very difficult to help you look them, perhaps I could not help you, really sorry.” Shen Xiang was startled, in heart secret sighed, the complexion was not very attractive, he looks at Feng Yujie, wanted the word to stop, he wanted that Blood Exquisite Fruit, but actually did not dare start to talk. Sees this appearance, Feng Yujie unable to bear smile. Did not tease you, I was Pill Saint, although I cannot help you look for other Pill Saint, but I can actually help your alchemy.” Feng Yujie chuckle said. Sees likely is not a middle-aged woman, instead was plays the mischievous girl who the deceased person did not pay with a life likely, in the Shen Xiang heart has criticized several, then unfolded the face to smile: Aunt Feng, you stills have a childlike innocence, during has the young mentality to be really good, was really scary......” Feng Yujie smiled happily, making in the Shen Xiang heart despise her secretly, as God Feather Sect Dean, a Dean appearance did not have, to harm him to be worried about the period of time, to the present he is some does not believe that this Feng Yujie was Pill Saint.