World Defying Dan God - Volume 16 - Chapter 1549
Aunt Feng, are you really Pill Saint? Sees likely is not, in my impression, should be that sees with a blur the Old Bai head.” The Shen Xiang whole face questioned that making Feng Yujie put on a serious face, a young miss such is staring you likely spitefully, making Shen Xiang be sweating profusely immediately. Feng Yujie sees Shen Xiang to frighten this appearance in vain, smiles tenderly, lets impulsion that Shen Xiang has to plant to hit the wall, this old woman is mischievous, is more formidabe than these little girl. „Can you make me refine a furnace Saint pill to show you? You must wait to be good.” Feng Yujie was saying, puts out silver-white pill furnace: This is my alchemy pill furnace, you are also alchemy, should know that this is not the ordinary goods!” Shen Xiang looked, said with a smile: My my faulty vision, where couldn't I really have seen well?” Feng Yujie has patted the Shen Xiang's head: This is day best pill furnace, named Holy Ghost Precious Stove, inside has several Saint Fire Spirit.” What Saint pill can you refine? Collects the material? However your present strength eats the Saint pill's words, but also a little looks.” Feng Yujie presses firmly between the fingers the Shen Xiang's arm, Divine Power emerges in the Shen Xiang's body continuously, afterward she exclaims: Heavenly Saint Body great accomplishment...... golden bone, my goodness!” Sees a Shen Xiang face to be discontented, Feng Yujie happily said with a smile: I want to take a look at you to be able to withstand Saint pill, this is for your security, takes your Sacred Level herbs!” This Feng Yujie to a Shen Xiang very not reasonable feeling, but does not have the means now, although Feng Yujie is very mischievous, but she truly is Emperor Level expert of genuine goods at reasonable prices, Shen Xiang also can only choose to believe her now, she was mischievous a point, but the person was very good. I am not the refinement eat to myself, I to help the person therapy, their dantians did not have, needs a Saint pill to restore to come.” Shen Xiang answered hastily. Oh? a Feng Yujie eyes revolution, some surprised tunnel: This pill has one type, formula that Dan Emperor summarizes...... Probably is called Saint Returning Pill!” Right, is Saint Returning Pill!” Su Meiyao to Shen Xiang sound transmission, but this has actually brought to the attention of Feng Yujie, she is poking the Shen Xiang's body immediately, made that Shen Xiang quack yelled. „Does little rascal, on you have the person? Puts quickly, should not hide an old ghost!” Feng Yujie resembles somewhat angry, pair of white hands are fast on Shen Xiang ignite randomly.

Su Meiyao said: No problem, lets me and Senior Sister exits, explains with her, knows that the Saint Returning Pill person are not many, she should be Pill Saint!” Shen Xiang drinks to stop mischievous Feng Yujie: Aunt Feng, you wait / etc., my this makes them come out, do not bully them!” Also they? It seems like the quantity are many!” Feng Yujie tenderly snorted and said. Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou come out from Hidden Jade Ring immediately, gives Feng Yujie to salute hastily. Su Meiyao, Bai Youyou, has spoken Aunt Feng!” Sees to present two so moving beautiful women suddenly, the Feng Yujie complexion became moderate, looks that Shen Xiang snort|hum said: actually is hiding two beautiful women.” Feng Yujie sees Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou's situation, with such that Shen Xiang said that the dantian caused heavy losses, only then uses Saint Returning Pill to recover. Afterward, after Su Meiyao they are injured, comes across the Shen Xiang's matter fluently tenderly with a smile, told Feng Yujie, but at this moment they waited for that was very long. Shen Xiang can collect to refine Saint Returning Pill herbs, lets in the Feng Yujie heart surprised. Good, but refinement Saint pill needs long time, these days possibly you and others, moreover is two grains!” Feng Yujie looks at Shen Xiang, said: Keeps here them, you are busy at your matter, I can alchemy, while taught their.” Shen Xiang somewhat does not give up, Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou are the woman who he likes, suddenly must leave his a period of time, in his heart has a void feeling.

Or this, I receive them for the adopted daughter, like this you should be able to feel relieved!” Feng Yujie said with a smile, the smiling face filled mischievously. Shen Xiang has not the good premonition, such one, later he with these two female together, this Aunt Feng definitely in every possible way will create obstacles his, but Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou probably are actually glad, Shen Xiang thought clearly, why these women just did not meet shortly , the sentiment met suddenly becomes that well. Meiyao pays a visit mother!” Mother!” Bai Youyou sweet smiles, then looks at Shen Xiang with a mischievous look. Shen Xiang was somewhat ignorant, all these develop too strangely, moreover suddenly, runs into a mischievous old woman very much likely, then this old woman becomes Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou's old lady. Good, Aunt Feng, later is raised their two by you, you can also cover them, I have felt relieved.” The Shen Xiang sincerity said. This is natural, takes these herbs.” Feng Yujie said with a smile: I may like these two daughters, later their matter is worried about by me, my one age, has not become mother.” Shen Xiang curled the lip, puts out four to refine Saint Returning Pill Sacred Level herbs, said: Altogether four, three want you to refine Saint Returning Pill, remaining one are to give your seat reward, although they are the daughter, properly speaking the reward can save, but they have the graciousness in me, moreover later must make you take care of them, therefore this is I am filial piety you.” Shen Xiang suddenly puts out four Sacred Level herbs, this may make Feng Yujie be startled is not small, if one with expert of her same strength, suddenly puts out that many, she also thinks quite normal, but Shen Xiang such baby little rascal, will have that many Sacred Level herbs, making her think of anything suddenly. „Is this Life Slaughtering Technique makes?” Feng Yujie received to come to see, asked. Not be considered as, but almost, but really needs the time and energy makes.” Shen Xiang looks at Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou, throws a complex look to them.

Bai Youyou arrives at side Shen Xiang, closely hugged with him, but also has kissed his cheeks: If you and others, first returned to world of Nine Heaven, I certainly will look when the time comes your, when the time comes we are not your burden!” You never are my burden, you are my spiritual prop!” Shen Xiang is staring at Bai Youyou affectionately. Su Meiyao also walks, has hugged with Shen Xiang, low snort|hum said: little rascal, now not we and your together, everywhere should not be a womanizer.” At this time the Feng Yujie faint smile visits him, has probably seen through his dissolute uninhibited earth core, then said with a smile: Your here dull a period of time, you will also depend upon your alchemy technique to fish saint stone to go back again. All sold to my God Feather Sect that's alright, I accept completely.” Aunt Feng, your alchemy technique should be very wise, you refine Saint Returning Pill time, can a furnace refine several grains to come out?” Shen Xiang is interested suddenly very much asks, Su Meiyao left his arms, stands together with Bai Youyou, they saw probably Shen Xiang also has other goal. „Is this possible? Saint Dan Emperor could not achieve, let alone is I.” Feng Yujie shakes the head saying: „To save herbs unable such to save!” Shen Xiang smiled: I refine 80,000 grains of Green Jade Root pill, you know how many jasper bottle gourds I have used? Although I can only refine immortal three Green Jade Root pill and Yu Immortal Pill now, was inferior how we compete with, meet Pill Saint rarely!”