World Defying Dan God - Volume 16 - Chapter 1551
Feng Yujie has not expected Shen Xiang's alchemy technique so strange, does not use Refining Simulation Technique, moreover instantaneously built up to melt herbs, the change of this suddenly, making her pressure very big, because before her, affirmed very much Shen Xiang could not win her, but she had the confidence to win very much, because she was Pill Saint, was leaving pill quantity and quality, definitely was not Shen Xiang this little rascal can compare. Even if Shen Xiang is quicker than her, but if pill quantity is short with the quality place, same is unable to win her, finally victory and loss, what regards as important is pill counts and quality, she such makes herself calm. Shen Xiang releases weak Saint Fire now, maintains the Illusionary Brilliant Furnace internal temperature, quite makes him stabilize is in the final congealing pill stage. Above Feng Yujie that group of white flame explode suddenly, lightens a deep green multi-colored sunlight, was the same with Shen Xiang a moment ago, she also built up to melt that jasper bottle gourd, she was slower than Shen Xiang, the speed was quick. Concentrates pill's stage somewhat to be difficult, therefore they more further sound, has not been is making that roll herbal Spirit Qi and herbal powder fusion slowly, then stabilizes. Almost can start!” Shen Xiang looked at Illusionary Brilliant Furnace that group deep green Qi ball, Divine sense moved, emits Divine Power, the preparation starts to cut that to roll Qi mist. Seeing Shen Xiang can separate that to roll Qi mist, Feng Yujie knows that Shen Xiang can also refine overly courteous Green Jade Root pill, but she thought that has not surpassed possibly her. Must cut shortly, Shen Xiang emits flame suddenly, wraps entire Illusionary Brilliant Furnace, covers the interior, making in the Feng Yujie heart the tooth curse Shen Xiang itchy. Shen Xiang does not want to make Feng Yujie see him to leave pill's quantity, in order to avoid Feng Yujie will make to deal! Feng Yujie also started to cut that Qi ball, she was also same as Shen Xiang, emits white flame, will wrap, in internal was carrying on carefully. Shen Xiang hastily uses Primal Chaos Spirit Eye to look, but Feng Yujie has actually used some strange strength, preventing him to spy on. Quick must concentrate the pill success merit, Feng Yujie thought suddenly has an inexplicable pressure, although she and Shen Xiang will compete with the alchemy matter not to pass on here, but she will lose to Shen Xiang, this definitely will be in her innermost feelings the indelible stain.

However she thinks that she has won, can obtain Phoenix Fruit, loses does not have what loss, has balanced at heart, no matter what, owing is Shen Xiang. Shen Xiang does not believe that if he has won this Feng Yujie, later he can say to tease this mischievous ripe female this once for a while. You are probably quicker than me, but you have not actually opened pill furnace, you in I?” Feng Yujie said. „It is not, I am letting you, you are Sister Meiyao and Sister Youyou mother, I do not want to make you lose that ugly.” Shen Xiang lightly smiled. In the Feng Yujie heart criticized several, Shen Xiang to let her loses ugly, intentionally lets her on the speed very much, has let her some, words that she also lost, that will make her shameful. Such being the case, then I make you lose ugly.” Feng Yujie controls above her to roll white flame to descend slowly, float in her front. Favored, be not frightened.” Feng Yujie smiles self-confidently, receives that package outside white flame, sees only three grains of Green Jade Root pill Jing Jing (quietly) float there, the surroundings are surrounding light green Qi mist, as if in nebula bright green stars. Shen Xiang shows very surprised facial expression intentionally, exaggerates shouted very much: Quite fierce, worthily is Saint pill, jasper bottle gourd unexpectedly can refine three grains of Green Jade Root pill, invincible!” little rascal, be not hiding, a bit faster makes me have a look at the result.” Feng Yujie knits the brows, tenderly shouted, Shen Xiang so exaggerates must acclaim her, making her feel that like disparaging her, enabling her to lack self-confidence suddenly. Shen Xiang laughed: Also requires time, was immediately good!” He closes the eye, the deep breath several tones, were then stuffy snort|hum, receives to wrap these flame outside pill furnace, sees only inside to present four grains of Green Jade Root pill, surprisingly, these four grains of Green Jade Root pill spout very intense light glow, is similar to fierce positive like that letting the person is unable to look straight ahead.

unexpectedly is Dan light! The Feng Yujie whole face is shocking, does not use pill furnace alchemy, but can also leave four grains, moreover there is Dan light, at this moment she is subject to the attack, because she lost, although the disparity has one grain, but she strength, is the alchemy time, be much higher than Shen Xiang, unexpectedly also falls behind Shen Xiang one grain! Shen Xiang waves, making that four grains of Green Jade Root pill float to Feng Yujie, his haughty said with a smile: Tastes, how has a look at the quality!” Feng Yujie shouted the one breath, puts out a hand to grasp, catches that four grains of Green Jade Root pill in the hand, the whole face looks at Shen Xiang unwillingly. Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou too big surprised, they had not expected such result before. You lost!” Shen Xiang said with a smile: What kind, is very sad?” Dead brat, leaves Chinese zither!” The Feng Yujie hidden bitterness looks at Shen Xiang, in heart somewhat angry, because Shen Xiang clarifies must think her lose face. Shen Xiang face earnestly said: Aunt Feng, you are Pill Saint, even if I exited to speak irresponsibly I to win you everywhere, others do not believe that therefore you could rest assured that I will not ruin your reputation everywhere.” He has thrown Phoenix Fruit in hand, said with a smile: This fruit is not easy to obtain.” Sees Feng Yujie that type to admit defeat the facial expression at this time, Shen Xiang laughs several, then goes out of the cave, arrives in that Teleportation Formation. Luo Ji sees Shen Xiang to smile that happily, does not know that what happened, he does not have asked that opens Teleportation Formation to leave.

What technique that Meiyao, Youyou, that dead brat uses? Do you know?” After Shen Xiang walks, the Feng Yujie hastily inquiry said that on her face that disgruntled facial expression vanished, probably a moment ago she had not lost is the same, shows the whole face bright smiling face. This...... Naturally knows, but some difficult societies.” Su Meiyao said that regarding God Refining Technique, she has studied, her Divine Power was too just weak, but also is unable to study. „Can you teach me?” Feng Yujie is holding Su Meiyao's, said silently: „Does if wanted obtain that is the agreement of little rascal?” Su Meiyao said with a smile tenderly: Naturally does not use, but he words that but this alchemy technique founder, you use, later his mouth definitely had said that said that you were his successor anything.” Feng Yujie chuckle said: This did not fear that I lived was so long, I can lower oneself to the same level with that brat, I intentionally was him to look a moment ago, let that little rascal haughty haughty, my loss did not have in any case.” Shen Xiang walked, if he knows that Feng Yujie is this mentality, it is estimated that does not feel better can be he. dragon brat, they, later us cannot be more casual.” Shen Xiang said to Long Xueyi that the sound has one type badly to smile. Who and you are casual, goes to that new houses and that two saintesses quickly goes casually.” Long Xueyi said with a smile: You eat them, I later will not say.”