World Defying Dan God - Volume 16 - Chapter 1555
Shen Xiang has Suppressing Devil Sacred Seal in the hand, obtains the inheritance of majority of Suppressing Devil Heavenly Venerable, but he actually does not want to take over control of this Suppressing Devil Temple, in his eyes, this is equal to a mess, Suppressing Devil Temple is not that Suppressing Devil Heavenly Venerable initially established, already when deviated establishes the original intention. However he thought, possibly is the Lu Qilian control, after is her father remains, but Suppressing Devil divine art that she learns are more. Suppressing Devil Temple died formidable Temple Protector, was done by Shen Xiang, this news passes on, immediately stirs the controversy, quick transmits to Emperor Heaven that the audiences converge. But Shen Xiang that Dragon Vein master, now that Dragon Vein is many objects of big power struggles, now Shen Xiang came, moreover kills Temple Protector with ease, can see that his strength increases, this lets these big influence somewhat some pressures. Because of reappearing of Emperor Heaven, other Nine Heavens become quite lonely, many big influences migrate to having air/Qi of Sacred Spirit Emperor Heaven, seizes own domain there, incorporates originally some size sect on Emperor Heaven. Shen Xiang goes to actually Hundred Flowers Immortal Country, arrives in that hundred flowers mountain range, seeks that mountain peak that Grandma Lu lives in seclusion, he wants to look for Bai Ziqian, tells her the Bai Youyou present condition, but that mountain peak, had not been rumbled. „Did Grandma Lu also go to Emperor Heaven?” Shen Xiang looks at the endless sky, he knows Emperor Heaven in the place above, but is away from here too to be too far, is unable to see with the naked eye, only then can arrive through Teleportation Formation fast. Goes to Emperor Heaven!” Long Xueyi said: There present was so lively, is short of you to be good? Moreover I should also be the time complete my mission.” Shen Xiang arrives in hundred flowers Immortal Palace, has stepped into Teleportation Formation. „Can you look for the Imperial Dragon Clan revenge?” Shen Xiang is somewhat surprised, but he and unconsciously outside haughty, Long Xueyi is few White Dragon, her mission is to retaliate Imperial Dragon Clan, her these years with Shen Xiang, adolescence the rapidness, the strength definitely have surpassed Shen Xiang.

Right, perhaps your younger sister was waiting for me!” Long Xueyi said. „Does Youlan also go?” Shen Xiang somewhat worried suddenly: I and Imperial Dragon Clan have a grudge, or I and you go together.” Does not use, I and Youlan first teach Imperial Dragon Clan, making them have a preparation, you do not need to be worried that I will not make Youlan have the matter.” Long Xueyi said: „Haven't you believed my strength?” Teleportation Formation opens, Shen Xiang and several people transmitted Emperor Heaven, that several people were the strengths of Immortal King rank, after they sufficiently collected Immortal Crystal, immediately hurried to Emperor Heaven to have a look at the vision. Through the place that Teleportation Formation goes, is a quite ancient city, just did not construct, but can have this large-scale Teleportation Formation, definitely had been wrested away by the formidable influence, he inquired, knows that here is Flower Empress Emperor Heaven. Transmits Emperor Heaven from Hundred Flowers Immortal Country, arrives at the Hundred Flowers Palace domain, the place that it seems like Hundred Flowers Palace wrests away now may be many, should in Emperor Heaven Demon Territory, the lotus elder sister control here.” Shen Xiang arrives on the street, sees the passing crowd, the Shapeshift monster are quite many. Long Xueyi said: We temporarily distinguish, here is the place that you are familiar with, your present melts Sacred Realm, I did not need to be worried about you.” Shen Xiang ridicules saying: actually I in your eyes am a child, said that this words, I am worried about you actually very much.” Long Xueyi and Shen Xiang were together were so long, they also used Spirit Gathering Technique to carry on double cultivation, unified when Divine Soul, they had husband and wife, the affection is also quite deep, now suddenly must leave opposite party a period of time, in their hearts did not give up . Moreover the worry opposite party, for these years, their coordination with each other, broke out of many difficult positions.

„My point will come back, your here has that many delicious things, how do I give up to leave you?” Long Xueyi happily said with a smile, left Hidden Jade Ring suddenly, turns into wisp of smog, flutters to goes. In Hidden Jade Ring the nobody left, looks to disappear in far spatial Long Xueyi, Shen Xiang feels a loneliness suddenly, in the heart void. Only then!” Shen Xiang looks at this avenue end that grand palace, that here Hundred Flowers Palace. Shen Xiang walks by own appearance at this time in Emperor Heaven, he is very confident to his present strength, he does not need to turn into the appearances of other people to conceal again. He left Emperor Heaven to have long a period of time, but in Emperor Heaven many elders knew him, saw his face, at first also felt unbelievable, because Shen Xiang did not have any aura at this time, without any might, looked like looks like a maturity ordinary man. Knew that this is Shen Xiang, the people makes way immediately a road, street both sides person in discuss spiritedly, they do not know why Shen Xiang must go to Hundred Flowers Palace. Shen Xiang goes to the Hundred Flowers Palace reason to be many, to look for Grandma Lu's whereabouts, letting him a bit faster to find Bai Ziqian, moreover was he must look for Lu Qilian to inquire that Life Slaughtering Technique whereabouts, has a look at own sworn sister Mu Qianxiang. Shen Xiang arrives at the Hundred Flowers Palace front door, walked directly, these guards have not blocked him, should obtains inciting of Lu Qilian. He appears in the avenue, the news already spread to Hundred Flowers Palace, Shen Xiang just entered Hundred Flowers Palace shortly, sees Xiao Lizhi and Lu Qinlian walks.

Lu Qinlian is the Lu Qilian younger sister, their sentiments are good, Demon Empress Lu Qinlian goes to Emperor Heaven to build the foundation long time ago, therefore after Emperor Heaven homing, Hundred Flowers Palace was very relaxed to migrate. Initially Lu Qinlian because of fierce Evil Snake King great war, strange poison by the severe wound, finally she cannot go into seclusion by own Bewitching Sound Paradise completely, the development, her wound already was in secret good, the strength was become stronger, evidently and Xiao Lizhi equally is fiercer, melted Sacred Realm. Although Lu Qinlian is spirit that Lotus Flower turns into, but on her does not have a spookiness, is much longer delightfully, the gentle person, has one, otherwise Spirit Qi of this world, her beautiful face is hanging the light temperate smiling face at this time, walks toward Shen Xiang. In Lu Qinlian Xiao Lizhi, is as always cold the face, does not have what smiling face, a neat short hair hangs the shoulder, looks like somewhat petite she, to the person a callous feeling, likely is a female killer. Lotus elder sister, I wants dead you!” Shen Xiang sees Lu Qinlian, walks quickly, then one grasps Lu Qinlian, making her gentle and charming body closely paste itself, especially Lu Qinlian that abundant chest closely pushes on his body.