World Defying Dan God - Volume 16 - Chapter 1557
Life Slaughtering Technique on you?” Shen Xiang is somewhat surprised: actually you have been deceiving me.” Does not calculate on me, waited for you to know.” Lu Qilian moves toward a secret room, Xiao Lizhi and Lu Qinlian not with, had a Shen Xiang person in the past. Comes to that secret room, Shen Xiang saw Teleportation Formation, Lu Qilian to take off outside the big Chinese-style gown of that shining, only wore the women's clothing of beam, dressed up with light packs, making Shen Xiang think that she must fight to be the same probably. Xiao Xiang? She not side you?” Shen Xiang walks into Teleportation Formation, asked. She the impact Saint, the Sword Emperor inheritance of her within the body are getting more and more, she immerses in these profound carte and tierces every day.” Lu Qilian opened Teleportation Formation, arrived in a mountain valley, has a cliff there, above is carving Life Slaughtering Technique abstruse chant. Her sound gentle, said in a soft voice: „Do you cross what kind in that Heaven territory? How to stay in inside for 200 years?” Regarding that Heaven territory deep place, Lu Qilian is very curious, she has the great ambition of proclaiming oneself emperor, but she fully realizes among that Heaven territory, has fearful existence. Shen Xiang looked at chant on that cliff, then looks at Lu Qilian, sees her sexy red lip, lets that feeling that he cannot help but remembered initially her violently to kiss, he wants to come very much again one time. I cross very well in Heaven territory, I have met Pill Saint, moreover obtains this thing.” Shen Xiang puts out together saint stone, throws to Lu Qilian. Lu Qilian receives looked that long sighed: Really is this saint stone, the person who initially that two Heaven territory came, has won over many big influences with this type of thing, initially they said that gives me every hundred years 2 million jin (0.5 kg), I was excited at that time, but I have not wanted.”

Shen Xiang said with a smile: Our Heavenly Flower Empress will want how possibly, after wanting you, is their attached strength, moreover they to prevent you get rid of them, suitably will suppress when the time comes also your strength, after letting you , can only rely on him.” Good, if you? I heard that they planned received exchange for your Dragon Vein with 10 million jin (0.5 kg), can you comply? Had these saint stone, you break through in Sacred Realm, will become easier, you can become a saint quickly!” Lu Qilian beautiful eyes is staring at Shen Xiang, her very curious Shen Xiang's reply. Shen Xiang laughs: I had not said a moment ago, I have gotten so far as this saint stone, moreover perhaps my Dragon Vein, which day can also melt the Saint, whether there is when the time comes I may saint stone completely, their trivial thousands of jin (0.5 kg) saint stone, want to buy over me, was too naive.” Did not say that this , helping me make quickly this Life Slaughtering Technique, the light is this must look, cannot learn.” Shen Xiang urged. Lu Qilian has referred to a smooth stone, making him sit there, happen to that cliff. I do not know that you can learn, in brief I initially used very big effort to fuse, my father high and low has forbidden in this cliff, only then his family member is quite easy to obtain, you have his majority of inheritance, should be easier.” Shen Xiang sits on that stone, looks on the cliff these densely and numerously obscure chant, is listening to Lu Qilian that lithe interesting to listen to voice, is breathing in this mysterious mountain valley the nimble and resourceful aura, allowing him to enter a marvelous condition gradually. You is a god cultivate, my then I make my Divine Soul enter your Divine sea, you may compared with resisting me.” The Lu Qilian sound has been reverberating in the Shen Xiang mind. Um!” Shen Xiang has complied with one, then asked: Sister Qilian, before you melt the Saint, was the god cultivates?” „It is not, after I melt Saint, cultivates Divine Soul, after most people are melts the Saint, practice Divine Soul, do you enter the Saint now?” Lu Qilian already very curious Shen Xiang present strength, she knows that at this time Shen Xiang's is very strong, can restrain the aura completely, keeping her from completely understanding.

Melts Sacred Realm one then already.” Shen Xiang said that induced to Lu Qilian Divine Soul starts to enter his Divine sea, he closes the eye immediately, the whole body relaxes, very resists Lu Qilian, otherwise depending on the defense of his formidable Divine sea, Lu Qilian is hard to enter radically. Lu Qilian calls out in alarm said: Said that your Holy Power can fuse together with Divine Power, that strength is fearful.” Lu Qilian already knows before Shen Xiang has not stepped into the Saint, had terrifying Holy Power! Hehe, knew my fierce, therefore you felt relieved, I later well will treat certainly Xiao Lizhi and Qinlian.” Shen Xiang said with an evil smile: Qinlian this small poisonous monster , to look for the man, perhaps on this day, only then I am appropriate she.” You said again!” Lu Qilian scolded tenderly: You are really a bastard! What magic potion have you filled to Qinlian?” Lu Qilian entered in Shen Xiang's Divine sea, sees that piece limitlessly ** the sea, is sending out the silver-white brilliance, high and low fluctuating, looks like very vast. In Shen Xiang Divine sea inside Lu Qilian, the whole face is astonished, especially when sees in Divine sea that five grains of beast Heaven Dan, feels to shock incomparably, she has not thought that Shen Xiang unexpectedly cultivates five grains of Heaven Dan. Your Divine sea and Divine Soul unexpectedly is so formidable!” Lu Qilian is Divine Soul enters Shen Xiang's Divine sea at this time, her Divine Soul is smaller and weaker than Shen Xiang's, she is in formidable Divine sea, making her feel panic-stricken, before this is her, has not expected. Shen Xiang's Divine Soul float comes up from the sea, on the face is bringing and main body common badness smiles: Now starts to pass to me Life Slaughtering Technique!” Lu Qilian expression fills vigilantly, although her main body is powerful, but Divine Soul is actually inferior to Shen Xiang, let alone in that five grains of beast Heaven Dan, implication very formidable strength, she here is smaller and weaker.

How?” Shen Xiang asked. I...... I want to exit, your Divine Soul and Divine sea are so formidable, here you control all, I am unable to give you relieved to pass on merit laws, uses another means.” Lu Qilian said. This, you must walk walk.” Shen Xiang sighed one. I cannot get away.” Lu Qilian has tried, complexion suddenly becomes terrified: You do not think certainly me to leave, this Divine sea is your thought is controlling, how you will think to have very tremendous influence to me.” Shen Xiang one startled, asked: Real?” He just asked that Lu Qilian screamed one, because her clothes vanished suddenly, luster of the skin that her Holy Light four shoot, be outspoken presents, Shen Xiang stares the big eye, took a deep breath, looks at this beautifully busily body greedily. „Is bastard, what you thinking?” Lu Qilian whole face tender anger, she plunged into that silver-white sea water, hides her luster of the skin. Shen Xiang attempted a moment ago, in the heart has been thinking must have a look at Lu Qilian not to put on the appearance of clothes, unexpectedly realizes immediately!