World Defying Dan God - Volume 16 - Chapter 1559

For does not make Lu Qilian feel lonely, Shen Xiang has not hidden his Divine Soul, he starts to reorganize Life Slaughtering Technique chant, seeks for that five Heaven and Earth Slaughtering Technique something in common, but feels to lack the ability to do what one would like, because the content was too many too complex is too obscure. Does not know that Enlightenment Stone is useful?” Shen Xiang puts out Enlightenment Stone, then starts to sense Heaven and Earth Slaughtering Technique, not long, Earth Slaughtering Technique, Heaven Slaughtering Technique, Spirit Slaughtering Technique, Beast Slaughtering Technique and Life Slaughtering Technique his mind, all chant start to disperse, then fuses together mutually. The help that Enlightenment Stone brings, making Shen Xiang be wild with joy, with the help of this Enlightenment Stone, that Heaven and Earth Slaughtering Technique, starts to reorganize to fuse together scattered now. The body of Lu Qilian sits in meditation at this time on a stone, Shen Xiang by her, but her Divine Soul in Shen Xiang's Divine sea, Divine Soul was unable to go back, her fleshly body quite in not having soul. At this time she in Shen Xiang's Divine sea, felt that some do not suit, Shen Xiang's Divine Soul disappears suddenly, but entire Divine sea starts to seethe, she has to float overtop, avoid being whipped by Divine sea inside sea water, that may be some Divine Power. This little rascal, does not know that cultivates? Heaven Dan unexpectedly practices beast, and intelligential.” Lu Qilian float arrives airborne, is similar to small kitty same White Tiger runs up to side her suddenly, although whole body Slaughter Qi, but the appearance is very adorable, making her unable to bear hug, will be stroking gently. „Is this Divine Soul condition Heaven Dan?” Lu Qilian feels Small White Tiger in bosom to have strong Divine Soul strength, cannot help but exclaims in surprise: If, is formidable, lets out this Divine Soul, can rapid condense leave fleshly body, when the time comes will not know fearfully.” In Shen Xiang's Divine sea only then the sea and day, the sky has white fog, at this time and Divine sea equally crazy tuck dive is surging, Divine sea internal beast Heaven Dan, is excited randomly jumps everywhere, looks at Lu Qilian to be fearful and apprehensive, she cultivated to have several hundred thousand years, first time saw the practice ways of some people so unusual. This...... Isn't Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade?” Lu Qilian sees below Divine sea suddenly, suddenly float azure great blade, glittering azure glow, above carving Azure Dragon seemed roaring. „It is not Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade, but is Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade Blade Soul!” Lu Qilian took a deep breath: Worthily is Divine Weapon, is only Blade Soul compared with my Divine Soul formidable that many! If that azure Dragon Heaven pill also enters in Divine Blade, this will be perhaps fiercer the blade.”

Afterward Black Tortoise Adamantyl Armor also appears in Divine sea, is hanging in the horizon, is similar to golden light sparkles the backdrop to be ordinary. Shen Xiang in Saint Territory, exposed in front of Lu Qilian and Xiao Lizhi Black Tortoise Adamantyl Armor, Lu Qilian has not thought outside haughty at this time, but she sees a pair of quite small white glove float in Small White Tiger that position, she has guessed correctly anything immediately. This pair of glove Lu Qilian has seen repeatedly, but has not thought toward that aspect, but now she determined that this is White Tiger Divine Weapon, God Slaughtering Hand! Three types in Four Beast's Divine Weapons, unexpectedly on Shen Xiang! Also misses two, Vermilion Bird Divine Weapon on Liu Meng'er, does this have relationship with him? He only misses Qilin Divine Weapon now, but this should not exist.” Lu Qilian does not know that Shen Xiang in doing anything, will cause Divine sea to become so, but then, Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade Blade Soul integrates in azure Dragon Heaven pill, Black Tortoise Adamantyl Armor the soul, the set on that Black Tortoise, making that Black Tortoise dragon turtle stiff carapace golden light sparkle, that God Slaughtering Hand wraps on the claw of that kitty same Small White Tiger, is most common. This is because Shen Xiang cultivates Heaven and Earth Slaughtering Technique to occur, Shen Xiang has not thought to be able like this. Why can like this?” The Shen Xiang's sound is reverberating in Divine sea. What cultivation technique are you cultivating? The change of Divine sea, is generally related with cultivation technique, will not have this situation for no reason.” Lu Qilian said. Divine sea was tranquil, but actually unceasingly emerges massive Divine Power, continually opens Divine sea, making Divine sea bigger and bigger, at this time side could not see, but also is expanding unceasingly, this winding speed, making Lu Qilian envy.

Shen Xiang still in revolution Heaven and Earth Slaughtering Technique, at this time Divine sea also had the big sound, sky that thick white fog suddenly dispersing, presents deep blue vast sky, above is hanging one fiercely positive, but seems like somewhat small. Lu Qilian looks up, the whole face is surprised. Then under also has very big sound, presented more than ten mountain peaks, the mountain peak stands erect fully in one is above the islands of flowers and plants, that five beast Heaven Dan see the islands to appear, immediately clashes, has occupied a region respectively. Sees these, Lu Qilian deeply has attracted several tones, was exclaiming in surprise said: Day, beast, Divine Power and vitality, your collection uneven Heaven and Earth Slaughtering Technique?” This...... Um, this many thanks to you finally passes to me Life Slaughtering Technique.” Shen Xiang does not want to make Lu Qilian know. You also deceived me before, said that you only grasped Earth Slaughtering Technique. humph, humph, actually you already collected four Heaven and Earth Slaughtering Technique.” Is this right, but this was uses my many painstaking care to be acquired.” Shen Xiang sees in own Divine sea to present a small world embryonic form, cannot help but excited , to continue revolution Heaven and Earth Slaughtering Technique, wants to make that small world stronger. Only can be so big!” Shen Xiang has attempted for day, not effective, Divine sea inside small world, takes turn with outside same white night, at this time is night, airborne has dozens grains of star light gloomy stars. Your Divine sea interior condense all strength breed this small world, has sufficed, if, your Divine sea inside small world is formidable, but can also in internal birth Divine Power, you not need to practice.” Lu Qilian envies, because Great Emperor of Ten Heavens can dominate Nine Heavens in the past, candidly admits defeat including these Heaven territory , because has this condition.

Shen Xiang's Divine sea suddenly became loves fiercely, Lu Qilian was unable to exit at this time, lets her and Shen Xiang feels is very puzzled. Sister Qilian, or do I take advantage to pass on some Heaven and Earth Slaughtering Technique now to you?” Shen Xiang said: Perhaps can make you exit.” Does not use, I this strength, should is expert in now cultivation technique, the practice are too many, will affect my advancement, later I need time, looks for you again, I only want to exit now.” Lu Qilian sits in the shore of that islands, is holding the knee, looks at that accidented ground Divine sea, a face is melancholy. Shen Xiang's Divine Soul appears side her, his whole face is guilty: Sorry, I have not thought that matter will turn into this.” I have the mistake, was I am too negligent.” Lu Qilian Youyou sighed. Or we practice Spirit Gathering Technique, this should anything not affect to you.” Shen Xiang said suddenly. Snort, actually in your innermost feelings has had this idea, no wonder I cannot exit.” Lu Qilian stared his one eyes, said firmly: „It is not good, do not presumptuously think.”