World Defying Dan God - Volume 16 - Chapter 1560
Shen Xiang sits in the stone of shore, looks own this beautiful Divine sea, the sea water is washing out his foot, he looks at Lu Qilian, the facial expression becomes earnest: That what to do? If you do not leave my Divine sea, I do not have the thoughts to handle my matter, will delay you.” Means think to have slowly, but cannot use that means.” The Lu Qilian manner is firm, although is only the union on Divine Soul, but she cannot tolerate, although she is not very repugnant Shen Xiang. Shen Xiang took a deep breath, has decided anything gently probably, was saying to Lu Qilian: Cannot, could not accommodate you!” Your does stronger come?” Lu Qilian jumped immediately, is far away from Shen Xiang: Shen Xiang, before I and you, is somewhat contradictory, but afterward didn't we melt? Moreover now we are together very well, I already regarded as you am a good friend, you are my savior, I later will continue also to repay your.” Lu Qilian said these words, proved in her heart in frightened, she does not think that her Divine Soul was encroached upon by Shen Xiang. Ok, then we like this wait.” Shen Xiang sighed, then lies down in ground, looks at the sky. Lu Qilian relaxed, she was almost scared to death by Shen Xiang, because in this, she does not have any counter- resisting force. That Spirit Gathering Technique that you said that only kisses?” After Lu Qilian asked that face was somewhat red. Probably, gives a try, on our fleshly body has kissed in any case truly.” The Shen Xiang suddenly spirit, making in the Lu Qilian heart criticize several. Before the recollection, that feeling, Lu Qilian somewhat fondly remembers, this time is she approaches Shen Xiang, her small sound track: Only permits to kiss, do not overdo it, leaves is so crude.” Just said that Shen Xiang hugged her in the bosom, looks at her beautiful face, has traced gently, then lowered the head to seize that delightful fragrant lip. Lu Qilian previous and Shen Xiang has kissed a period of time, was not jerky, under the guidance of Shen Xiang's, she becomes very skilled, the fragrant tongue caters to Shen Xiang's to select the lane, the winding is sucking in......

In the past the small moment, Lu Qilian has wanted to struggle, because Shen Xiang at is is not exercising martial arts, but was occupying her convenient, what making her innermost feelings frightened was, why she did not know, had that desire. Cannot continue.” Lu Qilian thought suddenly own body is giving off heat, Shen Xiang is also so, is hotter than her. little rascal, lets loose me quickly!” The Lu Qilian clothes vanished, under the Shen Xiang's intention control, her Divine Soul turns into most primitive such. Ended!” Lu Qilian feels own body by Shen Xiang greedy stroking, knows thoroughly abyss that Shen Xiang has crashed into the evil desire, but why she does not know, the innermost feelings are also hopeful, she suspected that this is because in Shen Xiang's Divine sea, comes under the influence of Shen Xiang that intense evil thought. I will massacre your!” Lu Qilian clenches teeth saying that afterward the pain shouted one, although is Divine Soul, but that feeling actually real incomparable. Shen Xiang and Lu Qilian lie down in the sand beach wadding of shore are entangling, flushed unceasingly in her ocean waves, gradually became weak, their Divine Soul unified, in a very wonderful condition, that from spiritual comfort, caused their perishing. Shen Xiang starts revolution Spirit Gathering Technique, because is in this state best! Ten days like this passed by, but Shen Xiang and Lu Qilian thought that passed double-hour such likely, that wonderful feeling, making them put behind the time. Shen Xiang looks at that withered Divine sea, covers saying: Has not thought all of a sudden on outflow that many Divine Power!”

Divine sea becomes very shallow, looks, the place that can see a withered chap, Lan Tian had been covered by one piece filthily, on islands mountain peak green, now becomes bare. Lu Qilian face is ruddy, the whole person fills Spirit Qi, body Holy Light winds around, at this time she has been able to emit the clothes, she no longer receives the Shen Xiang's Divine sense control, she has not thought that Spirit Gathering Technique is so fierce, in Shen Xiang many situations of loss, cannot make her Divine Soul promote that many. Foundation has not vacillated, you absorb some Holy Power, quick can be good.” Lu Qilian comforts to say gently that at this time she and Shen Xiang's relationship becomes very subtle. Shen Xiang laughed: You can leave now!” Lu Qilian nodded, this time appearance, before probably, has not had such matter with Shen Xiang, afterward she changes to a white light, vanishes in Shen Xiang's Divine sea. In the mountain valley, the mountain stream flows, bird sounds, the flower fragrance is intermittent, Lu Qilian comes out from Shen Xiang's Divine sea finally. Looks at this real world, making her cannot help but recall that in Shen Xiang Divine sea that illusory world, but the matter that has in inside, feels actually real incomparable, especially when Shen Xiang entangles in the seashore wadding that is overwhelmed with emotion eroded bone being enchanted by, making her feel that personally experiences such. You did not say that massacres me?” Shen Xiang sees on the Lu Qilian face that to wipe the deep red, as if has seen through her thoughts, said grinningly. Snort!” Lu Qilian clear, has put out grain of immortal four Yu Immortal Pill: Eats up quickly, you now are much weaker.” Shen Xiang smiles is opening the mouth, hints Lu Qilian to feed him. Damn little rascal, I want to kill you really very much.” Lu Qilian scolded one tenderly, put in there Yu Immortal Pill his mouth.

Worthily is Heavenly Flower Empress, almost pressed out to do by you!” Shen Xiang swallows that grain of pill, said with a smile: You may not hate to massacre me now, we come again several times, by the speed of practice, your Divine Soul catches up quickly my.” Lu Qilian puts aside the head, the profile to Shen Xiang, Youyou was saying: Like this doesn't have the fault to you really?” That winding speed, making Lu Qilian cannot help but be worried about Shen Xiang. No, if our Divine Soul quite, when the time comes two have the advantage to us, this Spirit Gathering Technique must practice in their Divine Soul similar situations, will display, if the side differs too, the formidable that side fast will help him make up.” Shen Xiang said with a smile, initially after Long Xueyi and he has practiced several times, Long Xueyi will ask him to come once for a while the previous time. Lu Qilian has not said anything, her innermost feelings are complex. We go back!” She brings Shen Xiang to arrive on Teleportation Formation, then opens Teleportation Formation, returned to Hundred Flowers Palace that secret room. Shen Xiang ate up that grain of Yu Immortal Pill, in Divine sea had change for the better gradually, became the spirit. You now anxiously going back? Wants me to help?” Lu Qilian asked. Does not use, your Hundred Flowers Palace little participates in this matter, I do not think that you and Great Emperor of Ten Heavens such, stared by some fierce fellows.” Shen Xiang feels her face, smiled: My matter, I deal with come.” Lu Qilian pats his hand, whispered: You use poisonous time is best carefully, now these Heaven territory involved, knows that you have fierce strange poison, these expert will get rid.”