World Defying Dan God - Volume 16 - Chapter 1561
Shen Xiang left Hundred Flowers Palace, he obtained Life Slaughtering Technique now, but he did not have the time to try condense these Soul Creation Fluid temporarily, he anxiously must return to Subduing Dragon Sect now. The influence distribution of this Emperor Heaven changed, Shen Xiang finds that in the Emperor Heaven quite formidable influence, has to these more formidable an influence to Nine Heavens lower the head. However Extreme Martial Sect does not have, Shen Xiang hears this news, is quite surprised, Extreme Martial Sect is quite strong, even if there is Gu Dongchen and Wu Kaiming assumes personal command, perhaps is hard to cope with these big influences Sacred Realm expert, but they anti-, letting Shen Xiang have to suspect, behind Extreme Martial Sect also has a stronger person top. Subduing Dragon City has ruined, I must go to Evil Dragon Burial Ground only to be able now to walk.” Shen Xiang inquired that was not only Subduing Dragon City ruins, great war time, affected nearby Pill City, turned into stretch of ruins including there. This Emperor Heaven is very big, the region that Shen Xiang is at now is Demon Territory, he must go to Evil Dragon Burial Ground, can only transmit to being away from the Evil Dragon Burial Ground recent city, then goes. He transmits to that King Continent, here is away from Evil Dragon Burial Ground to be recent, in addition he uses the strength of Law of Space, he can go to Evil Dragon Burial Ground quickly. Does not know that side the father, that mysterious grave also has been sealing like this up?” That mysterious grave was Shen Xiang birth secular world, arrived in Chenwu Mainland's Devil Province, there has fierce barrier as well as super Dragon Vein, Shen Xiang initially used very big effort to go, his father as well as the clansmen were guarding above, moreover they also grasped many things, depended upon that super Dragon Vein words again, they should also become very strong, but they are unable to come out, their characters protect that mysterious grave. This Emperor Heaven as always mysterious, Great Emperor of Ten Heavens Emperor's Tomb here, but still does not know the accurate place. On rushing to the Evil Dragon Burial Ground road, Shen Xiang has run into a troop person, the strength of this group of people are not weak, at this time rushes to Evil Dragon Burial Ground, letting Shen Xiang has to suspect that they are attack Evil Dragon Burial Ground.

However, after he is close, actually discovery this crowd of person unexpectedly are Subduing Dragon Sect's, but they camouflage other sect's, does not seem like, Shen Xiang also looks through secret marks that they leave behind along the road. This set of secret marks, but elite disciple understands, do more than 10,000 elite disciples go out to do? Is Xiaodao their armies?” Shen Xiang has not passed immediately, but in the rear area maintains the distance follows. Quick, he has discovered Yun Xiaodao from the crowd, this makes him pleasantly surprised, Yun Xiaodao now also became very strong, was Immortal King middle stage, thin and small he camouflaged a middle-aged guy Xiaodao, is I!” Shen Xiang gives Yun Xiaodao sound transmission: „Is your this does do? Shouldn't you now in Evil Dragon Burial Ground?” Yun Xiaodao hears sound transmission, in heart is wild with joy suddenly, but superficial expression is free, but told that several deputy team leaders continue to have the person to go forward, but he rushes to not far away mountain forest. Big Brother Shen, is really you!” Yun Xiaodao sees Shen Xiang that familiar smiling face, immediately rushes to hug with it. Old Zhu they? They fortunately!” Shen Xiang said with a smile. Has not died.” Yun Xiaodao grins to say with a smile: We assign to be hard, but everybody occasionally will be selected the wound.” All the way Yun Xiaodao was sad, because they must go facing very strong strength immediately, but Shen Xiang came back now, he thought that the sky collapses he not to need to be worried.

„Aren't you in Evil Dragon Burial Ground?” Shen Xiang also asked. Originally, but we come out to have other important matters, mainly in secret destroys some big influences the stagnation points, the chaos their condense strength, as the matter stands, can retard the general attack that they start, now but why does not know, Night Demon Underworld one crowd of fierce Night Devil keep doing around Evil Dragon Burial Ground.” Yun Xiaodao said. „Do they start the words of general attack? Can break through Evil Dragon Burial Ground? Defense of Evil Dragon Burial Ground now how?” Shen Xiang asked. Yun Xiaodao sighed: If they start the general attack, even if Evil Dragon Burial Ground is fierce, will have certain damage. These several for 20 years, we have encountered many attacks, three times are they breaks through Evil Dragon Burial Ground outside defense, long jab our Subduing Dragon Sect, but this time they win over many influences, Night Demon Underworld human form big Night Devil, therefore I can not outside elite convenes completely.” Shen Xiang has not thought that Evil Dragon Burial Ground unexpectedly could not work as, but also had been broken through the defense, almost ruined Subduing Dragon Sect, he knit the brows to ask: How many strength do this time they gather?” Yun Xiaodao expression is dignified: Yanyao and Lan Lan inquired outside that Imperial Dragon Clan, Fire God Palace, Suppressing Devil Temple, Xie Family, Heavenly Sword City and Divine Craftsman mountain villages, Ten Thousand Pill Immortal Country, more than ten Sacred Realm and Heavenspan Family, this was the core main force, then they also called several hundred Immortal Palace, more than ten big Immortal Country. Heard that also has expert from Heaven territory to get rid, this possibly is because you cut to kill a Temple Protector reason in the past few days.” Big Brother Shen, you came back luckily, perhaps otherwise our time must withdraw.” Yun Xiaodao said. Was laborious you!” Shen Xiang has patted the shoulder of Yun Xiaodao, he may have not the small pressure now: I do not go back now first, I have not thought that they will convene that many strength, I also invited the helper.” Um!” Yun Xiaodao nodded, he heard that Subduing Dragon Sect also two very strong elders, one is Great Elder, moreover is female Supreme Elder that little presents.

Duan Ming they now in Subduing Dragon Sect?” Shen Xiang asked. In, Subduing Dragon Sect can defuse several times crises, has been lucky him.” Shen Xiang has put out more than ten million jin (0.5 kg) saint stone, as well as massive Immortal Dan, give Yun Xiaodao: You go back these belts, how was discussed by you to assign, the general attack that they prepared should also need a period of time, some of some of our also time.” These years, Long Family that side, although has not lent a hand to assist, but actually in secret gives us many high level weapon and protective armor, equips on the body of our elite disciple, making them stronger.” Yun Xiaodao tears the clothes, making Shen Xiang see in him that to wrap soft armor. That is the saint armor refinement of Saint Armored Mad Lion, initially Lu Qilian had given many Xue Xianxian, is used to refine these protective armor. Shen Xiang remembers this matter, puts out the Saint Armored Mad Lion scales and skeleton, gives Yun Xiaodao: You think the means to deliver to Long Family this, gives Xianxian.” Inside is not only some Saint Beast skeleton scales, he in that antique Sacred City told that Hong Xia and refiner material of Ji Ling purchase, is the high level things. Shen Xiang and Yun Xiaodao distinction, then changes the direction, returns to King City, prepares to go to Chenwu Mainland originally, he must look for White Tiger!