World Defying Dan God - Volume 16 - Chapter 1562

Subduing Dragon Sect was besieged by so formidable strength, he does not plan to draw in the Long Family partner and Extreme Martial Sect, strength that as well as he can call, even if Hundred Flowers Palace joins, perhaps is hard to resist the so strong general attack, therefore he only planned that called White Tiger Fighting Clan, then drew in Huang Jintian. That White Tiger Mysterious Realm on Chenwu Mainland, here, although many changes, but Shen Xiang still remembers the road, after he arrives at that Mysterious Realm , the shuttle space enters White Tiger Mysterious Realm. Before White Tiger Mysterious Realm, is so easy and comfortable, although this inside has formidable White Tiger Fighting Clan, but here murderous aura does not have. Entered Sacred Realm Shen Xiang, at this time can be able catch to the White Tiger aura, to induce to the position that White Tiger after slightly, he shuttle space, arrived under that great tree. Comes up!” White Tiger also discovered him, gave him sound transmission. Shen Xiang arrives on in great tree tree hole, White Tiger and Bai Zhan in inside, on the face hang are smiling lightly, they had guessed correctly probably Shen Xiang will come. These many years do not see, have not thought that you became that strong, perhaps Bai Zhan is not your match.” White Tiger said with a smile: Harvests much in world of Nine Heaven.” Shen Xiang is impolite, sits on a wooden chair, said with a smile: You are Subduing Dragon Sect's Great Elder, I, you should know that now I come here goal.” White Tiger nodded, smiles is looking to Bai Zhan: Our White Tiger Fighting Clan very long have not fought truly, was the time makes that crowd of little rascal see the world.” Now walks?” Shen Xiang asked. My this prepares!” Bai Zhan smiled, leaves this tree hole. After Bai Zhan walks, the White Tiger then sinking sound asked: I heard that you went to that Heaven territory, then stayed in inside for more than 200 years, what do you see in?” Saint Beast! Very formidable Saint Beast, the quantity are many!” Shen Xiang said. White Tiger arrives at the tree hole mouth, looks at distant place, is recalling the matter, said: Right, in that place truly can breed formidable Saint Beast, but as far as I know, what inside is strongest is one crowd of humanity.”

He has turned around, looks at Shen Xiang, asked: „Haven't you met inside that Heaven of Humans?” Shen Xiang said: Has met, I can promote to be so quick, is because stayed on that day, moreover solid several quite strong Celestial Beings.” Senior, Great Emperor of Ten Heavens came from the Heaven territory person to besiege by these in the past? That is great war Heaven territory initiates?” Shen Xiang asked. Qi Shi was very at that time formidable, moreover he also grasps Heaven Refining Technique this type of fearful thing, he above Emperor Heaven, absorbs massive Nine Heavens Immortal Qi to come alchemy directly, sometimes also selects some stars, in a short time, he used this to refine many Saint pill, the faithful subordinate took to oneself, trains large quantities of formidable warrior, this has caused the restlessness of several Heaven territory.” Because these Heaven territory can have the energy continuously, these energy majorities will drain world of Nine Heaven, words that such gets down, Nine Heavens will be only getting more and more formidable, will threaten their Heaven territory safety, therefore they have not discovered Heaven territory while Qi Shi, in secret and several Heaven territory collaborate, arrives at Nine Heavens together, initiates great war! The Qi Shi loyal subordinate and friends are many, that war hit was very long, has hit many years.” But Qi Shi this Great Emperor of Ten Heavens is fierce, the subordinate was almost annihilated completely, his strength resists Heaven territory that crowd of fellow very long a period of time.” Shen Xiang asked: According to clue that I know, the Great Emperor of Ten Heavens death is a riddle, he was shearing to abandon Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade finally, established own Emperor's Tomb, as well as ten Heavenly Saint mountains, but also spread Heaven and Earth Slaughtering Technique, was who has killed him? Heaven territory these people?” White Tiger shook the head: „It is not, is Infernal Demon Emperor, governs entire Hell Great Emperor!” Shen Xiang took a deep breath, this reminds him of that Night Demon Underworld matter, that place because of antique great war, bang broken Hell, opens one gap that is hard to cover, making entire Saint Beast Ancient Domain therefore destroy. „The Night Demon Underworld matter I also heard, I have also gone to Saint Beast Ancient Domain, when comes back after the above of that Hell front door!” Shen Xiang knits the brows: Now the Night Demon Underworld fellow also attacks my Subduing Dragon Sect, does not know that is why!” Why will Infernal Demon Emperor get rid to Great Emperor of Ten Heavens?” White Tiger sighed one: Infernal Demon Emperor is very strong, Hell that he governs proliferates all world, Heaven territory and even the more higher world, after these unpardonably wicked fellows died, the soul wants also, will be inhaled Hell.” „The formidable evil Evil Spirit soul, maintains one of the Hell revolution energies! But the Qi Shi subordinate is very strong in world of Nine Heaven, because slaughters overweight, therefore after dying, will enter Hell, therefore in Hell some region superintendents want their souls, then in secret and Heaven territory some people collude.”

Shen Xiang hears here, had guessed correctly that in the past Great Emperor of Ten Heavens drove out the gate of Hell matter is not that simple. Therefore, the Qi Shi subordinate dies, the soul vanishes immediately, grasps Heaven and Earth Slaughtering Technique Qi Shi, can preserve these souls, another day resurrect, the special accommodation of Hell, making Qi Shi be powerless.” Does not know how he found a space weak point, then directs large quantities of Heaven territory expert to go to Saint Beast Ancient Domain great war, drives out a gap there, intrudes Hell, extinguishes kills that several specifically to be responsible for gathering the soul Hell Demon Guards, uses Heaven Refining Technique, in Hell massive evil soul refined into pill pellet.” Shen Xiang deeply attracted several tones, Great Emperor of Ten Heavens unexpectedly has handled this matter, rushed to Hell to kill Hell Demon Guards, this was the reason of Infernal Demon Emperor to Qi Shi fight! What these matters do not have at the worst, why didn't you tell me before?” Shen Xiang curls the lip to ask. Because mainly your within the body that small White Dragon, if makes her know these matters, the consequence is more serious.” White Tiger said: That Little Dragon should go to Imperial Dragon Clan to cause trouble, therefore I did not fear that told you these secrets.” What relationship has with her?” Shen Xiang is very puzzled: She, although knows the lots, but is her memory inheritance.” White Tiger he he smiles: „Do you believe her memory inheritance? The memory inheritance generally is only the inheritance quite important memory, she has certainly told you assorted the matter, you think that is also the memory inheritance? Can small life that was just born, where withstand that many memory inheritance?” That...... She what's the matter?” Shen Xiang has thought that also thought that Long Xueyi is mystical, she probably is frustration, the memory is little regains consciousness. I only know that this Little Dragon and Qi Shi have greatest relationship, Qi Shi are cut to kill by Infernal Demon Emperor, fleshly body has not resulted in retains, but the soul was actually led into Hell, hears the suppression in Hell, if she knows very much long time ago the Qi Shi soul the whereabouts, she definitely will instigate you to go, even if you do not go, she will also go.” White Tiger earnestly said: Your present strength goes to Hell, only then at death's door, although Infernal Demon Emperor is unable to make up that loophole, but do not suspect his strength.” Initially in Nine Heavens, including these Heaven territory expert, took Qi Shi not to have the means that but Infernal Demon Emperor was only start to talk said that must grasp with Qi Shi personally. Qi Shi starts to make the funeral arrangements, isolates Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade and other Divine Weapon, inherits Heaven and Earth Slaughtering Technique and Heaven Refining Technique, he very clear face that Infernal Demon Emperor, does not have the stratagem which ensures success!” White Tiger urged Shen Xiang earnestly: „The Qi Shi soul in Hell, this matter you have not been able to tell that Little Dragon.” Shen Xiang is very curious: What relationship she and do Qi Shi have?”

White Tiger knits the brows, was considering likely discretely that if wanted told Shen Xiang. Good, I can tell you, but do not say to that Little Dragon hear!” The White Tiger expression is very serious, sees the Shen Xiang heavily nod, his whispered: In Qi Shi has the White Dragon important thing, that thing and Qi Shi soul has tied up.” What thing is this?” Shen Xiang was more curious. Godhead!” White Tiger said low and deep: I suspected that beforehand hides you in that Little Dragon in within the body, was past Heavenly Dragon Great Emperor, was Divine Dragon, had Godhead! Does not know that Qi Shi and she trades with any thing, borrows her Godhead, making Qi Shi obtain very formidable strength, then can make Qi Shi intrude Hell.” That Heavenly Dragon Great Emperor, because cultivates Godhead to come, many dragons said that she for Dragon Emperor, because of this, causes many strong Holy Dragon to be discontented, these Holy Dragon to seek more interests, exterminate entire White Dragon Clan finally with joint forces, finally White Dragon vanishes.” In the Shen Xiang heart shocks, is similar to the mighty waves sea, deeply attracted several tones to be calm: Said that she is because didn't have Godhead die?” White Tiger shook the head: This is only a reason, I thought that Hell and Heaven territory person in secret has also gotten rid, her dragon body carves up by Heaven territory and these Holy Dragon, the soul is under Hell, but now looks like, her soul has not gone to Hell.” Before Long Xueyi said all day one are Heavenly Dragon Great Emperor, Shen Xiang thinks that she is boasting, has not thought of unexpectedly real! Now he recalled that Long Xueyi that abnormal winding speed, thought some are not normal, but Long Xueyi always misleads him, said Imperial Dragon Clan is such anything, making him feel this is very normal. Especially he frequently with Long Xueyi cultivates Spirit Gathering Technique the time, the promotion is so rapid, because Long Xueyi itself has a very formidable soul, she at is not Little Dragon that was just born, but is Ancient Dragon of genuine goods at reasonable prices! That Godhead is very fierce thing, in endless Heaven territory, discovered has the formidable life, only then several, in that several Heaven territory most strong person classes and beasts, with past Fifth of Nine Emperors almost, many, but cultivates Godhead few, Great Emperor of Ten Heavens is unable to practice.” White Tiger said: That dragon rebirth, to practice Godhead not to be perhaps easy, therefore she knows that the Qi Shi soul the whereabouts, will certainly bring back own Godhead.” Senior you? Do you practice Godhead?” Shen Xiang asked curiously. Almost cultivated, who knew is too bad luck, because was Qi Shi Master, stared by Infernal Demon Emperor, living time slaughtered too, therefore after being killed, went to Hell to walk, my method are luckily many, can the rebirth.” White Tiger sighed: Therefore, you are more careful, do not stare by Infernal Demon Emperor.”