World Defying Dan God - Volume 16 - Chapter 1563
Shen Xiang is interested in that Godhead now, Long Xueyi leaves him to have more than ten days, properly speaking should find Imperial Dragon Clan, and makes some moves to come, but 1 : 00 news does not have now. To Evil Dragon Burial Ground starts the general attack time, but Imperial Dragon Clan main strength, these formidable big dragons attack together, uses fierce Divine Ability, thinks to think the terror, Shen Xiang may hope now Long Xueyi can divert Imperial Dragon Clan these fierce dragons. I let that Bai Zhan is ready momentarily attacks now, this thing you are taking, starting time, you threw into airborne that's alright, when the time comes we will come immediately.” White Tiger gives a Shen Xiang grain of bead. Shen Xiang received that bead, White Tiger holds down his shoulder, urged him again seriously: Was sure to remember that certainly cannot tell that White Dragon the matter that before I and you said that you and her present strength, but also is unable to contend with that terror Hell.” I knew!” Shen Xiang heavily nodded. After leaving White Tiger Mysterious Realm, Shen Xiang looks to the Devil Province direction, there has a mysterious ancient grave, his father and clansman in inside, he want to take a look at them, but somewhat was actually worried when Evil Dragon Burial Ground was attacked he does not come back. Time also has, I should go to Profound Cold Ancient Domain to have a look, that place should have any secret.” Shen Xiang suddenly remembers that fierce Profound Cold Ancient Domain, inside these Profound Ice, seal the massive precious things, his Enlightenment Stone opens from inside, that Suppressing Deity Tablet. Legend Great Emperor of Ten Heavens does not dare to enter that Profound Cold Ancient Domain deep place, White Tiger also confirms this, in the past Profound Cold Ancient Domain also not by frozen time, is an extraordinary place. Shen Xiang in seeking for the Great Emperor of Ten Heavens grave, there should hide his body, Legend Great Emperor of Ten Heavens was dying completely, is unable resurrect, but White Tiger told him the Great Emperor of Ten Heavens soul also after Hell, he thought that Great Emperor of Ten Heavens might be able resurrect. But that ten Heavenly Saint mountains possibly is a pretence, he starts to suspect, Great Emperor of Ten Heavens grave in that Profound Cold Ancient Domain.

Shen Xiang arrives at King City, here leaves behind secret marks, quick with the Huang Jintian relation, they are in the city a quite worn-out region meeting. In a worn-out hut, Huang Jintian wolfs down the beast meat, Shen Xiang is walking, sees these beast meat, knows that is the Saint Beast meat, his not saying anything further, puts out a hand to work on a bulk. These Saint Beast meat, may be more delicious than that Golden Peng meat.” Huang Jintian laughs. Master, what did you investigate?” Shen Xiang asked that he wants to know these big influence accurate general attack time. Besieges the Evil Dragon Burial Ground influence to be many, moreover fellow who these initiate, but also dislikes strength to be insufficient, is winning over some influences to join unceasingly, when the time comes may be great war! Naturally, this has these Heaven territory shadows secretly.” The Huang Jintian complexion is somewhat dignified, eats the meat the time does not have any appetite. What Heaven territory is?” Shen Xiang just came back from that Saint Territory shortly, Saint Territory is impossible to participate. Three Heaven territory, Saint Ice Heaven Territory and Heaven Evil Territory, have one to resemble Saint Thunder Heaven Territory, is very evidently fierce.” Heaven Evil Territory? Evil Emperor went to this Heaven territory, does not know him also in inside.” Shen Xiang is somewhat surprised: Evil Emperor, but the Great Emperor of Ten Heavens friend, does not know that this time can appear.” Huang Jintian shakes the head saying: Was difficult saying that the expert attack of Heaven territory, did not have in the past Fifth of Nine Emperors strength, is unable to contend their.”

When do they start the general attack probably?” Shen Xiang asked: Time had better be able be more accurate!” Five months, I mix in their core regions, has used some methods, inquired that three Heaven territory expert also requires some time to open space passage, the fellow who therefore when the time comes three Heaven territory come are definitely many.” Huang Jintian said: Your Evil Dragon Burial Ground danger(ous), they iron core must take that Dragon Vein, because after now Emperor Heaven rebirth, becomes higher many, perhaps later that Dragon Vein can evolve the saint stone shape.” In Devil Province Dragon Vein, why don't they take?” Shen Xiang coldly snorted. What you said is that arrives at the secular world place, there is a grave of god, moreover that god barely alive that if they go to there to disturb, just that fellow resurrect, they must die.” Huang Jintian said. Master, do you also know the matter of that grave? My father they in inside.” Shen Xiang hastily asked: „Do you have to that god grave understood?” Huang Jintian said: I know that are not many, is in some of my Undead clan ancient book records, world of Nine Heaven many old fellow know, but nobody dares to go to that grave, it is said the defending grave person in that grave is very strong, your father they should turn defend the grave person, the strength is very definitely strong.” Five months of matter, do you determine?” Shen Xiang asked. Naturally determined, that three Heaven territory fellow, now only then several can come, if they want to obtain Dragon Vein, with catches you exactly, must have enough formidable strength, therefore they one must open huge Space Gate to be good.” Huang Jintian definitely said very much: What's wrong? Do you want to close up the practice these days?” Shen Xiang shakes the head saying: I want to go to Profound Cold Ancient Domain to walk, you still remember when we in Saint Territory the group beast chases down, these small meatballs that I emit? Is uses Profound Cold Ancient Domain inside these Profound Ice to refine.”

That is destruction frozen pill, although in the past more than 200 years, but Huang Jintian still has a vivid memory now, the might of that type of small meatball, making Huang Jintian very greedy, he can affirm, these Little Bing meatballs that present Shen Xiang, refines, is definitely fiercer. Hehe, I must go to there to seek for massive Profound Ice now, refines fiercer destruction frozen pill with these, when the time comes hides outside Space Gate of these fellows, the front door opens, one big past.” Shen Xiang said with a smile cloudy. Master, you do not have anything to do here, we go together.” Has patted his shoulder, appearance that a face harbors evil intentions. Huang Jintian curled the lip: I remember that your brat has started out many good things in these Profound Ice, I had inquired these Profound Ice matters, can spend the good thing from inside.” If I can make from inside, but I divide your some, in my hand has many saint stone, when the time comes I can arrive to trade with saint stone.” Shen Xiang said with a smile. Gives me......” Huang Jintian to think, shouted: 50 jin (0.5 kg) saint stone, I go with you, when the time comes has the good thing, I do not want.” Five hundred thousand jin (0.5 kg) saint stone, in the Huang Jintian's cognition, should be very many, he thought that Shen Xiang can take, will be very grieved. Who knows that Shen Xiang straightforward flings storage pouch very much, said with a smile: Deal, such decided!”