World Defying Dan God - Volume 16 - Chapter 1564
Huang Jintian took inventory carefully that storage pouch inside saint stone, truly is five hundred thousand jin (0.5 kg), he first time sees that many saint stone, initially he in that that mine saw, let him and cat feeling very big advantage, let alone was these many. Your is brat many saint stone?” Huang Jintian knows now that he underestimated Shen Xiang, he has not thought that Shen Xiang on that day, unexpectedly fished so many saint stone, because of Shen Xiang now not an appearance of loving dearly. „It is not many, several million jin (0.5 kg).” Shen Xiang smiles lightly: You with the help of cat, definitely get so far as more good things.” Huang Jintian coldly snorted: I quietly gave Xianxian that little girl the bones and scales of some Saint Beast, was by your name, you had that many saint stone, should give me some. Let alone I am your Master, you are filial piety my are the perfectly justified matter.” Really? How many did you deliver to give Xianxian?” Shen Xiang regarding this is quite happy, Refining Master is also same as the alchemy master, practice makes perfect, some that many good material refiner, Xue Xianxian Liu Meng'er they will be very definitely happy. Dozens Saint Beast, do not believe you to ask them.” Huang Jintian said that puts out a hand, making Shen Xiang give him again some saint stone. Shen Xiang puts out five hundred thousand jin (0.5 kg) to lose to Huang Jintian, this makes Huang Jintian show the satisfactory smiling face. „Don't you go back to see Xianxian little girl? However you want to see her now, perhaps easily could not see that she definitely was hidden by Long Family, the ghost knows that these Heaven territory can catch her, then threatens you to hand over Dragon Vein.” Huang Jintian shakes the head sighs. They, if dares such to do, I will be ready for any sacrifice, kills them reckless.” Shen Xiang expression one cold. Huang Jintian knows that Shen Xiang has Primordial Strange Poison this fierce thing, if Shen Xiang is stronger, coordinates to use Primordial Strange Poison again, that is very terrifying. Now they have not had the idea of your Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade, they know that Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade and you are hard to divide, that group of idiots, unexpectedly do not know.” Huang Jintian said with a smile: When embarks Profound Cold Ancient Domain?” Shen Xiang thinks: Before Profound Cold Ancient Domain, I must go to a place, sees an old friend!” „Can you lead me to go?” Huang Jintian asked.

Naturally, leading you to open mind, in this Emperor Heaven, a very mysterious region.” Shen Xiang said with a smile. ...... Immemorial Sacred Land, situated in a King Continent's danger(ous) region, now there danger(ous) regarding Shen Xiang and Huang Jintian is not anything, they go to that place very much with ease. „Isn't here that Immemorial Sacred Land? I had come before!” Huang Jintian said. You come here, but has not penetrated into a place.” Shen Xiang holds his arm, then the shuttle space, arrives at that fully is the ruins place. In the past Shen Xiang took to bring in Liu Meng'er and Dongfang Xinyue, seeks for that antique divine book, but in this except for this ruins, filled danger(ous) outside. Defends here, a fierce blue dragon! This place...... Was another world, was Heaven territory is inadequate?” Huang Jintian is somewhat surprised, he is inducing here aura, has not absorbed any Immortal Qi, not likely in world of Nine Heaven. Lan Cang, Lan Cang......” Shen Xiang was shouting to all around loud voice, Lan Cang was a mysterious blue dragon, the strength is very strong, initially Shen Xiang exchanged Blood Dragon Ginseng from his here. What shouted to shout that your this fellow, which these years did die? I forgot you quickly.” Lan Cang appears, an appearance of middle-aged person, wears the blue robe, a face not patiently appearance. After Huang Jintian sees Lan Cang, said: Good fierce a dragon!” Feels Huang Jintian Slaughtering Dragon Qi, Lan Cang knits the brows saying: „Do you want to kill me? How many dragons have you killed?”

Huang Jintian said with a smile: I have not remembered, the dragon that I kill is very repugnant that you are not quite repugnant, therefore I was disinclined to get rid.” Lan Cang laughs: „These very repugnant dragon, should be Imperial Dragon Clan!” Shen Xiang said: Old blue, Imperial Dragon Clan must besiege me, do you help me?” Lan Cang asked immediately: What reward has?” Really ungrateful, this also wants the reward!” Shen Xiang curled the lip: That is considers as finished.” Emperor Heaven from appears above today newly, this place will be discovered quickly, when the time comes my duty can be accomplished.” Lan Cang has hit a yawn: All day sleeps, forgot in the past multi- youngster.” Huang Jintian asked curiously: „Do you defend here for what? Where is this world?” Cannot say!” Lan Cang shook the head: I can only tell you, this is not Heaven territory, but is one compared with a Heaven territory more terrorist place.” Shen Xiang puts out one to think of the Thunder Spirit bead, said: Where told me this is, then when the time comes helped me punch some repugnant fellows, this Thunder Spirit was your.” Lan Cang cultivates lightning strength, Thunder Spirit for him the more better, at this time he looks at that to think of the Thunder Spirit bead, probably is the hoodlum sees not to put on beautiful female such of clothes. „It is not good, I cannot leave here, I have promised that person, cannot say here matter.” Lan Cang deeply inspires. Shen Xiang receives that Thunder Spirit bead, this is he makes from that Thunder Dao Double Venerable, even if no anything to Lan Cang, after all can draw to a very strong helper.

That considers as finished!” Shen Xiang just must receive that Thunder Spirit, Lan Cang hastily prevents him, said with a smile: Good, even if I violate the promise, that person does not know that person knows, knows I therefore obtain Thunder Spirit, definitely will not blame my.” Heard him saying that Shen Xiang and Huang Jintian one face despised visits him. Who is that person?” Huang Jintian hastily asked. He said that he is Divine Craftsman, is on intimate terms with our Dragon Clan Azure Dragon, he has saved me, moreover is very fierce, therefore I promise him, is responsible for defending this place, if some people come, directs them to walk toward a danger(ous) place, making them bring death.” Lan Cang said. Shen Xiang has not felt too surprised, his previous and Liu Meng'er comes, here found that divine book, only then Divine Craftsman will have. That this place?” Shen Xiang asked: What damned place is this? What does not have Immortal Qi, how do you go on living?” Lan Cang sighed: I know that this place is called place of the god, that asked the Divine Craftsman old man to tell me, here was hiding a front door, can go to a very fierce place, in was these gods in Legend.” actually is this, it seems like some fierce fellows have come to here.” Shen Xiang said. Has many, but I direct them to move toward most danger(ous) direction, now should die.” Lan Cang he he smiles, he does not have the guilty feeling.