World Defying Dan God - Volume 16 - Chapter 1565

Shen Xiang needs this innermost feelings gloomy fellow to cope with Imperial Dragon Clan these influences, this Lan Cang can stay here is so long, definitely has fierce practice method, the present strength pit bottom is not weak. When the time comes can I contact with you? Now has not needed you to get rid.” Shen Xiang asked. Lan Cang puts out a very small scale, evidently likely is the shell. This is dragon shell, you needs me to get rid, with this contacts with me, when the time comes you should know how to use.” Lan Cang said. Shen Xiang receives that dragon shell, then chatted with him several, then and Huang Jintian left this place. Profound Ice City, situated in Profound Cold Ancient Domain, makes this inside through some formation warm, but also simulates the sunlight, otherwise the average person definitely will freeze to death here. Here is the Fire God Palace's domain, initially Shen Xiang in this by seal a period of time! Has not thought that this Profound Cold Ancient Domain was getting more and more cold, what's all this about? Does not know that here and that Saint Ice Heaven Territory does have relationship?” Shen Xiang and Huang Jintian just went out of town, felt that the outside cold ratio was much fiercer before. At this time in Profound Cold Ancient Domain, all day is the snowstorms, does not have a strength, here is difficult, will also have life danger(ous). This possibly because of the Emperor Heaven homing, is the strength of Sacred Spirit here absorbed, was definitely fierce, did not have the strength of Immortal rank evidently, cannot wander about aimlessly here, even if were Immortal Monarch, strolled the words that in inside, perhaps will have danger(ous).” Huang Jintian said that these flying ice hit on his face, making him feel that an icy cold stabbing pain, has to emit one to defend energy shield to resist. Shen Xiang nothing, is only here wind and snow is actually very big, causing their advances to be very slow. Present Profound Ice so were no wonder few, does not have a strength, is hard to seek for Profound Ice radically.” Shen Xiang said that he just released Vermillion Bird Fire Wings, the snow and ice that but quick wine class these fly suppressed. Here snow and ice are fierce, that is Shen Xiang with the flame that Divine Power puts, will be made to extinguish!

Will not possibly be made to extinguish with Saint Fire, but that consumption was too big!” Huang Jintian said with a smile: Tries to find a solution quickly!” Shen Xiang puts out a golden boat, before this is him, makes from others. This great boat was also quite fierce immortal tool, Shen Xiang and Huang Jintian entered the cabin, inside had a micro warm small hall, they penetrated the window, can see outside that was howling the strong winds. Good thing, why to take earlier?” Huang Jintian drinks is burning hotly, some worries asked: „Can your this boat be buried by these snow and ice?” Outside boat has a guard shield, the snow and ice is unable to cover above.” Shen Xiang said that he pours into Divine Power toward the boat , the boat goes forward steadily, the speed is quick. This Profound Cold Ancient Domain environment becomes so bad, before Shen Xiang, has not expected that this sought for Profound Ice to increase very big difficulty to him. This situation, how do we seek for Profound Ice?” Huang Jintian sighed. „In first entered has a look to say again that this snowstorm should stop.” Shen Xiang said that he comes here not only to seek for Profound Ice, but must have a look at this inside to hide any secret. Huang Jintian very comfortably by , is spreading on the beast skin chair, drinks is burning hotly, does not want to leave this cabin evidently. Master, your old have Undead clan been related the record in this place?” Shen Xiang asked. I look to look!” Huang Jintian puts out a very thick storytelling, likely is small box such, his pages are turning. Shen Xiang collects to look that this book is very strange, above does not have the paper, each page is the transparent and hard crystal thin slice, a book has many pieces, above does not have the thing, but Huang Jintian actually looks very earnestly.

This is our Undead clan ancient book, above records many things, consults with Divine Sense, you are not Undead clan, therefore you cannot see the above thing.” Huang Jintian said with a smile: Our Undead clan a little small hobby, is the important matter that likes recording many historically has.” „Does Oh? have the Great Emperor of Ten Heavens matter?” In the Shen Xiang heart jumps, hastily asked that he knows that Great Emperor of Ten Heavens something, what he wants to have a look to say with White Tiger was the same. Huang Jintian shakes the head sighs: Has, but which page has locked, why also does not know!” How can open?” Shen Xiang stands in Huang Jintian behind, reads these crystal pages, displays Primal Chaos Spirit Eye, still anything cannot see. Must very strong Divine Sense.” Huang Jintian said. I practice Divine Dao, now is to melt Sacred Realm, should be OK!” Some Shen Xiang excitedly said: I lend you Divine Power.” Huang Jintian at present one bright, hastily turns to the page that was blocked, this page is the black! Makes these black thing, I can look at inside content, entire one page, above should have a lot of contents, thing that in one page records, generally is several thousand over ten thousand years of inside important matters.” Huang Jintian said. Shen Xiang exclaims in surprise one, this Undead clan living the mission, is the record history important matter! Some behind also many spatial pages, need I to record.” Huang Jintian is somewhat helpless: My such lazybones, had are busy.” Shen Xiang holds down the Huang Jintian's head, then uses the Grasping Soul Devil Curse way, pours into his Divine Power Huang Jintian's Sea of Consciousness. little rascal, your Divine Power is so fierce!” Huang Jintian has a big shock: Comes little, you make that many to come in all of a sudden, do you want my short remaining life?”

You are really weak.” Shen Xiang said with a smile, control transportation past Divine Power tailed off. Huang Jintian both eyes project two golden light, according to that black page, sees only these paint black things gradually to turn into black Qi dispersing, that page gradually becomes transparent. Transparency time, Shen Xiang takes back Divine Power, at this time Huang Jintian tightens the brow, looks at that page of inside things, looks at his facial expression, knows that inside is hiding many astonishing things. Shen Xiang in nearby low voice shouted: Master...... Master......” Huang Jintian has not paid attention to him, expression even more dignified . Moreover the forehead also full is the cold sweat, this lets the Shen Xiang heart itchy, Huang Jintian looks the sees serious thing. In the Shen Xiang heart waited for half double-hour, Huang Jintian to close that book irritablily, the whole face was panic-stricken, Shen Xiang little saw him to have this facial expression. Above records anything, told me quickly!” Shen Xiang was already curious, seeing Huang Jintian to look finally that hastily asked that is swinging the Huang Jintian's body. Huang Jintian long sighed: Has not thought that unexpectedly is this, was too fearful!” Do not keep guessing, a bit faster told me!” Shen Xiang yelled. This...... You determined that can listen?” Huang Jintian frowned: That is not the good matter.”