World Defying Dan God - Volume 16 - Chapter 1566
Said quickly!” Even if not the good deed, does not have anything regarding Shen Xiang, not the good matter, he has experienced. Inside content I have not imagined that many.” Huang Jintian said: First said you very curious matter, has had about Great Emperor of Ten Heavens!” Shen Xiang is listening patiently, he wants to have a look at Huang Jintian saying that said with White Tiger is the same. Huang Jintian narrated such that very much carefully Great Emperor of Ten Heavens some unknown matters, really and White Tiger said that Great Emperor of Ten Heavens was almost killed by Infernal Demon Emperor, fleshly body , the soul was still suppressed in Hell. Has to mention where the Great Emperor of Ten Heavens corpse did go to?” The Shen Xiang comparison cares about this, he thinks it over, thought that the Great Emperor of Ten Heavens corpse is most likely is conceal here. Huang Jintian sees the Shen Xiang not big accident, curls the lip saying: Your brat already knows that this matter, you came here goal, sought for the Great Emperor of Ten Heavens corpse?” Shen Xiang has hit: I know not many, my also indefinite Great Emperor of Ten Heavens true Emperor's Tomb where, but thought that has the possibility here.” You have guessed right, Great Emperor of Ten Heavens Emperor's Tomb on conceal in this Profound Cold Ancient Domain.” Huang Jintian said: According to the above record, there does not go in easily, but you have Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade these Divine Weapon, may be more relaxed.” In Shen Xiang heart one happy, running together of two syllables in rapid speech asked: Had to say the accurate place?” Huang Jintian shook the head: Had not said that but we should be able unable to find, because above also records the related this Profound Cold Ancient Domain matter.” Profound Cold Ancient Domain is mystical, White Tiger and Great Emperor of Ten Heavens this expert, does not dare to penetrate.

You because of this fear?” Shen Xiang does not understand that Huang Jintian why a face was a moment ago panic-stricken. Huang Jintian had not replied that has eaten hot soup, said: „Before this place not snow and ice cover, is an unusual danger(ous) place, is place that god of one crowd of going into exile gathers, not only so, one large quantities of the formidable beasts that who comes.” Shen Xiang has a big shock, hastily anchors this boat! One group of gods...... Place that goes into exile in?” Shen Xiang with amazement, panic-stricken incomparable. The gods are in his eyes formidable, this inside unexpectedly has one crowd! Do not be worried that crowd goes into exile here god to be very weak, is half remnant that they run away to calmly and steadily here the formidable fellow who on a period of time, had been chased down kills.” Huang Jintian said: Chases down here that god to be very strong, but also died, the fellow cultivates ice cold strength, he experienced great war here, finally dies here, makes here turn into Land of Ice and Snow.” Shen Xiang has inhaled cold air, is only because of great war, lets a big region until now frozen until the present, moreover breeds some terrifying Profound Ice. „The fellow meets a cruel death, the flesh and blood clears in this lands, has not known when must arrive, strength of that fellow completely dissipates.” Shen Xiang understands now why White Tiger will obtain Heaven and Earth Slaughtering Technique from this place, as well as that mysterious stone, is this time God Slaughtering Heart, has a very fearful soul in inside, the soul of that unexpectedly god. White Tiger have said that he picked Heaven and Earth Slaughtering Technique in the past here, then returns to Saint Beast Ancient Domain, passes to fierce Saint Beast, these Saint Beast through Heaven and Earth Slaughtering Technique, the respective research create appropriate to practice to result in divine art.

Shen Xiang is covering the Chest, he to inside that God Slaughtering Heart even more feels restless, this land once was place of one crowd of god going into exile, carried Heaven and Earth Slaughtering Technique. „? This place is very fierce, but felt that anything has not threatened.” Shen Xiang asked that Huang Jintian was worried definitely was not here. Huang Jintian said solemnly: That grave that your father they guards, is I most is worried.” What?” The Shen Xiang complexion changes, suddenly feels very anxious, hastily closely examines: Master, what issue does that grave have? I heard what there buries is a god, but that god is very good that.” Huang Jintian sighed: Right, but another fellow is uncertain, inside is burying two barely alive gods, although their very difficult resurrect, but this matter no one said certainly, that grave will fall on a grave, is not the coincidence, even if they do not plan resurrect, some people want to make them live.” Said my father they to be able very danger(ous)?” Shen Xiang wants to go to that grave very much immediately, makes completely his clansman. „It is not your father has danger(ous), but will be entire Emperor Heaven very danger(ous), you will have a look here, because two gods have fought one, on Land of Ice and Snow to the present, but the resurrect two fellows, will be very fierce gods.” Huang Jintian said. „Couldn't these fellows mix in their place? Runs Emperor Heaven these places to do.” Shen Xiang criticizes to say. This is not clear, on our ancient book has not recorded, but definitely for certain important things, they will leave that higher world that oneself are.” Huang Jintian said: Does not need to fear that here now is quite bad except for the illusion, will not have other big danger(ous), we should be able to find the Great Emperor of Ten Heavens grave.” Shen Xiang thought that in that grave two gods to seek for Heaven and Earth Slaughtering Technique or are Heaven Refining Technique come, before White Tiger has suggested that these two cultivation technique in that higher world, same are very intrepid.

He thought that White Tiger also has certainly any matter to conceal him, White Tiger definitely also knows that has the matter about god. This boat float steady advance, went for several days in Profound Cold Ancient Domain, although in snowstorm, but the speed is not slow. Should compares the place of deep place.” Shen Xiang looks at out of the window, is snow and ice dance, the snowstorm of that terror is still continuing. How can find the Great Emperor of Ten Heavens grave?” Shen Xiang thought that this is difficult, he looks to Huang Jintian: „Didn't Master, on your ancient book have the clue? Initially is who came to here the Great Emperor of Ten Heavens corpse lane?” Huang Jintian shakes the head saying: I am not clear, Great Emperor of Ten Heavens died, here has not turned into this, even if there is a clue, is very difficult to seek for that Emperor's Tomb in this place.” Shen Xiang guessed that possibly is Ice Dragon and Ancient Fire Beast comes to here the Great Emperor of Ten Heavens lane, these two fellows at that time were also very formidable Saint Beast, now is extraordinarier, but they left world of Nine Heaven, went to a very fierce place. suddenly, the boat trembles violently, is drinking hot soup Huang Jintian, was splashed the whole body is! We were attacked!” Huang Jintian gets angry slightly: Goes to have a look quickly is that bastard, I must teach him well.”