World Defying Dan God - Volume 16 - Chapter 1568
Enters the body of Saint Ice Toad, a darkness, all around is mounts, Shen Xiang has Black Tortoise Adamantyl Armor, did not fear that was built up by this Saint Ice Toad, he emits Divine Power, investigates beast core and poisonous pouch of Saint Ice Toad within the body. actually beast core and poisonous pouch fused together, does not know that takes beast core will be what kind of!” In the Shen Xiang heart is musing, he induces to that beast core position, at this time the normal that position hurries. In Huang Jintian of distant place, seeing Saint Ice Toad to call out in same place tumbling, knows that this is Shen Xiang causes in within the body, this made him feel relieved. Shen Xiang grasps Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade, the to rely on blade light goes forward in the darkness of Saint Ice Toad within the body, encounters the hindrance to divide to chop several blades, his body has a Divine Power guard shield, these poisonous blood cannot bump into his body, these poisonous blood cannot become to other party anything injure, but is very disgusting, he does not want to touch Randomly chops, Shen Xiang arrives at the position that beast core is at finally, beast core is not big, but is containing very strong Holy Power and massive Mysterious Freezing Evil Poison. This Saint Ice Toad does not understand Shapeshift, should be Sacred Level savage beast of antique time, this beast core convenient I.” Ponders smiles, brandishes a sword to cut off every large or small meridians that these and beast core links. After taking beast core, Shen Xiang only thought that a violent vibration, that Saint Ice Toad is tumbling carelessly. This fellow a short time cannot die.” Shen Xiang in fierce swaying, uses the strength of Law of Space, passes through the body of this Saint Ice Toad, arrives at outside. Without condense strength beast core, that Saint Ice Toad is only quite huge savage beast, but his within the body remaining many Mysterious Freezing Evil Poison, the person of strength has not run into him, is very danger(ous). Huang Jintian sees Shen Xiang to come out, immediately rushes, then master and apprentice two enter that sheet ice mountain group, they have not killed this Saint Ice Toad, the whole body is poisonous, only then beast core has the big use. With the Huang Jintian's words, is unedible!

Meets such terrifying Saint Ice Toad in the, can't have fiercer thing in inside.” Huang Jintian remembers that to use Primordial Strange Poison Saint Ice Toad, has a lingering fear. That Saint Ice Toad strength weakens that many suddenly, Huang Jintian had guessed correctly that Shen Xiang takes Saint Ice Toad beast core, perhaps also does these fierce Mysterious Freezing Evil Poison. Careful!” Shen Xiang restrains the aura, walking time touches the ground gently, is similar to the floating smoke is ordinary, some feeling keen beasts, can through very weak sound of footsteps induction. Huang Jintian also sneaks with the Shen Xiang same concealment, he frequently this in that Saint Territory. This place that danger(ous), moreover that ice-cold, it seems like that the Great Emperor of Ten Heavens grave may very much on conceal here.” Huang Jintian feels at this time somewhat coldly, this Sacred Realm expert, when using very strong Holy Power resists to be severely cold, but can also feel coldly, obviously this place is cold. Shen Xiang had not thought actually that he will put out Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade once for a while, confirmed the direction through Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade, he thinks that Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade will show the way to him, definitely had reason, perhaps Great Emperor of Ten Heavens hopes that own corpse was found by the Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade new host. Here does not have the snowstorm, be only the limitless ice and iceberg, Shen Xiang and speed of Huang Jintian advance was faster, but here is peaceful makes them feel an inexplicable restlessness. Has the situation!” Shen Xiang stops suddenly, looks at sky over distant place that piece of iceberg. This is the flame, is not weak in the flame that in this can also burn.”

At this time night, Huang Jintian and Shen Xiang can see to empty by red flame are illuminated, what can confirm, there flame combustion range is big, is these flame is not the ordinary flame. Knows that what reason that is?” Huang Jintian asked. I investigate, first do not pass!” Shen Xiang controls that dissociation outside several wisps of Divine Soul, displays Nine Heavens Mental Exploration, goes to that piece of iceberg fast. Small a moment later, Shen Xiang through that several Divine Soul, saw astonishing one! That side has a troop person...... Accurate, should be Dragon people and dragon!” Shen Xiang exclaims, he sees behind that crowd of icebergs to have a big piece of vast icefield, but person who has over a thousand to wear dragon armor above, on the face has dragon scales is slaughtering, in a farther place, several transform into human dragons is fighting, breaks giant icebergs, the scene shocks, because is away from here to be too far, can only hear some sad rumbled sounds. This place unexpectedly has the dragon, evidently strength not weak dragon!” Huang Jintian also feels surprised incomparable. Shen Xiang saw these is any dragon, a side was Ice Dragon, moreover side was Fire Dragon and Thunder Dragon! At this time he affirmed that the Great Emperor of Ten Heavens grave in this place, that crowd of Ice Dragon certainly was the past Ice Dragon Old Ancestor arrangement here guards, but why that crowd of Fire Dragon can Thunder Dragon here? Moreover had great war with Ice Dragon! Ice Dragon [lineage/vein] and Fire Dragon and Thunder Dragon [lineage/vein] are making war, they originally here, weapon in their hand, although is good, but seems like very ancient forging craftsmanship, likely is not the recent age.” Shen Xiang said: We had a look in the past, when necessary, but must help Ice Dragon [lineage/vein].”

Ice Dragon [lineage/vein] are separated from Imperial Dragon Clan very much long time ago, moreover Ice Dragon [lineage/vein] that Long Huishan is, is good with Shen Xiang's relationship, he thought that protection Ice Dragon here, should with Ice Dragon [lineage/vein] such that Long Huishan leads now. Shen Xiang and Huang Jintian let off that big mountain scene time, was illuminated on the well-illuminated icefield by the flame, when already by incarnadine big piece, these formidable Heavenly Dragon fights the flame that splutters, falls on the icefield, melts a big piece of iceberg, in addition here temperature suddenly rises, causes here everywhere is some by the blood incarnadine water hole. „The Ice Dragon dragon person fell evidently leeward.” Huang Jintian said that before Shen Xiang looked, Ice Dragon also about 500 dragon people, but now only then more than 300, but that side Fire Dragon Thunder Dragon also had more than 400. Shen Xiang looks at distant place that dragon roar unceasing direction, there is Ice Dragon and Fire Dragon great war direction, they definitely are being diverted now, could not look after here. „The opposite party has to melt the Sacred Realm dragon person, but we do not need to be worried that both sides Sacred Realm dragon people are evenly matched, disappointing is floor these, drags again like this, Ice Dragon here casualty will be more serious, we get rid.” Shen Xiang was saying, throws to Huang Jintian Ice Dragon Sword: Takes this sword, the Ice Dragon that side should not feel embarrassed your!” This is Ice Dragon Sword in Legend, is really not simple.” Huang Jintian laughed, holds Ice Dragon Saint Sword to abhor rush over. Shen Xiang is puts out Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade, the shuttle space, consecutively for several times shuttles back and forth, arrives around the Ice Dragon squad that several fall into to struggle hard, resists the crazy thunder that more than ten Thunder Dragon people hit with joint forces for them.