World Defying Dan God - Volume 16 - Chapter 1569

Shen Xiang's suddenly appears, in addition he uses Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade to break out lightning strength that dozens hit, making Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade cry loud and long, overflows the air/Qi of that unique tyrant dragon, making here dragon person inspire! Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade!” A person bellows, this is a person of Ice Dragon clan, moreover his sound is very excited. You protect Emperor's Tomb?” Shen Xiang inquired that behind several ice Dragon Clan people, hold Divine Blade, coldly are looking at that group of whole face panic-stricken Thunder Dragon people. Yes, we have protected many years, for many years they want to intrude Emperor's Tomb, this time they move in many reinforcements, we cannot stand off them.” A Shen Xiang behind youth looks angrily that crowd besieges their Thunder Dragon people. You, I will try to help carefully your.” Shen Xiang said that space teleport, dodges to that more than ten Thunder Dragon people, Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade suddenly in his hand becomes several feet, is chopping horizontally to that more than ten Thunder Dragon people. Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade that brushes, in the Shen Xiang hand that increases dodges together azure light, that blade has completed, which only then a azure circular arc remains, that dozens Immortal King late stage Thunder Dragon person, was stretched to cut off. Kills him quickly, cannot make him approach Emperor's Tomb.” A Fire Dragon person whooshes to dash about wildly, the whole body braves the flame, the body these fiery red scales sparkle shiningly, an arm turned into fierce dragon claw, above Saint Fire spout, is patting to a Shen Xiang claw. When must pat to the Shen Xiang's shoulder shortly, that dragon arm was blocked by a snow white long sword, Huang Jintian arrived, blocks the attack of that Fire Dragon old man with Ice Dragon Sword. little rascal, solves these to be small, this fellow gave me that's alright!” Huang Jintian laughed, body suddenly Dragon Force is boundless, with letting the person felt Slaughtering Dragon Qi that trembles.

Tai Chi Subduing Dragon Divine Art?” That old man one startled, this is the Dragon Clan special study copes with itself to use, can practice very strong Dragon Force. Huang Jintian palm pale white Dragon Force reappears, separates spatial palm bang to go, Subduing Dragon Gathering Strength such as the dragon going to sea that side, roared is hitting to that old man, extinguished his arrogance steaming raging fire pouring, body these stiff dragon scales, were rumbled several. Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade and Ice Dragon Sword appear here, making a Ice Dragon clan the morale rise suddenly immediately, the battle efficiency rose dramatically much. Shen Xiang emits vast Divine Power, forms a giant spirit territory, covers the entire battlefield, locks these Fire Dragon person and Thunder Dragon person, then transports Divine Power of full within the body, pours into Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade, making Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade shiver slightly, dragon roar is unceasing, aggressive steaming, making people feel the fear. Space cuts!” Shen Xiang stands in same place, a blade chops, sees only Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade simultaneously to appear in that in many places instantaneously, the space that was locked these people that are by him, cut off by his blade. Extinguishes to me!” Shen Xiang hits to over a hundred small space palms that he is locking, the potential of mountain sea world, the strength of Sun, Moon and Stars, this was Shen Xiang fuses the Heaven and Earth Slaughtering Technique later world to murder the palm. hōng hōng hōng! An explosive as if comes the Zitian place, person who was locked by him, majority is Immortal King late stage, several melt Sacred Realm, after the body the Shen Xiang space cuts, again is intimate this palm, vanishes in puff of smoke instantaneously.

old man of Ice Dragon clan sees Shen Xiang to be so fearful, immediately shouted: Withdraw quickly, is good to facilitate his fight!” At this time dragon people of many Ice Dragon clans with enemy near body combat, will therefore hinder Shen Xiang. After the Ice Dragon person hears, gets rid with the enemy who shiver in abundance, depended on the past toward Shen Xiang that side, Shen Xiang stands is freezing, the use space cut with the world murders the palm coordination, through the way of strength shuttle space, separated attacks these Thunder Dragon person and Fire Dragon person spatially, hit them to retreat in defeat again and again, only then response quite quick expert knows that consolidated all around space, prevented this space attack. All of a sudden, the opposite party on the reduced more than 200 people, Huang Jintian is criticizing at the same time, he has not hit satisfying, was destroyed completely a big piece by Shen Xiang. Snort!” Distant place stuffy snort|hum transmits, Shen Xiang felt suddenly a very strong pressure, making him be similar to faced with that formidable Saint Beast such. In his nearby Ice Dragon person in abundance shouted: Was Thunder Dragon Saint King, Senior you must be careful!” Thick lightning, streaks across nighttime sky together, chops straightly to Shen Xiang, in that flash, Shen Xiang felt that threatening cold air raids, Shen Xiang as well as his all around person were covered by the thick ice layer, they probably were frozen in the iceberg, is unable to move, but that type of cold air has not injured to them. Instance that [say / way] wild lightning in dividing, is blocked by the Little Bing mountain that formidable ice cold strength suddenly condense becomes, in the iceberg was sent lossless by frozen person, but iceberg bitter experience that intense attack, but disrupts, Shen Xiang they make an effort slightly, breaks the iceberg. Shen Xiang works loose from the iceberg, only sees their this crowd of person advance parties seven youth of white clothing, their dressing up are the same, sends the long hair shawl elegantly straight, until the waist, the skin is fair, the facial expression is handsome, unexpectedly is seven is longer much handsome youth.

This is seven afterbirth, does not know that is that Ice Dragon lives, is fierce!” Shen Xiang saw, that seven youth, are seven Ice Dragon of this Ice Dragon clan. But the place of opposite that casualty place, is standing five red-armored middle age, with five black armor guys, opposite party unexpectedly has ten dragons, Fire Dragon five, Thunder Dragon five . Moreover the strength is powerful, is the Sacred Level dragons! Ice Dragon here strength is truly good, seven Ice Dragon can fight to a draw with the opposite party ten dragons! Divine Blade inheritance is really uncommon, many thanks you break through for us.” Ice Dragon turns around to look to Shen Xiang, on the face is having the amiable smiling face, he should be an Boss of Ice Dragon clan evidently, he also looked at Ice Dragon Sword on Huang Jintian, at this time Huang Jintian also throws to Shen Xiang Ice Dragon Sword, but. Sees this, that ices dragon head to lead with another six brothers quite to be surprised, they have not thought that Shen Xiang obtains Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade, but also obtains Ice Dragon Sword, they know person who the Ice Dragon sword intent taste anything, is obtaining Ice Dragon Sword, certainly can see their Ice Dragon Old Ancestor. They want to ask very much, but now is not the time. Opposite party Fire Dragon and Thunder Dragon, look got angry, their missions are responsible for destroying Emperor's Tomb, but for many years had not succeeded, now a Ice Dragon clan when finally the Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade new host arrives, moreover is a very fierce fellow, is only several, extinguished their people most probably, several melt Sacred Realm. Does not use politely, I and ice Dragon Clan outside am a good friend.” Shen Xiang smiled: Several Senior, can you take the opposite these fellows now?”