World Defying Dan God - Volume 16 - Chapter 1570
brat, you said that takes takes, although you have Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade, but do you dare to face us alone?” Opposite Thunder Dragon explodes roars, is evidently angry: You are tender, now you enter Emperor's Tomb, can live is coming out a matter.” Ices dragon head to lead to smile lightly: What bullies the child is? Looks at his appearance, is younger than your grandson's grandson, but was actually extinguished a moment ago by him in your descendants much, if arrives at duel, you do dare to face me?” Before was not perhaps good, but should now. The little brother, does not know whether to borrow Ice Dragon Sword to use?” That ices dragon head to lead such remarks, making opposite that ten dragon complexions immediately dignified. Shen Xiang laughs: Here not only has Ice Dragon Sword, to have the Holy Dragon sword, the Fire Dragon sword and Heavenly Evil Saint Sword, I to lend you!” He that several took in the past very famous Saint Sword, is rocking in the hand, this may frighten heavily these dragons, a character flings three Seven Saint Dragons swords, this is history does not have the front row, in the past years, these sword very difficult gathering same places. No matter Shen Xiang also these Ice Dragon if wanted , have thrown completely, was iced dragon head to lead by that to catch completely, self-control extremely good he, cannot help but the whole face is shocking at this time, attains three Seven Saint Dragons swords all of a sudden, as well as Heavenly Evil Saint Sword, making him feel to shake, this was past very famous peerless saint weapon. Saint Sword also has various grades and ranks, but these Saint Sword are most high grade that! Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade can also lend you.” Shen Xiang loses Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade, although will not fuse with the opposite party, but if the user himself is very strong, can display Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade many strength. So long as is Shen Xiang is willing taking advantage, Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade can also want, cannot the making a false counter-accusation user. Ices dragon head to lead Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade that Shen Xiang throws to catch, has almost not come to a stop, if not for he uses upper body Holy Power of powerful dragon, perhaps is unable to lift.

„The sixth child seventh child, you protect them here, their ten fellows, our five coped with that's alright.” Suddenly obtains several sharp weapons, ices dragon head to lead the confidence to increase, distributes Saint Sword in hand to the brothers of appropriate use uses, leaves behind two to protect Shen Xiang again they. The hot armor guy of opposite party sees, the complexion changes: You......” Killing Ice Dragon they do not have Dragon Transformation, is taking these sharp weapons directly, kills to the opposite. Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade in the Shen Xiang hand, Fire Dragon and Thunder Dragon did not have many pressures, but in icing dragon head gets in the hand, among their suddenly the great stress, in the heart had the thought of escaping, but they want to run away now, some late, because Ice Dragon have killed. Bastard!” Thunder Dragon cursed angrily one, turned into whole body black armor, the winding around lightning big dragon, circled in the upper air. Other nine dragons are unambiguous, turn into the strongest shape, turns into big dragons, when Dragon Power as well as Dragon Transformation that they simultaneously release Qi Energy that erupts, made that their side people fall to the ground to spit blood, was injured heavily, them by them could not attend to these dragon people evidently, now they face, but Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade. Shen Xiang just induced to one shivers, at present suddenly bleaches, he knew their this group of people frozen, moreover this time with huge crowds of people that type, could not see outside, only felt an intermittent theater. He releases Divine Soul that drifts away outside to see, but actually does not dare to approach, two Divine Soul that because approaches both were shaken the powder by that formidable barometric pressure, remaining several Divine Soul can only look into the distance in the distant place. Ten big dragon in the air chaotic dances, camouflage half the sky, dragon scales opens and closes, spout the fierce flame the crazy thunder, the Heaven-shaking, Earth-shattering dragon roar sound with one has divided a day of crazy thunder spout intermittently, the flame that Fire Dragon releases, is burning down a big piece of glacier, but that five Ice Dragon still do not have Shapeshift, they by very exquisite human build, flexible socializing in these ten big dragons, the sharp weapons in their hand were displayed incisively by them, causes very huge damage to that ten dragons.

great war continued one all day, has shocked, the giant iceberg by the crew cut, in the icefield was presented giant lakes, sea of fire combustion. Finally projects on the position that Shen Xiang Divine Soul was, shakes disperses his Divine Soul, keeping him from watching this Heaven-shaking, Earth-shattering great war again, these dragons were Heavenly Dragon that melted Saint nine revolutions of completions, great war get up so to be fearful, let alone these Emperor Level expert. Protects Shen Xiang their two Ice Dragon not to be relaxed, releases ice cold strength unceasingly, maintains this iceberg firm, did not level off by fallout of that fight. Ice Dragon the dozen is also very difficult, but the strength of their five dragon, can tie with the opposite party ten dragons . Moreover the suppressed opposite party, was in the upper hand gradually, although Shen Xiang lends their weapon is very good, but their strengths are not strong, is unable to play the might of these famous articles. great war has continued for two days, finally all around finished, after sealing up Shen Xiang their iceberg vanishes, they only see are huge heavenly pit, in the sky also burn big flame, the flame are shining, appears very fearful. Finished!” That ices dragon head to lead some complexion blanches, gives back to Shen Xiang these famous articles, entering the war five Ice Dragon are very weak at this time, but on the face actually full is excited and delighted, because they have defeated this for many years enemy finally, but they can also leave here immediately, does not need to protect Emperor's Tomb again. This gives you, I thought that possibly is useful to you.” Ices the dragon head lead(er) to put out the long sword that lightning glow sparkles, above is carving the fine dragon mark, Shen Xiang recognizes this is the Thunder Dragon sword. This was too precious!” Shen Xiang wants very much, but thinks somewhat feels sorry, this is others defeats the spoils of war that the enemy obtains laboriously.

Ices dragon head to lead lightly smiled: You accept that's it, you can arrive, brings very big good fortune to us, making us solve that group of repugnant fellows, we can leave here not long, sees world of Nine Heaven that we have yearned.” Shen Xiang accepts the Thunder Dragon sword, but he also puts out two Blood Exquisite Fruit as returning a courtesy, Blood Exquisite Fruit has very big help to Saint Beast, that ices dragon head to lead not politely receives. I know that you have a lot to ask, changed a place to say again!” Shen Xiang and Huang Jintian, fly with their group in the upper air, the place that they live is very far from here, Shen Xiang thought them not only then this person. My named Dragon Da, our parents were too lazy, directly what therefore called our Dragon Da, Long Er...... to be smallest was Long Qi, we were the heart have the cleverness, therefore they did not speak, I also knew their meanings.” Shen Xiang has not thought that they are really seven afterbirth, he also thought that before that is clone anything.