World Defying Dan God - Volume 16 - Chapter 1571
A Ice Dragon clan lives in very secret iceberg cave, Shen Xiang and Huang Jintian at this time in an iceberg. Senior, according to the direction of Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade, Emperor's Tomb probably here, entrance where?” Shen Xiang comes, Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade is not very peaceful. Entrance here!” Dragon Da said: I brought a moment ago you come, you should see very big passage, there goes to Emperor's Tomb, if you must go, we must be far away from here immediately, because when the time comes you touch inside mechanism, will cause very big destruction to the surroundings.” This was Long Han Senior says?” Shen Xiang asked. Long Han is Ice Dragon Old Ancestor of Ice Dragon clan. Yes, only then obtains the person of Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade approval, can enter Emperor's Tomb safely, even if accompanies not to be good.” The dragon is greatly gratified smiles: We and others you waited to be very long, you can come now, thinks that had certain strength to enter Emperor's Tomb, our missions have also been completed, can leave this place.” Afterward, Shen Xiang and this Dragon Da narrated that outside something, mentioned a Ice Dragon clan that Long Huishan has led now, he suggested that here Ice Dragon went to and Long Huishan they meet, unites together, this can make them more formidable. Shen Xiang has not mentioned the matter that oneself Evil Dragon Burial Ground preparation must be besieged, a here Ice Dragon clan just lost many clansmen, Shen Xiang has not wanted to make them fall into the war once more. Dragon Da accepts Shen Xiang's to suggest, after leaving here, looks for Long Huishan. Was right, before I heard that your clansmen have mentioned, that Thunder Dragon and Fire Dragon have the helper, came from Imperial Dragon Clan?” Shen Xiang asked.

Shen Xiang such asked that making dragon greatly suddenly anxious, on the face somewhat worried: „It is not Imperial Dragon Clan, from is called the Heaven territory place, has the dragon in these Heaven territory, in the past Imperial Dragon Clan had a number of dragons to go to that place, now develops very formidable in inside.” In the past Dragon Clan was powerful, after Azure Dragon walks, still at the height of power, to a final White Dragon [lineage/vein] destruction, Jade Dragon is on the wane, other Imperial Dragon Clan these Old Dragon felt relieved that carries off a number of outstanding formidable dragons to go to the Heaven territory development, now in world of Nine Heaven the batch of Imperial Dragon, the pit bottom does not have Heaven territory fiercely these. Moreover, world of Nine Heaven Imperial Dragon Clan, does not know existence of Heaven territory Imperial Dragon Clan.” Dragon Da said: Heaven territory Dragon Clan, should be called Heavenly dragon clan! They sent to come here Thunder Dragon and Fire Dragon died, should quick realize that you a bit faster entered Emperor's Tomb, when the time comes they can go, perhaps cannot take you to be what kind of!” If the Heavenly dragon clan supreme headquarters come here, when the time comes we did not resist...... ancient book that Ice Dragon Old Ancestor keeps, has told us, in Heaven territory that place, may birth new Dragon Emperor very much!” Where Heaven territory is, Shen Xiang is very clear, he in Feng Yujie that in Saint Territory meets, was a human Emperor Level character, the strength endures compared with past world of Nine Heaven in Fifth of Nine Emperors. Has the new Dragon Emperor birth in these Heaven territory, Shen Xiang will not feel surprised, that is true Dragon Emperor, in that crude person with here Imperial Dragon Clan is different. There not new Dragon Emperor, but can definitely be, past Dragon Emperor also in inside! In Fifth of Nine Emperors, many.” The Huang Jintian nod said: Because in the past Great Emperor of Ten Heavens stared by Infernal Demon Emperor, therefore Fifth of Nine Emperors is also worried about itself, therefore in abundance flees, goes to these Heaven territory to seek asylum.” Dan Emperor, Fire Emperor, Ice Emperor, Dragon Emperor, Sword Emperor, Devil Emperor, Demon Emperor, Evil Emperor and Star Emperor, this was the past nine emperors, Fire Emperor and Ice Emperor also kept world of Nine Heaven...... Ice Emperor to confirm that died.” „Did Ice Emperor die?” Dragon Da is very surprised: Initially I here had run into him, with his great war, injured his non- enemy and ourselves, but I must kill him to be difficult, even if Great Emperor of Ten Heavens could not kill him in the past.”

Huang Jintian looks to Shen Xiang: Is this brat does, but he not with any right technique.” Shen Xiang smiled awkwardly: Luck is good...... Right, Fifth of Nine Emperors five do have that several?” I only know that has pill Venerable, Thunder Zun, soldier Venerable three, pill Venerable is Dan Emperor, the soldier Venerable to be Divine Craftsman, remaining two are very it is said secret.” Huang Jintian said that this is he sees from that ancient book. Dragon Da also knows, he said: Devil Emperor, Sword Emperor, Demon Emperor and Star Emperor these four, are neutral, in the past had not participated to encircle Great Emperor of Ten Heavens great war, Ice Emperor and Fire Emperor participated, was hit half remnantly. pill Venerable, Divine Craftsman and thunder Venerable these three, although is very strong, all day Divine Dragon sees not to see the tail, is some idle cloud wild cranes, does not know that they can make an appearance from now on.” Past Dragon Emperor?” Shen Xiang asked: Is your Ice Dragon Old Ancestor?” Dragon Da shakes the head saying: Dragon Emperor probably is a female...... She says Heavenly Dragon Great Emperor, concrete I am not quite clear! It is said that she is in Fifth of Nine Emperors the only female. Moreover she is very ancient dragon, is the same with Azure Dragon, is the world breeds earliest Ancient Dragon.” The Shen Xiang eyebrow corner/horn jumps, this very obviously is Long Xueyi this dragon brat. Is White Dragon?” Huang Jintian knits the brows saying that he knows Shen Xiang and White Dragon have relationship. That Heavenly Dragon Great Emperor probably is White Dragon, our Dragon Clan ancient Legend, the world was newborn in the past, has bred many attribute different dragons, each dragon nine, White Dragon survived completely, other will somewhat die several.” Dragon Da said: Because of so, therefore White Dragon Clan was most powerful in the past, finally is out is very miserable.”

Huang Jintian sighed one: Does not know that Heaven territory above Heavenly dragon clan, can get down, you have Dragon Vein, definitely will stare by them.” Dragon in great surprise sound track: „Have you controlled Dragon Vein? Present Emperor Heaven was more formidable than the past years, resurrect Emperor Heaven had the strength of Sacred Spirit directly, it seems like will be very troublesome, if Heavenly dragon clan robbed your Dragon Vein, in Fifth of Nine Emperors at least must have two fellows to come out to help you keep off.” First did not say this, I go to Emperor's Tomb to have a look.” The Shen Xiang brow wrinkles tightly, now several Heaven territory help these big influences attack his Evil Dragon Burial Ground in secret, made his pressure very big, if Heavenly dragon clan appeared again, he does not know how should deal. Dragon Dadai Shen Xiang is arriving to enter Emperor's Tomb that passage, he said: „After you go, in entrance there and other a period of time, when we evacuate you to draw back that sliding door to go, when the time comes you feel consecutively three times shivering, can start, that is I gives your signal.” Shen Xiang nodded, walks into that jet black passage. Huang Jintian and Dragon Da depart rapidly, when the dragon brings greatly Shen Xiang, he makes other six Ice Dragon call other clansmen, the preparation evacuates, therefore they are far away from this mountain quickly.