World Defying Dan God - Volume 16 - Chapter 1573
Really is crazed mechanism, these green beads are Mysterious Freezing Evil Poison!” Shen Xiang is breathing, inhales intermittent yin cold ice-cold air, he can determine that this is Mysterious Freezing Evil Poison is unmistakable, he looked at ground these jade bricks, the thousands block had not been bumped into, if these jade bricks are mechanism, then here does have thousands grain of Saint Ice Toad beast core? At this time he extremely thanked Suppressing Devil Heavenly Venerable, making him practice Suppressing Devil Golden Body, otherwise had Black Tortoise Adamantyl Armor, his hundred lives insufficiently died, was only rich Mysterious Freezing Evil Poison that here travelled for pleasure, can kill by poison big piece expert. These Saint Ice Toad beast core after the special refinement, bump into the person to explode, refines through Heaven Refining Technique?” Shen Xiang looks at this passage, the passage wright definitely is Divine Craftsman, refines these green explosion beads is Great Emperor of Ten Heavens, these two fellows jointly arrange this passage, not fierce is impossible. He floats on passage, returns not to have mechanism that long journey, puts out Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade, Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade sends out azure light, shines to the top jade brick, can see the above some arrows, hinted from above in the past, Shen Xiang rebuked oneself oneself to neglect, if put out Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade earlier, he received that physical suffering. Eats up saint medicine and Green Jade Root that pill these therapy, he used several talents to restore to come, strength of revolution within the body, by oneself float, slowly approached that leaf of white front door, in the hand is lifting Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade, because had protective shield in front of white Stone Gate, before was shot over one time. However Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade can actually penetrate that protective shield, he aims at the mouth of that white lion Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade, when the knife point must puncture, he felt suddenly behind transmits very terrifying strength, that strength makes him be similar to facing very terrifying Saint Beast such. Do not want to go.” A person exclaimed, he thinks that he separated a moment ago spatially strikes, can kill Shen Xiang, who knows that on Shen Xiang emitted Black Tortoise Adamantyl Armor suddenly, that formidable strength that he made, attacked the Shen Xiang's body, making Shen Xiang insert in the mouth of that white lion Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade completely.

Just injured good Shen Xiang, at this time was seriously injured, moreover was much more serious than before, was broken including his powerful golden skeleton much, let alone these quite frail flesh and blood air/Qi was dirtier and meridians. He turns head to look that seeing one to wear the middle age of black clothed, whole body Dragon Qi is steaming, unexpectedly is very formidable Thunder Dragon, he determined that came from Heavenly Dragon Territory Heavenly Dragon! Your unexpectedly also has Black Tortoise Adamantyl Armor!” That black clothed middle age complexion full is the color of envy, Divine Weapon and divine armor has with the gentleman, so long as were these past expert, will envy. Certainly cannot make you live.” The black clothed middle age exclaimed fiercely, rumbles a palm, that lightning was thick, fulls floaded operation entire passage, likely was a Dragon Transformation lightning, roared crazily is hitting to Shen Xiang. Shen Xiang in great surprise, revolves whole body strength to protect itself, if this palm hits on him, his undying must discard, when he is terrified, that white lion's head dodges suddenly, turns into a white vortex, has attracted Shen Xiang. Bang! That lightning Thunder Dragon hits on the stone, entire passage slightly trembled, is intact, triggers here all mechanism, the thousands green bead emerges out of thin air suddenly, surrounds that middle age, simultaneously blasts out...... After Shen Xiang that sliding door attracts, arrived in a piece of prairie, in the prairie front, has huge Lion Mountain, where is similar to a giant stone lion of carving crawls, that modeling and ten Heavenly Saint mountain inside hundred thousand Lion Mountain look like, but here only then, moreover above has not planted the trees, has bare rocky mountain. Almost died, that should be formidable Heavenly Dragon! dragon brat has not made a matter to come in world of Nine Heaven, she Heaven territory that goes to Heavenly dragon clan to be at?”

Shen Xiang is extremely worried about her suddenly, because develops many years of Heavenly dragon clan in Heaven territory of rich resources, is definitely formidable. He lies down in the ground, looks at the deep blue sky, discovered the cloud that here floats is the lion modeling, afterward he looks fiercely to positive, likely is a lion's head of raging fire combustion, this space customizes for Great Emperor of Ten Heavens obviously. Divine Craftsman and Great Emperor of Ten Heavens what relationship? unexpectedly makes into this, it seems like relationship is not absolutely ordinary.” Shen Xiang is narrowing the eye, looks that dazzling lion's head is fierce, making his suddenly think somewhat frightened, because this space is fearful, does not have the formidable energy support, this space will not maintain this. Emperor's Tomb is not really ordinary!” Shen Xiang eats up two pieces of Jade Dragon Flower petals, stands up reluctantly, looks to that huge Lion Mountain, lion's head that just raised, the mouth is a great hole, understood at a glance that enters the Lion Mountain entrance. Shen Xiang does not dare to pass immediately, his present whole body is the wound, must recuperate a period of time to be restored to health, this two wounds, almost want his life, moreover side Long Xueyi no longer him, he must be careful, came almost dead twice! „Some Master this old lunatic definitely matters have not told me, that Punishing Demon Summit he has not mentioned, establishes in Hell front door nearby Punishing Demon Summit, definitely also has the huge secret.” Shen Xiang sits on the soft lawn, is thinking all sorts of mysterious matters, he thought that the matters of these secrets see only have very big relation.

In order to prevent to touch mechanism, Shen Xiang has been taking Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade, does not dare to receive again, he has used 20 days of time, completely was restored to health by oneself, he rejoiced that his dantian integrates in Divine sea, otherwise the beforehand that Heavenly Dragon formidable thunder strikes, can destroy his dantian. Contrasted Heaven territory these formidable Heavenly Dragon, Shen Xiang is too weak, can only resist several reluctantly! Hoping Emperor's Tomb can bring pleasantly surprised to me!” Shen Xiang is chopping Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade, after dawn, is careful trend that huge Lion Mountain. Sky over entering Emperor's Tomb that piece of icefield, has more than ten very giant dragons, their huge statures, cannot see the end, these big dragon in the air circle, camouflages the daylight, in the mouth the emitting intermittent terror energy shakes the place with Heaven-shaking unceasingly dragon roar, hits to that black great door, but the black great gate is actually entirely still, is hard to break through. More than ten Heavenly Dragon joint strikes, are unable to break through the outermost defense, obviously the defense of this Emperor's Tomb is powerful. Does not break outside space defense, in we go are unable to use the main body to attack, inside fills Mysterious Freezing Evil Poison, we do not need the main body to be hard to defend.” That continues!” More than ten Heavenly Dragon shell that black front door once more, strength that this time they use was more violent, in a Profound Cold Ancient Domain big piece of iceberg therefore was broken, trim Profound Cold Ancient Domain is covered by dragon roar that shocks.