World Defying Dan God - Volume 16 - Chapter 1574
In Emperor's Tomb inside Shen Xiang, does not know that outside had been attacked by one crowd of Heavenly Dragon crazily, he is peaceful in, outside crazy attack is unable to shake Emperor's Tomb. Shen Xiang walks toward that Lion Mountain, he walks very slowly, with rapt attention vigilantly in all directions, here is really extremely peaceful, that Lion Mountain looks like somewhat scary, making him have to guard, in order to avoid does not touch some mechanism carefully. This long journey is not far, but he walks this long journey to think with many time, when he arrives under Lion Mountain, has sweated profusely, the anxiety of walking, consumes his spirit. unexpectedly is all right!” Before Shen Xiang turned head to look, road that took, was still still shaken, why he did not know, more approaches here, more feels a pressure, pressed him to be hard to breathe. He looks up upwards, he must mount the lion's head that raises, opens the mouth that to enter in Lion Mountain from that to provide against contingencies, he has not used the space to shuttle back and forth, was worried that can cause some sounds, triggers fearful mechanism or attacks formation. Has rested same place a period of time, sweeps after that tense feeling is spatial, Divine Power of Shen Xiang careful control within the body, picks up the body float, wants to go with this quite temperate way to that lion's head on, but he just float, felt that under a very huge pressure drop, immediately presses him in the ground, causes in his entire body bogging-down. What's the matter?” Shen Xiang by restraining by force that presents suddenly pounding, in heart panic-stricken, at this time that pressure on him, he was unable stand up, the whole piece face to fall into the soil, cannot move. Passed the moment, that pressure diverges, has been able to sit finally in struggling Shen Xiang, gasps for breath in gulps, was pressed the body by that strength a moment ago, keeping him from revolting, probably stubbornly was pressed by expert there, is hard to move in the slightest. Can crawl to be good?” Shen Xiang looks to the sky, the thought that in the mind that jump gets up has cancelled, he had asked for advice that mysterious and formidable strength a moment ago.

This Lion Mountain surface is smooth, anything has not stopped over the place that and convenience climbs up, must come up not to be easy, but this is only the position that Shen Xiang is at now saw that he plans to circle one first this Lion Mountain, has a look to have the place that other convenience climb up, the words that otherwise he must come up, must certainly toss about very long time. Has not circled, he in the place of this Lion Mountain thigh sees one straight and on steps, seems top nonstop Lion Mountain, the steps have many levels, but regarding Shen Xiang is not anything. He wants to display Nine Heavens Mental Exploration to search to explore the way, but thinks that this place is out of the ordinary, he does not dare to try randomly, so as to avoid causes some unnecessary disaster. He starts to mount the steps, the first 100 steps are very good, but after 100 steps, his both feet becomes on suddenly sinks very much sinks very much, on the shoulder is pressing a mountain likely, making him take a step difficultly, every time treads one step to take the trouble. Really is not simple!” Shen Xiang mounts 300 steps time, has panted, the both legs become tender, but this steps have are very long. „Can my strength only take this road?” Shen Xiang looks below, is very low from the ground, he simply has not taken many roads, but was tired, he also discovered that the pressure that each 100 steps, have borne will increase, when he is unable to estimate close crown pressure that bears big. He breathed heavily several tones , to continue to tread the serious incomparable step, steps a stair, comes all the way, he drops many sweat. 500 steps, he was unable to walk again, sits rests there, planned that restored to continue again.

He puts out several saint stone, in the fast absorption the strength of that pure Sacred Spirit, the energy that restores that almost to squander, he just carried on the small moment, actually suddenly frowned, he sits on a stair, looks downward along the stair, careful has counted, his present unexpectedly only in 450 steps, he remembers that crossed 100 steps obviously. Damn, this tall ladder can move, doesn't allow me to stop the rest? This also bullied the person!” Shen Xiang carefully looks at the steps, at the same time absorbs saint stone inside Holy Power, passed a while, really sees dozens levels of steps to shrink into the ground in a very strange way, moreover does not make him be able to feel. It seems like cannot stop, rests again, I must return same place.” Shen Xiang puts out grain of Saint Beast beast core, revolution Engulfing Devil Art, in devour that massive pure Holy Power, makes up strength that he consumes. He continues the mountaineering, he rested a moment ago shortly, quite in vain mounts 100 steps before, absorbs Holy Power to supplement, while clenches teeth to ascend this strange Lion Mountain, the pressure that although he bears is getting bigger and bigger, but he actually cannot stop, can only go all out upwardly, otherwise he is unable to enter this Lion Mountain. This to build specially Emperor's Tomb also has Sun, Moon and Stars, day and night takes turn, Shen Xiang from noon, to night, mounts 1000 steps. Has not known that what must arrive at lord knows when to come up, isn't enters Emperor's Tomb? Can such toss about the person?” In the Shen Xiang heart complained of hardship secretly, if knows that was this situation, he does not come, because his Evil Dragon Burial Ground must be besieged quickly, if he consumed here for a long time, when the time comes he went back, the day lily was cool. When the time comes others are resisting the attack, only then he absents, in his heart feels sorry. If there is an escape route, he perhaps immediately the old route will turn back now, but after he comes in this space, had not found any escape route, only hope in that Shizikou, but must arrive there, must mount this tall ladder.

This huge Lion Mountain is very high, airborne has fluttered the white clouds, did not have this mountain 50% high, his rough estimate, if must to the top, this steps have hundred thousand step this probably. If ordinary steps, let alone hundred thousand, 1 million he does not think anything, time that but the steps of this place, actually awfully, tread, is similar to carries a mountain to come up such, moreover is more and more heavy. He looks on the steps, in the heart complained of hardship secretly: Illuminates me this speed to come up now, has not known that needs multi- youngster, I came Profound Cold Ancient Domain to have one month, about four months, these big influences must besiege my Dragon Vein, perhaps when the time comes also had the Heaven territory participation, if Heavenly dragon clan also came, hoping them do not make any resistance, direct running person.” Thinks of Heavenly dragon clan, Shen Xiang associates to arrive at whereabouts unclear Long Xueyi, in the heart secret sighs: Has not thought that this dragon brat is really Heavenly Dragon Great Emperor, her later strength will be very certainly strong, perhaps if she here, I will have the means to come up.”