World Defying Dan God - Volume 16 - Chapter 1575

She, if knows, can despise me? Said that I crawl this broken ladder to need dozens over a hundred years!” Shen Xiang thinks of this, some are at heart uncomfortable, in the mind cannot help but is reverberating the sound of Long Xueyi that ridicule. Cannot crawl including this broken ladder, but also wants to be the Heavenly Dragon Great Emperor man?” Shen Xiang shook the head vigorously, fierce standing up, under shining of moonlight, looks at the front steps, clenches the teeth, sends out wild roaring, then exhausts strength of whole body, walks upwardly. My strength not only then this, in my God Slaughtering Heart that mysterious soul, once divided a that fearful sword with my body, but I am not actually able to achieve, even if now, is huge with the disparity of that sword, obviously I have not displayed my strength to come.” The Shen Xiang look is firm, he thought that at this time is a very good opportunity, this heavenly body can strength that has not displayed within the body extrude obviously completely, he believes that if he can walk this tall ladder, the strength definitely meets advanced by leaps and bounds, perhaps can also jump over for several levels of seconds to kill the enemy. I must obtain more formidable strength!” Shen Xiang mounts these steps at this time, is not tired, but is the whole body is painful, every time mounts first-order, thought own body like must be pushed split open by that pressure, is uncomfortable, but he actually bears the pain, insists. He has not slowed the tempo, no longer is step by step slow coming up, but is walks the normal steps to be so quick likely, what before he flowed was the perspiration, now what he flows was the blood, he had Jade Dragon Bloodline luckily, can the quick repair his result in the skin of split open by the strong extrusion. Dawn, because his speed of walk is quick, unexpectedly has arrived at 5000 steps, he cannot believe that so will be quick, although walks to be very painful, frequently probably soon died such, but he actually has not died now, but resists that pressure forcefully, making outside his within the body receive some wounds. Also must continue, enters Emperor's Tomb as far as possible in the shortest time, found the outlet!” In the Shen Xiang heart the faith is firm, forms invisible strength, urges exhaustedly body that his is full of the severe pain, goes forward step by step, under his incomparably firm will, this Lion Mountain in his opinion is so tiny, the ache on body makes him feel is similar to the pruritus, he believes that he can certainly reach the summit in a short time.

Steps already incarnadine, Shen Xiang has not rested, the steps have not shrunk into the ground, the blood and perspiration sprinkle this fearful heavenly body, making this itself very fearful tall ladder increase several points of strange color. In this fearful consumption and wound, Shen Xiang has to swallow herbs that Blood Dragon Ginseng, Phoenix Fruit and Blood Exquisite Fruit this blood tonic therapy continuously. More arrives above, that pressure is formidable, but Shen Xiang also goes all out, the non- pipe pressure increases many, he can always maintain the speed forwards, even if crawling coming up, he will not make the speed get down slowly, therefore his day can crawl 10,000 steps. His clothes had been soaked by the blood, after being withered, was melted by the hot perspiration, falls into on the stone steps, coagulates in this tall ladder. Shen Xiang from stepping that day of steps, passed for 11 days, at this time the sky just shone, the whole body is he of blood, difficult crawling to the summit, seeing that the lion's head above cloud layer to be fiercely positive is blooming the gorgeous and warm multi-colored sunlight, shines on him, making him feel that the ache of body as well as exhausted is being weaken little! I came up finally!” Shen Xiang looks at the endless sea of clouds, lives the splendor under the sunlight illumination shiningly, likely is the flaming arrogance. He sits cross-legged to sit on a flat land, looks the lion's head that rises high slowly is fierce, walks, especially finally that 1000 steps, mount every time first-order, his within the body that powerful golden bone, will present some fissures, but Jade Dragon Bloodline can actually repair rapidly, he does not know the own present strength has promoted many, what makes him quite happy is, the speed of Jade Dragon Bloodline in this frequent unceasing repair, lets he disciplines to restore very fast. Top this Lion Mountain that pressure, he has not eaten up some pills, puts out several saint stone to put at own side, rests, while adjusts own condition. What's the matter?”

In him regards Divine sea, discovered that in Divine sea that little world unexpectedly has increased, that islands big ten times, the stars of sky were at least brighter, he calls that five beast Heaven Dan, originally cat equally big they, now big, body also two corona of revolving. Two, this melts the Saint second revolution!” Shen Xiang looks at that fearful tall ladder, he has not thought is only this short ten days, make him step into the Saint two revolutions, this not only stimulates strength that his these have not developed, but also makes his cultivation base promote a stage. His present strength is also without doubt more formidable, this makes him feel that climbs up the pain that the tall ladder bears to be worth. Rests several days later, he enters to walk toward the lion's head that raises, has an alley there, can lead to that yawn Shizikou. What is?” In the Shen Xiang heart suddenly somewhat anticipated that mounts the test of this Lion Mountain, makes him benefit greatly, now he was away from Emperor's Tomb to be getting more and more near, he instead too did not anticipate to Emperor's Tomb inside thing, but cared about that to let the test of his unceasingly become stronger very much. No matter anything, I will not fear!” Shen Xiang has gripped tightly the fist, steps that alley, crossed Shizikou that row of tooth, arrives in that giant mouth. Front is straight downward passage, the jet black piece, Shen Xiang observes around, has a look to have some mechanism and so on, has not discovered anything, he puts out the night light bead, pours into strength, making it send out the intense ray, walks into that passage. Is all the way peaceful, the Shen Xiang's step is lithe, has not caused a sound, enabling him to walk, in this is more peaceful in much jet black passage, appears more absolutely terrified. Because walks downward, he has only used more than double-hour, on arriving, under shining of night light bead, he sees a leaf of normal size Stone Gate, has a small lion's head in Stone Gate, opens the mouth, this is a key hole.

This also inserts the place that Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade opens the door, but Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade is huge, is unable to insert, Shen Xiang has to make Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade thin, pricks in that key hole. That Stone Gate dodges, has a very strong suction, has attracted him, with previous time is the same in that white passage. What is this time?” Shen Xiang goes to a brilliantly illuminated rotunda, around the great hall is also tall Youcu the huge golden stone columns, above is carving the dragon, Phoenix, lion, tiger and other giant beast of the vulture marks. In the grounds in great hall, is black slate, above full is abstruse spirit pattern. Where is this?” Saying that Shen Xiang thought aloud, observed the situation eight sides, wants to discover a Mensh. Place that wants you to assign, you hurry that is ready dead!” Hears this sound, in the Shen Xiang heart shocks, if will be other sounds he so will not be perhaps surprised, because of the voice of that speech, with the expression of speech, was just the same as him a moment ago!