World Defying Dan God - Volume 16 - Chapter 1577
Zhou Fei has not thought that Shen Xiang can among suddenly stimulate to hide in formidable strength in within the body, making him be unexpected, will be shaken the arm by Shen Xiang that fist. It seems like I underestimated you, such being the case, I made you defeat thoroughly.” Even if Zhou Fei sees Shen Xiang to unearth formidable strength in within the body, does not spare a glance, he thought that he duplicates Shen Xiang's all, but he was one lived several hundred thousand years Spirit Body, he thought that he understood strength compared with Shen Xiang, understood that used strength. Humanity in this Zhou Fei eye, did not have what good image, he despises humanity, at this time wishes one could to defeat Shen Xiang immediately, leaves this place, goes to the world to slaughter. The Zhou Fei personal appearance dodges, dodges right now left toward Shen Xiang, has used space strength, he shuttles back and forth the space time is adept, unceasingly fluctuation position in this spacious great hall. Has not arrived at side Shen Xiang, Shen Xiang induces to have together swift and fierce Sword Qi on suddenly to the side, in that very short instance, Shen Xiang fierce putting out a hand grasps, just right presses firmly between the fingers sword tip of that Azure Dragon sword. That Zhou Fei strength truly fearfully, fiercely stops doing, has pulled out the Azure Dragon sword, he that sword punctured a moment ago through the space, he side other Shen Xiang one, Shen Xiang has not expected at this time, when he discovers, Zhou Fei has been laughing wildly, foot flying maliciously flings on his face. Zhou Fei this foot savage, that imposing manner probably is several thousand great mountain Feiza comes, moreover to this Taotao's fluent sound. This unexpectedly is the strength of mountains and rivers, is in Earth Slaughtering Technique one! The Shen Xiang's cheeks were trampled, on face is the skeleton ache, as if must break to pieces such, the whole person was kicked by that strong strength, lets the meteorite that he is similar to flies to shoot, is quick and ruthless rewiring on stiff rock wall of great hall.

His body heavily hits after wall, Zhou Fei came with whom, almost in he hits the same time on wall, punctures a sword maliciously, that made the person back send cool depth cold Sword Qi, can pierce all repeatedly, this sword punctured to the Shen Xiang's throat. After Shen Xiang induces to that fills endless killing intent Sword Qi, in this time he in this case, displays the strength instantaneous flash of whole body to avoid, appears in Zhou Fei behind, brandishes a pair of fist, uses Heaven and Earth Slaughtering Fist, is being one crazily pounds to the back of Zhou Fei. After disciplining of that day ladder, Shen Xiang has been able to unearth to hide much in strength in within the body, at this time crazy displays Heaven and Earth Slaughtering Fist to coordinate Law of Space, making his fist from outflank Zhou Fei in all directions. Bang! Bang! Bang! Each fist has the strength of extremely terrifying world murdering, that strong murderous aura sends out one to roar intermittently, is similar to the demon floods the entire great hall spirit generally. Zhou Fei all around space, was already shaken by Shen Xiang that Heaven and Earth Slaughtering Technique, is unable to maintain stable, causing Zhou Fei is unable to carry on space teleport, this moment whole body by Shen Xiang that pair of crazy fist crush, every had fought with the fists to pound on him, may destroy ten thousand mountains the strength of earthquake, in addition that overlook all living things the potential of heaven, the defense of direct bang broken Zhou Fei, enters the body to the meat sincerely. „” Zhou Fei roars, Shen Xiang is only several instances, pounds many fists on him, he does not have to think own unexpectedly will be hit that painful, the corners of the mouth overflowed the blood. A Zhou Fei rave, strength in within the body erupts completely, forms an intense air wave, is similar to gets angry to roar, curls up the intermittent strength rough sea waves, lifts in his Shen Xiang, afterward taking advantage of this imposing manner, holds the sword once more thorn to Shen Xiang. Violent anger Zhou Fei, both eyes are red, in the hand that the glittering azure light Azure Dragon sword, unexpectedly black Qi was steaming at this time, Zhou Fei resembles the combustion evil strength, the body spout an intermittent evil incomparable aura, making people think that he is cruel bloody Evil Devil.

qi deviation, really so, this fellow all of a sudden obtained that strong strength, the mentality is not positive.” Shen Xiang side avoids that sword indifferently, the facial expression looks at that both eyes red Zhou Fei: You are very strong, especially this sword, even if melts the Saint five revolutions, perhaps is hard to resist!” During the speeches, loses sane Zhou Fei, punctured dozens swords crazily, Shen Xiang 11 avoids. But you lost the control to this strength thoroughly, now controls this strength is not you, but is evil of your innermost feelings, after grasping formidable strength, hides one side the darkness of innermost feelings, this is everyone has, but the person will receive various restraints, can suppress this dark side, once is unable to suppress, crazed Evil Devil.” Shen Xiang only thinks directly and honestly defeats itself, but this Zhou Fei turned at present loses sane Evil Devil, strength of whole body is having very evil characteristics, if he with Suppressing Devil Divine Power, will become with ease, but this will not have any challenging for him. Does not need you to manage!” Zhou Fei is roaring, the fist and Azure Dragon sword and using, attack Shen Xiang crazily, releases moves of strength formidable attacks not awfully, is burning crazily his strength. My present strength is most formidable, you are unable to achieve, you are unable to achieve, you now except for moving aside, what can also do? You have the skill to attack me to have a look, cannot injure my in the slightest.” Zhou Fei is grinning fiendishly, the fist sword takes turn, must present many double images quickly, the under foot is treading Earth Shrinking Step, is pursuing the Shen Xiang crazy attack. Shen Xiang is also treading Earth Shrinking Step, two photographs are ordinary in the ground fast slipping, the form rapid traverse, is fuzzy, is unable to see clearly their movements, very rapidness. Right? You think really I so am weak?” Shen Xiang eyes dodges, the ray is sharp, in this flash, he resembled the whole person changed generally, suddenly extended both hands, held the Zhou Fei two wrists|skills.

Must know the Zhou Fei this time attack very rapidness, Shen Xiang , to hold his wrist|skill not to be easy, but he actually appears that simple. Shen Xiang looks at present this and his exactly the same face, the facial expression is earnest, character character tunnel. Your present strength is no doubt fearful, but is actually not able truly to display my strength essence, you have duplicated my strength, but actually could not duplicate my respect and trust strength, I pursued strength held to read with the original intention!” Your suddenly obtains so formidable strength, but you have not actually obtained to pursue strength that to discipline, you are unable to control this strength, you to this strength not any sentiment, and has not thought utilizes this strength, you now this strength vessel, you, although has formidable fleshly body, but is the good-for-nothing.” Shen Xiang holds the double wrist of Zhou Fei vigorously, suddenly felt that strength unexpectedly of Zhou Fei within the body emerges in his body crazily, this makes in his heart somewhat surprised, but this strength actually so familiar, so kind, does not repel to enter his Divine sea, integrates in his Heaven Dan.