World Defying Dan God - Volume 16 - Chapter 1578

Zhou Fei discovered strength of own within the body flows to Shen Xiang inexplicably, immediately is furious, a foot kicks to the Shen Xiang's abdomen, but the Shen Xiang's body actually gushes out strength, blocks his foot. You think that my untold hardships crawled from that day ladder, hasn't harvested?” Shen Xiang coldly smiled: Crawls that tall ladder, I lose massive precious herbs, but I harvest am bigger, making me have a deeper understanding to strength that own within the body hides.” Shen Xiang uses Suppressing Devil Divine Power, increases strength, both hands fierce effort, only hears kā chā the resounding, Zhou Fei the skeleton on double wrist fell by the crumb, making the Zhou Fei pain roar, tramples to hit Shen Xiang crazily. Is big with this Zhou Fei, making Shen Xiang also profoundly understand own this time strength fearful, he walks from that tall ladder, during has no intention to release completely the potential in within the body. He believes that he has been able to use God Slaughtering Heart inside that soul to control a terror sword that his body punctures now. Zhou Fei by the Shen Xiang stubbornly anchorage, roaring, cursing angrily, keeps kicking and beating Shen Xiang, but on potential of parry that strength by Shen Xiang, strength of his within the body flowed to the Shen Xiang's speed to be getting quicker and quicker. Zhou Fei duplicates Shen Xiang's strength is equally formidable! Shen Xiang does not know that so will be why unusual, Zhou Fei unexpectedly links his beast Heaven Dan practice way to duplicate. Now Shen Xiang can say in devour Zhou Fei, but he has not displayed Engulfing Devil Art, he holds Zhou Fei, these strength on own initiative emerge his body, he thinks these strength, although is duplicates, but throughout is his, in strength of Zhou Fei within the body felt him a moment ago after strength that strange summon, on own initiative enters his body. Because this is his strength, therefore he can the perfect fusion, probably be his such! Not is only massive Divine Power, Zhou Fei Divine Soul, Heaven Dan, as well as his fleshly body all strength, fully on own initiative enters the Shen Xiang's body. You...... You are Evil Devil, your devour my strength!” The face of Zhou Fei is gradually withered, panic-stricken whooshes, before already not, that imposing manner. You should be very clear, is that gang of strength enters in my body.” Shen Xiang indifferently said: This between Heaven and Earth can only have me, my strength can only a body of person, therefore you must die, I will thank your!”

„” Zhou Fei shouted unwillingly insanely that body already completely withered, but actually also many strength entered in the Shen Xiang's body. This is skeleton inside strength, his skeleton is also the golden color!” Shen Xiang closes the eye, is regarding Divine sea, obtains this Zhou Fei strength, he has stepped into the Saint four revolutions, his Divine Power was getting more and more formidable, especially his skeleton, turned into the platinum! Beast Heaven Dan also becomes very big, he has not thought that fights one with this replica, unexpectedly has the so huge harvest. One, my Jade Dragon Bloodline is so purer, but I do not have dragon person that characteristics, does not know after me, will be what kind of?” Shen Xiang picks up that the Azure Dragon sword, wielded has divided taking down, then received. „The Seven Saint Dragons sword I had Ice Dragon Sword and Holy Dragon sword, the Fire Dragon sword, the Azure Dragon sword and Thunder Dragon sword, but also misses the White Dragon sword and Heavenly Dragon sword these two can collect.” Shen Xiang has been curious, collects the Seven Saint Dragons sword will be what kind of? Now he already somewhat excited, because the White Dragon sword and Heavenly Dragon sword may very much on Long Xueyi, in the past Long Xueyi is unable to have the reincarnation, perhaps has hidden. In the ground that Zhou Fei corpse, had been bumped by Shen Xiang gently, turns into one pile of flying ashes, strength unexpectedly drains so fiercely, is unable to preserve including the corpse. This fellow died, then? Was here Emperor's Tomb?” Shen Xiang looks at all around, wants to seek for sliding door, but he thought that this is so big, has occupied many places in that Lion Mountain.

This great hall is very high, Shen Xiang thought that above should not hide any stone chamber, even if there are supposed, only then deeply. When he seeks for the entrance, the ground shivers suddenly, he feels the under foot to have fierce shivering, as well as very strong strength wells up, he rebounds immediately. Sees only the middle of great hall, suddenly raises a small pinnacle of seven story-high. This pinnacle looked like some thoughts, when construction was not tasteful, looked like somewhat rough from the semblance, but actually gave people a very solid feeling. In this tower?” Shen Xiang in the distant place around this tower extension, carefully observes, this tower contrasts Suppressing Devil Temple this grand construction, appears very tiny, saw that likely is not puts the Great Emperor of Ten Heavens corpse the place. Only can go to have a look!” Shen Xiang can only enter this tower now, because of this place not other outlets. Just entered the pinnacle entrance, Shen Xiang sees one very crudely, moreover had the fissure stone box to be placed in a pinnacle middle, he wants to pass to open, but thinks or thought that had a look to say again, he then stepped onto the staircase. Arrives at second layer, here is empty, only then an ancient times aura, he continued upward, third, fourth, fifth and sixth did not have what thing . Moreover the interior was crude, the wall has not brushed, the ground was spreading uneven stone brick, saw likely is the inferior construction. Shen Xiang slowly is treading the staircase, arrives at seventh layer, he thinks this at least a little thing, therefore he had the preparation, but also unavoidably had a scare, in the middle of this top layer, unexpectedly sits cross-legged to wear old man of tattered grey clothes, this old man full snow white hair, covers the most body, white beard and bird are very long, hang the ground.

His hair man is long and white, therefore makes Shen Xiang think that he is an old man, however his face is very young, but also is very handsome, probably is a good-looking youth, has a very long white hair and hangs the place the snow white beard eyebrow. If he prunes well, makes black the hair, that is one looks like the sporty young fellow! Who is this fellow?” In the Shen Xiang heart is thinking: „Isn't this Emperor's Tomb? Should put the corpse to be right, are this goods the Great Emperor of Ten Heavens corpse? But doesn't seem like the corpse?” Shen Xiang careful revolves around this white hair youth, is investigating his body with Divine Power, but anything had not discovered. He looked for a long time, could not see anything to come, somewhat worried, because this was he in the clue that in this tower can find only. Senior...... are you also living?” Shen Xiang cannot bear ask. I , if not living, you cannot see this tower.” That person of unexpectedly start to talk replied, in the Shen Xiang heart criticizes itself, earlier asked was good. This person can start to talk speak, making Shen Xiang especially pleasantly surprised, hastily arrives in front of this person, this person has opened the eye profoundly, the look like the sea, passes one to be hard great changes completely, this aura steadily must the bird tally with his these white hair. Senior, who are you?” Shen Xiang asked: „Are you Great Emperor of Ten Heavens?”