World Defying Dan God - Volume 16 - Chapter 1579

Shen Xiang thinks strange, this place should seal up was very long, but actually also living people here, therefore he suspected that this is Great Emperor of Ten Heavens. Great Emperor of Ten Heavens lies down under that sarcophagus, you want to look that he can get down now, but he will not speak, he died.” This person was saying, while sizes up Shen Xiang. Great Emperor of Ten Heavens unexpectedly such places in that broken coffin, this made Shen Xiang tarry, he is unable that kept aloof associates together Great Emperor of Ten Heavens and that broken coffin that did not conform to the Great Emperor of Ten Heavens status. You...... Is where sacred?” Shen Xiang also asked that he will certainly not turn on that coffin to look at Great Emperor of Ten Heavens, then disrespected to Great Emperor of Ten Heavens. I called Jiang Sheng!” Jiang Sheng?” Shen Xiang goes all out to recall that Long Xueyi and he had said matter, wants to seek for the feeling in the thing of this name, he thought that this Jiang Sheng can so be exactly long, but also in this place, in the past years definitely was a very formidable and famous character. His memory is extremely good, he determined that Long Xueyi has not said the name of this person with him. Senior Jiang...... I am this direct Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade, now I could not exit, moreover I have the urgent matter outside.” Shen Xiang took Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade: Does not know that what means you do have to be able however I to exit?” Jiang Sheng puts out a hand, hints Shen Xiang to give him Divine Blade. Why Shen Xiang does not know, could not have any hostility to this Jiang Sheng and is vigilant the heart, has handed over Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade, when handed over, his unexpectedly felt that Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade was trembling slightly, probably was very excitedly such. Has not thought that this passes to the present the blade also energy flow, can have a good master, will not be lonely with him, you currently had two partners.” Jiang Sheng is stroking Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade, probably caresses own children to be so gentle evidently. Shen Xiang suddenly thought that Jiang Sheng may is Divine Craftsman.

Senior...... are you Divine Craftsman?” Shen Xiang somewhat excited asking. Um, have you heard me?” Jiang Sheng gives back to Shen Xiang Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade: My matter should not spread again is right, hadn't that phase of history been pinched?” No...... A Fifth of Nine Emperors matter, passes on these days noisily!” Shen Xiang took a deep breath, the heart splash jumps, in his hand many Divine Weapon, is this Divine Craftsman builds. Divine Craftsman is the soldier Venerable, one of the five, status high, in many Emperor Level characters is not willing at that time with him for the enemy. Senior, why your hammer and don't Divine Cauldron want?” Shen Xiang immediately takes that Divine Cauldron and divine hammer: Now the thing returning to rightful owner, these things in my hands radically spoil, I will only bring to fight.” Jiang Sheng smiled: I made these two things in the past especially, a main purpose is to also be used to fight.” He is holding appreciatively divine hammer and that small cauldron, exclaims: Has not thought that your unexpectedly can find the cover, in the past this cover was robbed by Tang Ying this old man, he afterward went to Saint Beast Ancient Domain, enters in that seal, perhaps even if he is unable to come out, how you do get so far as?” „Is Tang Ying the Dan Emperor name?” A Fifth of Nine Emperors name, few people know, perhaps only then among them knows. Right, did you also go to Saint Beast Ancient Domain?” Jiang Sheng knits the brows to look at Shen Xiang: How do you come out?” Shen Xiang sits, sighed one: Is a long story......” He told Jiang Sheng the Saint Beast Ancient Domain story.

Has not thought that can be this, the old man to come out, does not hesitate to give up his fleshly body, how didn't know him now? Also in world of Nine Heaven.” Jiang Sheng emotionally said: He should learn Beast Slaughtering Technique.” These things are you are remaining, I discarded in the past, obtains to being predestined friends person, now is collected by you, it seems like you with these things has the fate very much.” Jiang Sheng advances in front of Divine Cauldron and divine hammer Shen Xiang. Many thanks Senior bestows.” Shen Xiang receiving will be good, he saw Jiang Sheng is the person of that having no cares, otherwise is unable in this dull to be so long. You also lack Vermilion Bird Divine Weapon and Qilin Divine Weapon, was only a pity that my book lost, otherwise can find the blueprint of forging from above, but I can remember, I find the time to help you make one.” Jiang Sheng looks at God Slaughtering Hand that Shen Xiang takes, the whole face recollection: Vermilion Bird Divine Weapon and Qilin Divine Weapon refinement material is few.” This...... I have the Vermilion Bird skeleton, that book that you said that is passing the place of god, I obtained! I did not have the strength to refine Divine Weapon now.” Shen Xiang said: Vermilion Bird Sentimental Silk on my wife, fused with her.” With is the same, beside Four Beast's Divine Weapons that he thinks, Qilin Divine Weapon. Passed the place of god......” Jiang Sheng to mutter, afterward heaved a deep sigh, the color of whole face regret. Shen Xiang does not know that he is regretting anything. Senior, Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade directs to come here me, what intention has?” Shen Xiang is quite curious to this. Jiang Sheng shook the head: This is the meaning of Qi Shi, why I do not know. You turn on his coffin to have a look, perhaps his corpse can tell you.” Shen Xiang suddenly feels absolutely terrified, can the Great Emperor of Ten Heavens corpse tell him?

Goes together!” Jiang Sheng leisure stands, in body in resounding of pā lā, he is extending the physique, could see that he sat there for a long time has not moved very much. You obtain that many good things, is not small outside pressure!” Jiang Sheng laughed, has patted the Shen Xiang's shoulder: I believe in the past that these so-called treasure, are actually some troublesome, therefore I all discard finally, gives others the troubles of these headaches.” Also good...... Your present descendant all day pursues me to chop, I now and they are hostile.” Shen Xiang said. I do not have descendant.” Jiang Sheng wrinkles that long bird: Some unexpectedly people pretend to be my descendant, absurd!” Said that was his apprentice inherited in the past.” Shen Xiang surprisedly said: set up formation spirit pattern that no wonder they use, does not have a point your style.” I have the apprentice, but I have not made that fellow inherit in the name of my, moreover that fellow linked a I ability not to learn in the past, his does unexpectedly feel all right to help me inherit?” Jiang Sheng suddenly somewhat angry. Now they are not considered as that anything troubles, my big trouble is these Heaven territory, Heavenly dragon clan...... also has Fire Emperor this fellow, they prepared to besiege my Dragon Vein.” Shen Xiang sighed: I must a bit faster exit, otherwise my person will die.” They arrived by a that broken coffin, Jiang Sheng said with a smile: You is fiercer than this deceased person, in the past he tossed about many years, brings to the attention of Heaven territory, you now with Heaven territory these fellow bars on, very good!” I was destroyed completely by them quickly!” Shen Xiang ill-humored saying.