World Defying Dan God - Volume 16 - Chapter 1580

The Shen Xiang mind dodges, he was worrying the character who world of Nine Heaven one has not come blows the scene, currently at present doesn't have one? Moreover is so good to speak, this Divine Craftsman stayed here was so long, the strength definitely became stronger, must deal with expert from other Heaven territory definitely is not too difficult. Senior, world of Nine Heaven now is so chaotic . Moreover the crisis-charged, don't you plan to exit to join in the fun?” Shen Xiang asked. Jiang Sheng is whipping that broken coffin, evidently likely in untying above restriction. I have not wanted dead, therefore was safest in this, but here I independent small world that uses to open for a long time, even if world of Nine Heaven destroys completely, here can also have long time.” Jiang Sheng said. Shen Xiang has not thought that Jiang Sheng this strength expert, unexpectedly such fears to arrive at world of Nine Heaven expert, but he also knew in the past Fifth of Nine Emperors inside expert, after Emperor Heaven was stave, fled world of Nine Heaven to maintain life majority, this came from the threat of Infernal Demon Emperor. Senior, you are worried about Infernal Demon Emperor?” Shen Xiang asked. I worried that he does do? He does not need to get rid, can destroy completely me!” Jiang Sheng self-ridiculed that smiles: I, although is called Divine Craftsman, but the strength is limited, these Heaven territory above fellows called fiercely!” Shen Xiang was shocked, he could see that this Divine Craftsman is worried about many matters! This is also the reason that I do not want to exit, exited to give to massacre, when the time comes any matter could not do.” Jiang Sheng heaves a deep sigh, under that tattered sarcophagus in he whips, dodges many illumination spirit pattern, Shen Xiang rejoiced before , comes, has not opened directly, otherwise will be very troublesome. „Are they so really fearful?” Shen Xiang some do not believe: I have seen God Feather Sect Dean, is a female, she is called Feng Yujie, do you know her?” Understanding, her strength is good, the words that I and she hit, should not occupy any advantage.” Jiang Sheng suddenly knits the brows: Has not thought that you have also seen her, she is now good, she is the person who the past years has not betrayed the soul few!” She fortunately, but she closes up all day...... Looks like is the same with you, fades out bustling place, did not ask the humans affair.” Shen Xiang recalls Feng Yujie, discovered that also really and Jiang Sheng looks like very much, in addition, White Tiger! His first time sees White Tiger time, White Tiger also to the person this feeling, this type in the past stood in Nine Heavens peak expert, now unexpectedly did not have that fighting spirit, has White Tiger to be better.

I have also seen White Tiger, he is also same as you, why were you since the Great Emperor of Ten Heavens time, unable to recover?” Shen Xiang is unreadable. Jiang Sheng long sighed: Because I am powerless...... You know that Fire Emperor and Ice Emperor are very why difficult to kill? Qi Shi makes undying they.” This...... Why?” Shen Xiang only thinks that Fire Emperor and Ice Emperor are very tenacious, but they were made half dead by Great Emperor of Ten Heavens, to afterward, Ice Emperor also died in his hands. Because they are undying!” Saying of Jiang Sheng heavily: On these Heaven territory troop expert, had sold to Infernal Demon Emperor the soul, Infernal Demon Emperor has promised them, after they died, will not pull out their souls to fleshly body, so long as the soul in the body, the time is long, so long as the soul maintains formidable, they can resurrect.” They are undying, only then destroys completely their souls, they can be died completely, but Infernal Demon Emperor has strengthened their soul, is hard to destroy.” Jiang Sheng shakes the head to sigh: How we kill kill undying they, finally is forced to give up, all hides, only if can find good means to cope with them. Because there is Infernal Demon Emperor to support them, in the past that many, their aspects also will definitely enhance, we were not the matches.” Shen Xiang feels the chin, recalled that he kills the Ice Emperor matter, said: „Hadn't I killed Ice Emperor at that time? I remember that he does not remain the corpse, as for soul...... That difficultly said that if this fellow is also living, I am very troublesome!” Initially he killed Ice Emperor, the method somewhat evil and cruel, has used Devil Decaying Death Qi and Soul Eroding Powder these two types thing that made the gods be panic at the news. What? Have you killed Ice Emperor? This is unlikely.” Jiang Sheng some do not believe that he opens the coffin lid, inside cold air overflowed, making Shen Xiang have a shiver. This is the Qi Shi corpse, I have refined some unusual ice, in addition some restriction, after can let he died, not turn into the big lion.” Jiang Sheng points in was saying. Shen Xiang only sees a white ice to brave many Qi mist, what cannot see Great Emperor of Ten Heavens is. I initially really had killed Ice Emperor!” Shen Xiang very earnest saying, then lowers the sound: I have used Soul Eroding Powder!” Hears Soul Eroding Powder, Jiang Sheng opens eye suddenly, tucks in that white long eyebrow: „If Soul Eroding Powder, as if may kill his fleshly body, perhaps melts including the soul, but his soul Indestructible, travels around in the world sees only, he remoulds fleshly body also to need long time.”

Feared that feared Infernal Demon Emperor helps him remould fleshly body.” Shen Xiang is puzzled: Why can Infernal Demon Emperor cooperate with their this crowd of expert? Wants their souls to do? Infernal Demon Emperor strong?” Infernal Demon Emperor is equal to a god! He governs Evil Spirit that world of Nine Heaven as well as each endless Heaven territory died, so long as in the hand has many human life fellows, after dying, will be treated as Evil Spirit, then enters Hell.” Dead Evil Spirit, was very formidable, these Evil Spirit become Infernal Demon Emperor practice, especially these very formidable fellow, for example a Fifth of Nine Emperors this type, was the Infernal Demon Emperor most advanced nourishment. However, he hopes that protects the world that he governs with this group of people, will not let be possible to leave him to control the range future Evil Spirit to escape.” This Shen Xiang hear of White Tiger have said that the Great Emperor of Ten Heavens soul is very good, in the past that great war, died many expert. Therefore, every other a period of time, Infernal Demon Emperor will let his lackey, plans some great war anything, simultaneously he also with these expert signing soul contracts, such one, these is the fellow who Infernal Demon Emperor works oneself to death, later is unable to be separated from the control of Infernal Demon Emperor, so long as they do not violate Infernal Demon Emperor, they will never die.” Shen Xiang took a deep breath: In the past Emperor Heaven above great war, as well as afterward three realms great war, some people in plan? No wonder!” The Jiang Sheng nod said: Is Heaven territory that group of fellows plans, but Qi Shi initially was because perceived this, therefore he ruled entire world of Nine Heaven, making everybody work as one, peaceful very long a period of time, causing Infernal Demon Emperor very long a period of time not to receive massive Evil Spirit, therefore Qi Shi has had an accident, this idiot also rushed in Hell finally......” Oh...... No wonder I had not stared by Infernal Demon Emperor, because I have not threatened him, instead gave back to him to provide massive Evil Spirit, cultivated for him.” Shen Xiang curled the lip: It seems like this Infernal Demon Emperor is this world of Nine Heaven true Great Emperor.” Was not considered as, Hell was only a ghost penalty region, after this world had died much, not to use the Hell person, but Infernal Demon Emperor used the rule the loophole, can restrict his strength is many, but could not catch his handle.” Jiang Sheng this view Shen Xiang first hearing, he before also thinks that Infernal Demon Emperor is invincible existence. Sees a Shen Xiang face to be curious, Jiang Sheng continues saying: You, since knows that passes the place of god, then you should believe also Gods, is called Primal Chaos, establishes in the Primal Chaos time, they have formulated many rules in that time, making this person in society revolve.” Senior, you, because cannot go to that Gods, therefore was deliberately bad?” Shen Xiang smiled, this he had already guessed correctly, above most higher world situated in today, the revolution of there formulation world.

There easily does not go, even if I can go, it is estimated that is also does odd jobs! However I had heard after having the small number of people died, the soul directly rises that place become god, there is a life with own strength, through the test of Gods, enters Gods.” I, although was called as Divine Craftsman, can refine Divine Weapon divine tool, but through the inspection, mainly has not been my strength is too weak.” Jiang Sheng sighed: If I have Qi Shi to be so fierce, can perhaps through the inspection of Gods.” Shen Xiang traces the frozen Great Emperor of Ten Heavens ice piece, asked: Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade directs me to come, should do not let me you bring, now I saw Great Emperor of Ten Heavens, a response did not have.” You put out Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade to have a look.” Jiang Sheng said. Shen Xiang takes Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade, Divine Blade does not have what response, then he places that snow white ice Divine Blade. Just put on Divine Blade shortly, emits azure light glow! Is a Qi Shi wisp of remnant soul, his unexpectedly seals a wisp of remnant soul in Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade, then, so long as this wisp of remnant soul enters his fleshly body, perhaps he will live.” Jiang Sheng suddenly is somewhat excited: He initially was no wonder reckless with the Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade isolation, actually because of this, otherwise Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade must enter Hell with him.” Looks at that glittering the azure light ice, Shen Xiang is also excited: Senior, why he initially did not give you Divine Blade, is that better?” This blade, although is I refines, but he does not approve me, moreover he understood that the flying apsaras escapes, finally I have that big fellow with Long Han, has taken very big effort, seals, that [say / way] remnant soul probably needed to find a new host, can regain consciousness gradually. However Qi Shi did not tell us, this was really kind.” Before Shen Xiang, guessed correctly, the person who participates in this matter, has Divine Craftsman. Jiang Sheng starts to melt these ice, making that wisp of remnant soul integrate in the body of Great Emperor of Ten Heavens, Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade returned to Shen Xiang's Divine sea at this time. Now Shen Xiang understands, why before used Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade time, thought that this Divine Blade has very strong consciousness, is stimulating Divine Blade strength.