World Defying Dan God - Volume 16 - Chapter 1581
After ice-out, Shen Xiang saw the Great Emperor of Ten Heavens appearance, is a very handsome middle age, the chin has some beards, imagines without him is so wild valiantly. „Is this Great Emperor of Ten Heavens?” Shen Xiang was whispering, at present this Great Emperor of Ten Heavens, does not have area that type the Great Emperor imposing manner, although this was only the body, but somewhat should a little potential of that ruler, Shen Xiang now 1 : 00 unable to feel. Instead Fire Emperor and Lu Qilian make him have this feeling. When Shen Xiang asked that Jiang Sheng searched into the hand the sarcophagus, was whipping the face of Great Emperor of Ten Heavens: Bastard, rested was so long, a bit faster woke up! Has little rascal from afar, fee completely thousand Xin, almost died several times to bring here Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade all the way, do not rest.” pā pā...... This Jiang Sheng unexpectedly hits makes an effort, sends out resounding, can see that the Great Emperor of Ten Heavens corpse preserves very well, but Shen Xiang somewhat was unable to continue watching, this Divine Craftsman was also too ruthless, unexpectedly such tosses about a deceased person! After Divine Craftsman whips dozens next, Great Emperor of Ten Heavens suddenly opens the eye, the eye projects two azure light, fierce jumps from the coffin, cursed said: „The Old Jiang head, you hit to suffice, my remnant soul and fleshly body conjunction require time, your his mother doesn't know?” My this does not make you fuse a bit faster, relaxes your muscle?” Jiang Sheng laughed, was then saying to Shen Xiang: You went all out to come here duty, is resurrect this bastard.” Shen Xiang was startled, looks at that Great Emperor of Ten Heavens, this was does not have the fellow of a little person of high skill style. I know that you called Shen Xiang, my remnant soul will be at the condition of partly awaking once for a while, therefore I know that your matter, you did well, has not disappointed me, unexpectedly can make me live in this method, Ha Ha.” Qi Shi is whipping the Shen Xiang's shoulder, said while loudly laughing: Your this brat is not the lamp of province oil, do not install purely, now some of you on hand that many fierce thing, so long as you are more formidable, can toss about dead that group of bastards.” Shen Xiang responded, after all this is Great Emperor of Ten Heavens, his hastily must salute to Qi Shi, who knows that was actually drunk to stop by Qi Shi. Do not give me to come these, now you inherited my big bunch of things, you later may probably try hard.” Qi Shi said with a smile.

This...... Great Emperor, what condition are you now? Your completely resurrect?...... Temporarily resurrect, isn't your soul also in Hell?” Shen Xiang has doubts. Qi Shi sighed: Hell that soul I do not want, cannot come out. Initially I left room for maneuver, breed the second soul, sealed in Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade, finally the soul strength strengthens after the absorption person died sending out again, similar time can let my fleshly body resurrect.” Jiang Sheng said with a smile: Then, I am now fiercer than you.” Qi Shi is building the Shen Xiang's shoulder: This is uncertain, you wait again some years, my successor can definitely win you.” Before Shen Xiang, had heard from Duan Ming and White Tiger mouth Great Emperor of Ten Heavens is amiable, amiable, is really same as the hearsay, but Qi Shi did not have in the past that type of shook wind and cloud strength. Two Senior, my Dragon Vein prepared to be besieged, can I a bit faster go back, have the means to leave here?” Shen Xiang hastily asked. Is so anxious, I also plan to instruct your well, making you stronger.” Qi Shi knits the brows: Can wait again? Quick!” 34 months, that Dragon Vein is very probably important regarding me, moreover when the time comes my many friend will protect for me there, I when the time comes cannot go back, will kill their.” A Shen Xiang face worry. Sufficed!” Qi Shi looks at Jiang Sheng: „The Old Jiang head, exits to catch outside that several annoying stupid dragon, I discussed is so long, you sat were so long, should make up, moreover we must talk about old days well, Ha Ha......” Qi Shi laughs heroically, while is patting the Shen Xiang's shoulder, making him not need to be worried. Jiang Sheng vanished, leaves through Teleportation Formation, saw this Shen Xiang to feel relieved.

Has the dragon outside? Are they do do?” Shen Xiang curious asking. They want to break through here, their dragons understand Heaven's Divination Technique, they calculate probably I will live these days, therefore causes trouble.” Qi Shi laughs: Their that nonsense Dragon Emperor considered oneself as aloof from worldly affairs, does not want to respond this minor matter, words that he went into action personally, you already died now.” Shen Xiang laughable, that Dragon Emperor knows that his resurrect Great Emperor of Ten Heavens, he will be very troublesome. If that Dragon Emperor attacks my Dragon Vein, I was finished? Can Senior Jiang cope with him?” Some Shen Xiang worries. Old Jiang is only a hammering, naturally hits that Dragon Emperor, but you do not need to be worried. Before stayed in the greedy dragon that on you that ate without paying all day drinks in vain can constrain his a period of time.” Qi Shi sigh with emotion saying: Has not thought of this greedy dragon or same as usual, then can eat, has you luckily, otherwise she just the rebirth shortly, will starve to death.” Qi Shi and Long Xueyi knew that Long Xueyi has also lent him Godhead! Shen Xiang criticizes Long Xueyi, unexpectedly hides the truth from his many matters, has not regained consciousness he not saying that in the beforehand memory, but the following memory regained consciousness completely, has not told him these secrets. Senior...... I heard that you owe her Godhead, do you plan to give back to her? Your that soul also in Hell, after she knows, can intrude in Hell?” Shen Xiang thinks of this, can see Long Xueyi to see the appearance that Qi Shi acts crazy. Qi Shi that continuously smiled, suddenly could not smile: This...... Did she tell you? However she initially had said that will not speak irresponsibly.” Is your Master, White Tiger Senior tells me.” A Shen Xiang face speechless visits him, this fellow unexpectedly has forgotten the Godhead such important matter.

Lets him do what he pleases, when the time comes must kill to blow along with her then, I have dead.” Qi Shi unexpectedly does not care very much, Shen Xiang wants to punch him, let alone Long Xueyi. Shen Xiang also asked: If she goes to Hell, can make Godhead?” Qi Shi shook the head: Is impossible, that Godhead was already swallowed by Infernal Demon Emperor, the words that she knows, should be able to think and Infernal Demon Emperor goes all out, but she definitely cannot hit Infernal Demon Emperor.” In the Shen Xiang heart feels to be unworthy for Long Xueyi, has Godhead, can enter that Gods, when the time comes did not need to be worried to be been here cloudy by Infernal Demon Emperor again. Did not need to be worried for her, if she can condense leave second Godhead to come, was definitely fiercer, this for her was disciplining, can not be many opportunity that Godhead lost, this matter should be history does not have the front row, because who did not hate to lose.” Qi Shi he he smiles, bringing Shen Xiang to go to outside spacious hall, making Shen Xiang take to light a fire Divine Cauldron, prepares to eat dragon meat. Shen Xiang is not clear, why initially Long Xueyi will lend Qi Shi Godhead. Initially was borrows Godhead? This thing should not be good to borrow!” Shen Xiang is curious. This was too easy, I take delicious Sacred Level fruit, her very much straightforward complied.” Qi Shi said with a smile: This gluttonous dragon, is very good to cope!” Shen Xiang can only feel for Long Xueyi sorrowfully.