World Defying Dan God - Volume 16 - Chapter 1582

Jiang Sheng has not come back, Qi Shi made him exit to cope with these Heavenly Dragon a moment ago, that crowd of Heavenly Dragon do not have in the Shen Xiang imagination to be so easy to cope. Shen Xiang and Qi Shi sit in that great hall waited for that lived the flame, Jiang Sheng comes back, can start. If Senior Jiang kills these dragons completely, Heavenly dragon clan Dragon Emperor can come? Can here defend?” Shen Xiang asked that Heavenly dragon clan that true Dragon Emperor, should be very fierce in his eyes. „It is not quite clear, could, since this place has constructed, probably had not been attacked by expert of that rank, do not want to be too many, first eats day dragon meat to say again.” Qi Shi does not care at all, looks at these Saint Fire that Shen Xiang releases, a face is impatient. How this Old Jiang goes to be so long, for these years, he not only not formidable, instead weakened?” Qi Shi just complained that the place of corner, suddenly lightens light glow, Jiang Sheng obtains now there with a smile, walks quickly. Goes well?” Qi Shi asked. Only stresses two, other severe wounds ran away.” Jiang Sheng puts out one big section to rip dragon scales dragon meat, obviously had been cut by him. Two? Also made them run away, considered as finished.” Qi Shi arrives at that is similar to front of hut general dragon meat, this is only a scrap, words of dragon, will take here a lot of space. Shen Xiang said: Senior, you determined that can eat with this Divine Cauldron lane? Inside has installed many deceased people!” Jiang Sheng said with a smile: Words that lane eats, uses my this.”

As Divine Craftsman, moreover and Qi Shi this delicious fellow mixes together, definitely has the fellow who many lanes eat on hand. Really, Jiang Sheng puts out a big pot, loses into massive dragon meat, does not know that he puts in anything ingredient, made that pot golden light four shoot, he emits a very fierce flame, starts to make soup. Qi Shi many years has not eaten the thing, he is a big lion, eats the meat anything is very normal, but only dragon meat can satisfy him, now he holds up a very big fork, above is inserting bulk dragon meat, then directs Shen Xiang to emit seven color Saint Fire to roast. These stupid dragons, clear(ly) knew me almost these days resurrect, but also delivered to eat to me.” After roasting the first meat, Qi Shi cuts the next two bulks to Shen Xiang and Jiang Sheng, then starts to wolf down. Shen Xiang and Jiang Sheng are person, eats the nature not to have his many, their appetites are not small, in addition this is day dragon meat, is equal to the Sacred Level dragon, strength that inside contains, has the good effect to Jiang Sheng and Qi Shi, let alone is Shen Xiang. ...... Has not thought your this remnant soul also very fierce, unexpectedly is Sacred Level Divine Soul, in addition your fleshly body, your strength compared with me, do not cope with these Heavenly Dragon also to have more than enough to spare, you ate to the full now, words that they come again, you exit to grasp, you eat in any case many.” At this time that two dragons finished eating, majority are Qi Shi eats, after supplementing, his condition is extremely good, Shen Xiang and Jiang Sheng feel this time within the body that formidable strength. Jiang Sheng that long white hair and bird white beard, had been instigated trimming off by Qi Shi, has eaten that many dragon meat, his hair eyebrow bleached, seems is a very energetic young fellow, does not have the old Senior style. Oh, has not thought of my resurrect, only then you celebrate me together, the beforehand old friend, how did not know them now.” The Qi Shi feeling sighed.

I may not have to celebrate you, I also hope your many a period of time.” Jiang Sheng curled the lip: Wants with you, I all day have bad luck, these days that you died, I am easier more and comfortable.” „The Old Jiang head, has taken the lead and not let on you, usually makes you build some thing secretly, what arrangement formation, bad luck what has?” Qi Shi pats his shoulder to say with a smile: Relax, my this time lives, will not toss about anything, here has one compared with little rascal that I can also toss about.” Shen Xiang speechless visits him: I do not want to toss about, but does not have the means! Right, Ancient Fire Beast and Ice Dragon Old Ancestor, where did they go? I run into them.” Qi Shi said: Went to Gods, they definitely mix there not well, if they can go to that place, mostly to these Gods, when mount.” Formidable Ice Dragon and Ancient Fire Beast, go to Gods , can only , when mount? Now he understands why initially Ice Dragon complained he mixes very disappointingly in that place, actually is this! Now can I practice? Such short time, how can I become stronger?” Shen Xiang asked that this was the matter that he very much has cared about. I, although resurrect, but was very difficult the beforehand that peak, but you can!” Qi Shi complexion suddenly becomes serious: You grasp Heaven Refining Technique and Heaven and Earth Slaughtering Technique now, time that you obtain is earlier than me, moreover your comprehend to Heaven Refining Technique compared with me deeply, understands to be used for alchemy, in the past I messed about with Heaven Refining Technique, but also makes a trouble.” Is this!” Qi Shi has patted the Shen Xiang's chest: This God Slaughtering Heart...... this is very mysterious thing, in the past my Master could not control, therefore has given me! My Master courts death the reincarnation, in which reason is to get rid of this God Slaughtering Heart.” Shen Xiang very much has been worried about in God Slaughtering Heart that mysterious soul. Senior you? Did you control?” Shen Xiang hastily asked.

He could not control, in the past he lost control, almost massacred us, therefore he does not want to live, ran Hell to court death.” Jiang Sheng said: He has not died, but also rescues a group of subordinates successfully.” The Qi Shi nod said: Afterward I know that stared by Infernal Demon Emperor, therefore pays very big price, gets rid of my Divine Weapon, has this God Slaughtering Heart.” These years I was suppressed in Hell, I had pondered that God Slaughtering Heart is anything! My Master and I have said that this is he fights the mysterious stone that forbidden land picks in this god, Heaven Refining Technique and Heaven and Earth Slaughtering Technique from inside obtains.” Qi Shi looks to Jiang Sheng: Afterward he found the Old Jiang head , helping his refined into heart, afterward he had lost control several times, therefore obtains the name of Slaughter God.” Initially Vermilion Bird was killed by him, afterward I used the Vermilion Bird feather and blood refine Vermilion Bird Sentimental Silk.” Jiang Sheng sighed: Because possibly kills Vermilion Bird to be guilty, therefore he kills the subordinate who Infernal Demon Emperor sends, finally gives up fleshly body, gives me refined into God Slaughtering Hand fleshly body.” Shen Xiang feels the heart, at this time splash is jumping crazily, he was worried very much after one, will lose control, fight to own friend and family member!