World Defying Dan God - Volume 16 - Chapter 1584

Shen Xiang was worried one when the time comes use the too much time, Evil Dragon Burial Ground to be besieged. When the time comes I let the Old Jiang past, had him to go into action, so long as did not have the fellows of several Fifth of Nine Emperors this ranks to appear, he can deal with.” The hand of Qi Shi builds on his shoulder: Felt relieved that cultivates, if you can build up that Godhead, when the time comes certainly will become stronger.” The Shen Xiang relieved closing eye, whole body relaxes, was entered an elusive condition by oneself, treats as itself pill furnace, regards as herbs that Slaughtering Heart. Now he must do builds up Slaughtering Heart, will then find the way to make into Divine sea, will coagulate again, this also will be the alchemy step. God Slaughtering Heart is firm, Shen Xiang within the body ignites seven color Saint Fire, he controls this flame to wrap Slaughtering Heart, wants to build up simply, but exceptionally is difficult, in his mind reappears unceasingly Heaven Refining Technique chant, seeks for solution. In Shen Xiang Qi Shi and Jiang Sheng, can induce to that heat that on Shen Xiang braves at this time, has fleshly body of platinum rank skeleton regarding Shen Xiang now, this makes them feel to admire, in their Fifth of Nine Emperors, only then a few can practice jade bone, but after Shen Xiang, certainly, that is only the time issue. „Can he succeed? Felt that this is very difficult, in the past I for that stone refined into heart appearance, used to be successful for a long time, although his present flame is seven color Saint Fire, but does not have my seven color Saint Fire to be so overbearing, several months time, to decompose, this perhaps very that!” Jiang Sheng shook the head, God Slaughtering Heart that in the past he and White Tiger collaborated to refine, he regarding this was very familiar. Did not say, this little rascal was I have seen most weirdly! You know that Ice Emperor this fellow was blown away by him, fleshly body and soul all extinguish, therefore I worried that Infernal Demon Emperor will stare at him very much long time ago, if he currently has Godhead, perhaps later can become Gods, Infernal Demon Emperor does not have the authority to gather a Gods soul.” Qi Shi said.

Had the sound!” Jiang Sheng suddenly shouted, Shen Xiang's Chest place emits intermittent black Qi, is very rich Slaughter Qi, unceasingly spout, that imposing manner, making people think that likely is in the battlefield that difficult situation rush. This Slaughter Qi was compelled by him, he was building up to melt, compels the impurity!” Jiang Sheng surprisedly said has not thought that he touched to the way quickly!” Qi Shi laughed: Perhaps this little rascal alchemy ability, is much fiercer than the murder and cloudy person, he quickly can become Pill Saint, if I, perhaps does not know how should build up.” Shen Xiang does not know how one are in condense Slaughter Qi Slaughtering Heart builds up, he treats as pill furnace such to go his body, then uses on Heaven Refining Technique some method coordination, in addition his various experiences of many years alchemy, this has made him have the clue gradually. He cultivated White Tiger Divine Art in the past, on condense massive Slaughter Qi, completely is released now by him, White Tiger and Qi Shi had used this Slaughtering Heart in the past, they also condense massive Slaughter Qi in this Slaughtering Heart, in addition in Godhead itself have some consciousness of slaughtering at that time, for many years gradually adolescence. At this time Shen Xiang must build up very purely that Godhead, does not have the impurity, this is difficult. Shen Xiang in alchemy, will not feel that passing of time, at this time is also so, he enters this condition already one month, his body every day spout very massive Slaughter Qi. Qi Shi and Jiang Sheng are expert, therefore had not been affected, Jiang Sheng also suitable opens some air vents the places, exits these Slaughter Qi platoons.

But then lets Qi Shi and Jiang Sheng felt what is shocking, the Shen Xiang body starts to overflow some black liquids, this unexpectedly is concentrates liquid Slaughter Qi, complete condense in that Godhead, Shen Xiang increased the effort to come out these impurity platoons at this time. If such does not do, he does not dare to lose into Divine sea this danger(ous) Slaughtering Heart, will directly affect when the time comes possibly his Divine Soul. Many!” Jiang Sheng puts out a cauldron furnace, making Qi Shi put in the cauldron furnace to burn to build up these black liquids, this degree of Slaughter Qi, if reveals outside, bumps into by some Spirit Body or the beasts, will train large quantities of Evil Spirit and evil beast. Your these fellows, slaughter really heavily, under gets what one deserves Hell!” Jiang Sheng looks black liquor that on Shen Xiang flows out unceasingly, is similar to the bubbling spring like that unceasingly braves. Qi Shi knits the brows: I and Master condense these many Slaughter Qi, had this Godhead fellow absolutely, how many lives had killed before one's death once?” Jiang Sheng shakes the head saying: Perhaps he kills is Gods, otherwise not condense such fearful Slaughter Qi, but this little rascal also is really fierce, unexpectedly can compel, will not be affected, for many years also suppressed that long time.” This time Shen Xiang is terrorist, seven orifices are keeping the black liquid, the place of Chest is breaks small hole, the black liquor that Slaughtering Heart inside compels, supports the bulge his body very much, he has Suppressing Devil Golden Body luckily, therefore these evil Slaughter Qi do not have what influence to him.

This situation continued for one month, Jiang Sheng does not know that burnt to build up how much big cauldron that black liquors, he and Qi Shi was bustling about all day these classes the massive black liquors solved, especially couple days ago, awfully, flowed was not the liquid, but like mud black mud, the density was higher, flows shortly after to turn into the black, Qi Shi and Jiang Sheng do not dare to move directly. Almost arranged cleanly, no wonder in the past I and Master are unable to suppress that dreadful slaughtering consciousness, actually was so fearful.” Qi Shi exclaims. Can fall into the hand of this brat, is a luck, otherwise world of Nine Heaven, already life uttery misery.” Jiang Sheng was somewhat exhausted, has eaten up a fruit: Has this Godhead fellow, should not Evil God that runs from Hell.” Who knows.” Qi Shi looks at Shen Xiang that fast self- repair the body, said with a smile: This is Jade Dragon Bloodline, moreover is very pure, I also think that he is a dragon person.” Just said that Shen Xiang's body suddenly spout a white light, especially Chest that position, spout white light at the same time, had a very terrifying suction, attracted outside all pure energies. After Shen Xiang revolution Heaven Refining Technique, oneself in a blurry condition, what happened, how he is clear, but at this time he strong feeling, very fearful strength are actually emerging in his Divine sea.