World Defying Dan God - Volume 16 - Chapter 1585

State of mind fuzzy Shen Xiang was emerged Divine sea strength to awaken, making him more sober, he in regarded in oneself Divine sea to inflate at this moment unceasingly results in the multi-colored sunlight. That did God Slaughtering Heart build up to melt?” Shen Xiang feels the chest to be very uncomfortable, heart fierce beat, moreover is reducing gradually. Must start!” Qi Shi shouted. Jiang Sheng takes up the heart of the Buddha fruit to arrive by Shen Xiang immediately, induces the change of Shen Xiang heart with rapt attention. But in Shen Xiang's Divine sea especially formidable light glow is inflating gradually, is hanging sky over Divine sea, has continued for more than ten days. His heart emptied, when the blood of his whole body stops flowing, among chest suddenly has a cool touch. Jiang Sheng discovered that Shen Xiang's Slaughtering Heart completely vanishes, immediately top with the heart of the Buddha fruit in the place of Shen Xiang Chest, heart of the Buddha fruit light glow dodges, mysteriously seeps the Shen Xiang's skin muscle, enters the position of heart, fuses very much fast with Shen Xiang, and beats crazily, revolution blood circulation. The blood after the heart circulatory flow whole body, making the Shen Xiang's body burns burns. This is because that heart of the Buddha is quenching the Shen Xiang's blood, the formidable blood seepage to the muscle skeleton, can make his entire body more formidable. Builds up Godhead, not having Shen Xiang to imagine is so difficult, he also thinks that must use long time, but it seems like progresses now is not only very smooth, few that the time also uses. In his Divine sea that rolls light glow, is contracting gradually, start to condense is solid! When is he is at alchemy likely the final congealing pill stage, is essential. Builds up this Godhead, does not know that will bring the big advantage to me?” In the Shen Xiang heart is musing, because in Divine sea presents this Godhead, making the sea water that these Divine Power turn into very not tranquil, is seething crazily. If I must become stronger, Heaven Dan must first become the great ability is more right, the Heaven Dan strong and weak, has very tremendous influence to Divine Power.” Shen Xiang revolution Heaven Refining Technique, emits formidable Divine Power, compresses that to roll light glow, must get up it condense. Shen Xiang when condense that Godhead, his body has very huge change, he has not felt, because at this time he wholeheartedly concise Godhead.

Godhead of this forming is really fierce, his skeleton just evolved shortly. Now under the function of that Godhead, starts become stronger, this little rascal can practice jade bone evidently quickly.” Qi Shi looks at Shen Xiang that glittering the body of purple gold color light glow, cannot help but exclaims in surprise. That Godhead was decomposed by him, from new concise together, can say that is his condense comes out, this strength has formed Godhead, will not know him strongly.” Jiang Sheng said: Can have the Gods strength directly?” Qi Shi shakes the head saying: This is impossible, his foundation is too thin, not direct become god. Meets become stronger that is the affirmation, but is not good to estimate, because simply does not have such example.” Shen Xiang fleshly body changes rapidly, is the advantage that Godhead brings, now he also in alchemy, so long as his Divine sea that group loose light rolls condense to get up, his success condense left Godhead. When his wholly-absorbed condense Godhead, this Lion Mountain suddenly in a flash, after Shen Xiang feels violently, suddenly is at heart startled. Calm, don't worry!” Qi Shi shouted to clear the way immediately, making Shen Xiang continue, left chaotically the mind. Qi Shi has hit a meaningful glance to Jiang Sheng, making him have a look, can enable here to have the so formidable shake, explained that here many fierce formation had been broken through. In order to let the Shen Xiang relieved practice, Qi Shi emits barrier, making Shen Xiang float, isolates outside sound, such one, even if outside has the intense shake, will not affect Shen Xiang. Jiang Sheng came back quickly, his complexion is not very attractive. They have forced one's way into, a short time could not have broken through here.” Jiang Sheng asked: if wanted do I exit to hit with them?”

These fellows can project on here, should not be weak, what fellow is?” Qi Shi had considered, asked. Two black dragons, should be Hell Demon Dragon evidently, has not thought that Heavenly dragon clan unexpectedly is also raising this type of thing.” The words that Jiang Sheng spoke, making the Qi Shi complexion dignified: Hell Demon Dragon, this dragon eradicates restriction formation specially, the strength is not weak, this is not good to cope.” First waits for this brat to wake, outside besides two Hell Demon Dragon, many fierce Heavenly Dragon. My present strength also did not have in the past such, you were not the specialized fight, so long as defended here that's alright.” Qi Shi had pondered, makes the decision. Shakes greatly transmits unceasingly, Qi Shi and Jiang Sheng had not the small pressure at heart, Heavenly dragon clan passed that many years, moreover had the support of Infernal Demon Emperor in vain, in Heaven territory of rich resources, does not think that difficult, they died two Heavenly Dragon, lost is very big. If they do not send a number of Heavenly Dragon to come here to lift, they will not give up, in their eyes, this Great Emperor of Ten Heavens Emperor's Tomb has very big threat, they were extremely worried about in the past that Great Emperor of Ten Heavens resurrect. Does not know to support, if not good , can only spell with them.” Qi Shi took a deep breath, was been tranquil by oneself, he has prepared fight. Does not have the means that this place construction was too long, is a little old, will otherwise not be easy to be broken through.” Jiang Sheng sighed, puts out long spear: I exit to socialize the first period of time with them, wins much time to this brat.” Shen Xiang is also worried about outside matter, but his present priority comes out Godhead condense, perhaps when the time comes can help. Jiang Sheng exited, this Lion Mountain stopped swaying, it seems like Jiang Sheng had been besieged outside, making that crowd of Heavenly Dragon not attack Lion Mountain again.

However Jiang Sheng could not insist how long, Lion Mountain started to sway, Qi Shi knit the brows, looks at Shen Xiang, whispered: You, I worried how long time as soon as possible here could not insist!” Then, Qi Shi transmits from Teleportation Formation outside! Shen Xiang heard the Qi Shi words a moment ago, this makes him have not the small pressure, because his present time is tight, but condense Godhead actually also wants a period of time. Lion Mountain has stabilized, however Lion Mountain side actually hits very intensely, the fallout impact on Lion Mountain, was resisted by these formidable formation, has not made Lion Mountain vibrate, how long but these formation could not resist, in this continuing encountered in the situation of fiercely attacking, even if were formation that Jiang Sheng arranged, was difficult to run away the routed destiny. Conceivable, at this time attacks Lion Mountain Heavenly dragon clan, came many formidable Heavenly Dragon! After Qi Shi exiting imperial enemy, that protects the Shen Xiang's barrier energy to weaken gradually. Shen Xiang descends slowly, falls on the ground, he also thought to be able tranquil practice a period of time, but was only the past less than half double-hour, the fierce vibration started to raid.