World Defying Dan God - Volume 16 - Chapter 1586
The war of Chapter 1586 Tu Dragon This way, here quick will be destroyed, I must a bit faster come out Godhead condense.” The Shen Xiang's body purple golden light rosy cloud is flashing fast, when condense Godhead, in Godhead that strange formidable strength is also transforming his fleshly body, making his aspects rapidly promote. Bang! The Shen Xiang ear hears a fierce sound, an above giant stone pounds to fall, this Lion Mountain under the so fierce attack, could not support finally, shakes the above stone unceasingly to fall. That light glow that Shen Xiang releases luckily, very strong repel strength, has the thing to approach him, will be shot to open by him, even if the small mountain-like giant stone pounds to fall, approaches his time will be opened by a very strong strength ball. Lion Mountain mountain side is a very spacious place, the stone pounds to fall unceasingly, shakes the ground violently to shake, the boom rises from all directions, crushed stone splash. But Shen Xiang still sits there condense Godhead, he must concentrate on at this time condense Godhead, otherwise wasted all previous efforts. The crushed stone that in mountain side that giant stone chamber, was fallen at this time fills up, the entire great mountain collapsed, fallout of fierce combat, is attacking these giant stones unceasingly, can be broken that giant stone bang not long, razes this stretch of ruins. Qi Shi, your really resurrect, but again? You did not have in the past that strength, now we can kill you, you just resurrect must die one time, Ha Ha......” Puts on the middle age of magnificent red clothes robe, grasps red light to sparkle the great blade, above carves a formidable red Tenglong, but this looks like the appearance of blade with Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade looks like very much, imitates Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade to forge. Qi Shi bah: I am weak, at least eats your two Heavenly Dragon, perhaps you will cross one also to enter in my belly, your fellows sold to themselves Infernal Demon Emperor, later is unable to enter Gods, what meaning will you live are having?” At least we can also live, but you actually must stay in Hell suffer hardships!” That red robe middle age severe Xiao, sends out incisive dragon roar afterward, turns into together the blood-colored remnant shade, fires into Qi Shi. The float in several huge Heavenly Dragon of distant place, at this time in abundance changes the turn into a human shape, is holding saint weapon, besieges Qi Shi! Turns into the main body the big dragon shape, will only consume strength, moreover moves not to have the human form to be so flexible. Jiang Sheng was worn the black face guy of black robe to divide to cut by two in the distant place crazily, two black robe guys, in the hand are grasping two black long blades, black baleful aura howls steaming, flexible and chops powerfully to that Jiang Sheng that keeps dodging. In Qi Shi only then a long sword, evidently Saint Sword is not, but in his hands actually appears very fierce, with these saint weapon collisions time, is not inferior in these saint weapon, his one person alone facing Heavenly Dragon of several turn into a human shapes, although seems like suppressed fiercely, but his strength makes the person have to admire, just resurrect his anything did not have, but also is at a very weak condition, can deal with these formidable Heavenly Dragon.

Blood Dragon, has not thought that many years, you are that waste, I support fleshly body now together weak remnant soul, but you cannot hit me, Ha Ha......” Qi Shi laughs, the back reappears a vast mountains chart, what is most fearful, in mountains that reaching to the sky, a leader giant beast roared unceasingly, galloping. Several thousand giant beasts dash about wildly, whooshes unceasingly roars, that imposing manner fills to murder and frighten! Blood Dragon, do not forget my Heaven and Earth Slaughtering Technique!” Qi Shi sinister smile, both arms launch, shakes slightly, sees only sky suddenly to pound to fall great mountains, having a boundless imposing manner to depress. Looks like is that is really, but pounds the time of falling, actually turns into formidable strength, shells on the bodies of these Heavenly Dragon, the so intensive attack, they are hard to move aside, was shelled instantaneously dozens. Qi Shi has disappeared, that red robe middle age in great surprise, seeks for the Qi Shi position, actually suddenly hears tear dragon roar to transmit. During that chaotic attack, Qi Shi designated a moment ago was pounded Heavenly Dragon that is thrown into confusion by the great mountain, with extremely quick sword technique beheading. Do not show off power, puts final two Hell Demon Dragon!” Heavenly Dragon exclaimed. The Qi Shi complexion changes, because present Hell Demon Dragon is formidable, that two black robe guys who Jiang Sheng faces now, is two Hell Demon Dragon, if emits two again, he and Jiang Sheng cannot endure. That Blood Dragon sees Qi Shi to be so formidable, no longer hauls, throws two grains of black beads, airborne blows out two groups of huge black Qi mist, two whole bodies are jet black, send out frigid death Qi Black Dragon to clash from that two black Qi, in the mouth roared is letting the person soul shiver dragon roar sound. In this time, that turns into stretch of ruins Lion Mountain, suddenly explodes projects an intense white light, that ray contains the aura of belt, lets Heavenly Dragon and Hell Demon Dragon feels very big threat. Attacks there with joint forces!” Blood Dragon exclaimed, whole body the strength of Heavenly Dragon revolved fiercely, but the Qi Shi sharp sword has divided. Qi Shi just prevented this Blood Dragon, two Hell Demon Dragon that but that just presented that in the mouth spout two huge black light, is having a very evilly very formidable energy, hits on ground that stretch of ruins, turns into big black tuck dive ocean waves, howls to turn in the ground crazily wells up, razes that stretch of ruins. Several other Heavenly Dragon were constrained by Blood Dragon while Qi Shi, in abundance launches the strongest attack, releases giant dragon shades, sends out the intense multi-colored sunlight, leading on them the strength of most Heavenly Dragon, the attack to send out the terrifying white light a moment ago the place. Your this group of bastards!” Qi Shi is angry, sends out roaring hiss, sky suddenly grow darks, presents the massive stars, moreover these stars are getting more and more near, like must fall.

Star kills the abode of the immortals!” Qi Shi whole body murderous-looking, in the sky giant stars crash suddenly, that stars are burning the raging fire, is dragging a very long tail, has increased likely the meteor of non- several fold, pounds to fall on huge Hell Demon Dragon instantaneously, breaking by smashing with stone around the middle. That stars crash the ground, erupts a wild hot wave, the ground resounds a dreadful hot wave, sweeps across this with the small space that the outside separates. Qi Shi thinks that Shen Xiang was incurable, could not give a thought to that many, was far away from these Heavenly Dragon and Hell Demon Dragon, displayed Heaven and Earth Slaughtering Technique, crazy attack. Hell Demon Dragon is undying!” Blood Dragon sneers, the bang broken stars, the body presents an energy guard shield, resists strength that the star explodes. Then was pounded two Hell Demon Dragon by the stars, the body turns into one group of black Qi condense together, then turns into a black big dragon once more. Who said?” The sound that this suddenly presents, making Qi Shi and Jiang Sheng one happy, this is the Shen Xiang's sound. Shen Xiang a moment ago truly very danger(ous), but also leaves Godhead in that instantaneously his condense, room shuttles back and forth, arrives in the upper air, avoids that several Hell Demon Dragon attacks crazily. Blood Dragon looks to airborne, Shen Xiang wears Black Tortoise Adamantyl Armor, grasps Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade, body glittering a silver-white multi-colored sunlight, Suppressing Devil Divine Power is gushing out the body, that multi-colored sunlight that forms, making these Hell Demon Dragon feel very uncomfortable. Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade...... is this fellow Shen Xiang?” Blood Dragon just said that Qi Shi has divided several swords, he of diverting attention, was almost hit by Qi Shi. Shen Xiang shouted: These Hell Demon Dragon give me!” Fuses Godhead Shen Xiang, leaps the breakthrough Saint nine revolutions, direct to become Sheng, he has Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade in addition and cultivates Suppressing Devil divine art, copes with these Hell Demon Dragon to be most appropriate. You were careful.” Qi Shi shouted. The Shen Xiang palm reappears Suppressing Devil Sacred Seal, he integrates in Suppressing Devil Sacred Seal Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade, making Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade suddenly huge incomparable, is similar to an epoch-making great blade, has shaking that” divine light dodge greatly on the knife character.

He is flexible wields this great blade, cut just recovered to distant place that Hell Demon Dragon, once more cutting will become both sides, this time, that Hell Demon Dragon exuded one to roar, obviously was felt that Shen Xiang to the threat that he brought. This type of thing should better kill!” Shen Xiang sneers, sees only sky over that cut off Hell Demon Dragon, presents one is similar to universe Suppressing Devil Sacred Seal, just like the universe landslide, the fast pressure falls, pounds on that cut off Hell Demon Dragon. By Hell Demon Dragon that Sacred Seal suppresses, struggles to roar crazily, black Qi that the body braves by the divine light melting that Suppressing Devil Sacred Seal releases, making that Hell Demon Dragon into black dust, sprinkles the ground. You cut to kill Hell Demon Dragon, you did not fear that stared by Infernal Demon Emperor?” That Blood Dragon is terrified immediately, these Hell Demon Dragon are their Heavenly dragon clan borrows to Infernal Demon Emperor, is powerful, but actually 2-3 is killed one by Shen Xiang now. Shen Xiang looks to another angry Hell Demon Dragon, at this time his Divine Blade turned into the actually appearance, Sacred Seal also returns to his hand. So long as does not have the threat of Hell Demon Dragon, the Qi Shi pressure is not big! Hell Demon Dragon do not cope with that little rascal, two Fire Dragon kill him, Hell Demon Dragon comes.” That Blood Dragon saw that Shen Xiang's Suppressing Devil Sacred Seal and that Suppressing Devil Divine Power have very huge lethality to Evil Devil, immediately arranges, simultaneously exhausts strength to suppress Qi Shi, preventing Qi Shi while exchanging in process, instead kills them. Gave up any idea of that prevails!” Qi Shi is flying rush over two Heavenly Dragon to rumble a palm toward Shen Xiang to that but was actually shaken powder part by that Blood Dragon, but shakes Heavenly Dragon of that two turn into a human shapes spits blood. That Hell Demon Dragon has been far away from Shen Xiang, arrives at Blood Dragon jointly to cope with Qi Shi. In Jiang Sheng of distant place, a person deals with two Hell Demon Dragon to be strenuous, cannot attend to Shen Xiang and Qi Shi. Shen Xiang looks that two fly to Heavenly Dragon, is gripping tightly Divine Blade, he saw that these two Heavenly Dragon have consumed much, will otherwise not be injured by Qi Shi a moment ago, these Heavenly Dragon a moment ago to extinguish killed him, exhausted many strength!