World Defying Dan God - Volume 16 - Chapter 1587
To two Heavenly Dragon, the speed is quick. When they change the turn into a human shape conditions, although strength weakens much, but makes them very flexible, the Saint Sword rays in their hand inspire greatly, lend the intense aura, Ji Ling that this strength and Shen Xiang meet is equally formidable. But these two Heavenly Dragon extremely quick speeds, actually become in the Shen Xiang eye very slow, at this time his heart has a very strong feeling, making him feel that can cut to kill these two Heavenly Dragon with ease. In the past a that inconceivable sword, at this time looked like in him, can handy displayed, moreover becomes stronger. Bang! Shen Xiang revolves from Divine sea to Divine Power in within the body, the suddenly avalanche explodes, blows out extremely terrifying strength, the fast turn-around in the meridians muscle flows, hits to explode unceasingly mutually, attacks wave after wave. When this was the past years displays strange sword prelude! Feels this strange and terrifying strength wells up, Shen Xiang becomes the present all slower, that middle age of first flushing, the speed rapidness of wielding a sword fence, was about their eyes to be hard catch, but is actually one stops to divide in his eyes. Shen Xiang brandishes a sword rapidly, chops from bottom to top slantingly, his blade rapidness, looks like his blade has not moved such probably, but the upper body of that middle age, are many to the left arm from the right waist a bloodstain, the body is cut two halves by Shen Xiang. Other Heavenly Dragon cannot see Shen Xiang to leave the blade, but he discovered that the aura of own companion is not right, knows to have the condition, he has also divided a sword, his thinks that very quick sword, is slow in the Shen Xiang eye. You , if not come, perhaps can also be exactly longer!” Shen Xiang is a blade chops, looks like that careless, probably at will a blade, strength and that speed of but containing, made one praise to the heavens, this killing incurred arrived at the peak. Two blades, Shuanglong changes four sections! Died that Hell Demon Dragon a moment ago simply is quicker than! „......” After that Blood Dragon sees, roared crazily, must fire into Shen Xiang, but Qi Shi will not make him prevail.

Shen Xiang puts out Divine Cauldron, loaded into inside that two dragon of dying, this fought them to consume is very big, fires off later need eat a meal, this was the post-war sweet snack. Senior Jiang, I help you!” During the Shen Xiang speeches, one step treads, the shuttle space, arrives at a black robe guy behind, Suppressing Devil Divine Power wells up to Divine Blade in crazily, speedily must chop to that black robe guy, the sound that he shouted a moment ago is also reverberating, but he has divided two blades. These Hell Demon Dragon be much fiercer than a moment ago that two, the Shen Xiang's two blades leave behind two black Qi spouts on them the slashes. But this was good, Jiang Sheng punctures dozens spear|guns on them, does not have including a hole, these Hell Demon Dragon are difficult to kill, after injuring, the wound emits one group of black Qi, suddenly healed. „I am then more relaxed.” Jiang Sheng laughed, he only with hits with Hell Demon Dragon now, does not have so to be a moment ago anxious. That black clothed guy slash has not healed, making him very discrete, he saw Shen Xiang to run over Hell Demon Dragon with that sacred great seal a moment ago. Hell Demon Dragon strength wants to be fiercer than these ordinary Heavenly Dragon, but on them the air/Qi of Evil Devil is heavy, whole body evil strength, Shen Xiang uses Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade and Suppressing Devil Divine Power attacks them, has the fatal blow to them, Shen Xiang that Suppressing Devil Golden Body, is not only only Hundred Poisons Immunity so is at this time simple, but can also resist very strong Evil Devil strength. Demon deep pool!” That black clothed guy sinks to drink one, both hands waves, Shen Xiang below suddenly presents the innumerable blacksnakes regarding the black hole that leaping the dance forms, looks like deeply does not see the bottom, a very strong suction. Shen Xiang was involved by that suction, is only suddenly, the body has half to submerge that demon deep pool, he just tied down by this demon deep pool, presents two giant sickles in the above black clothed guy hand, both hands fast waves, wields to cut the innumerable black blade shade, the blade shade turns into the evil aura steaming sharp knife blade, flies to shoot toward the Shen Xiang's head.

A Shen Xiang long and loud cry, body golden light four shoot, a sacred enormous and powerful imposing manner rushes ten sides, that embezzles his half-length black vortex instantaneously Beng San, everywhere blade shade that flies to shoot, by his divine light purification, was dissipated. to seal|confer Mozhen! golden light that Shen Xiang sprays, was pure formidable Divine Power, the illumination in the past, along with his intention control, turned into spirit pattern, composed six Suppressing Devil Qi Formation, from everywhere cover to that black clothed guy. Six golden light Huiteng's Suppressing Devil Qi Formation, turns into a shackles, the Hell Demon Dragon blockade of that human form in inside! That black clothed guy felt that he has the unprecedented threat, keeps the rave getting up, wants to turn into the big dragon, escapes this shackles, his black Qi wells up crazily, but was purified by Suppressing Devil Qi Formation. Shen Xiang leaps fiercely airborne, in hand Divine Blade multi-colored sunlight brilliant sun, awe-inspiring, pure and burning hot Suppressing Devil Divine Power splash unceasingly from the knife, intermittent dragon roar is full of the noble, as if sacred Heavenly God is trying Evil Devil. Devil Slaughtering Slash!” In the Shen Xiang mind suddenly gushes out the 1st Stage method to decide, he revolves subconsciously, Divine sea inside Divine Power seethes suddenly, emerges in his body, turns into an extremely burning hot strength, enters in Divine Blade instantaneously. Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade light glow dodges, a Tenglong roared to depart, is bringing that sacred strength, fired into is locked in Suppressing Devil Qi Formation inside middle age, penetrated that to struggle the vigorous and healthy body. A sad and shrill roaring deafening sound horizon, Suppressing Devil Qi Formation diverges, one group of ashes disperse from inside, another Hell Demon Dragon was cut to kill by Shen Xiang. Shen Xiang just solved this Hell Demon Dragon, sends out a low roar with Hell Demon Dragon of Jiang Sheng battle, afterward is struck the powder by the sword Saint with the multi-colored sunlight that a mirror shoots.

At this time only then that side Qi Shi, Shen Xiang and Jiang Sheng smiled, then hurried to toward the Qi Shi battlefield. These two Hell Demon Dragon died, where that can Blood Dragon not know? But he is not willingly such withdraws, they got the winning side, who knows that Shen Xiang's suddenly appears, makes them lose three Hell Demon Dragon and two Heavenly Dragon all of a sudden! Qi Shi that struggled hard, because Shen Xiang and Jiang Sheng arrive, was immediately more relaxed, Shen Xiang arrives at this battlefield, launches the swift and fierce offensive directly, offers a sacrifice to Suppressing Devil Sacred Seal, use strongest Suppressing Devil Divine Power, then controls that with Divine sense is similar to the great mountain general printing, is turning into the Hell Demon Dragon crazy bang of big dragon to pound to that. Hell Demon Dragon turns into the main body, has is ten thousand zhang (3.33 m) place thick sign of the dragon body, but Suppressing Devil Sacred Seal has very huge lethality to him, turns into ten thousand zhang (3.33 m) mountain, the traveling speed is extremely fast, is following close on that great sign of the dragon body, pounds to fall loudly unceasingly, probably strikes a small snake with the great hammer. Evil strength formidable Hell Demon Dragon, the strength can side by side half Emperor Level expert, but actually wreaked havoc by Shen Xiang runs away to call out, is distressed. Can die!” Shen Xiang sees that Hell Demon Dragon to barely manage to maintain a feeble existence, emits Divine Blade, fuses together with Suppressing Devil Sacred Seal, making the Suppressing Devil Sacred Seal base present very long sharp knife blade, then controls Sacred Seal to pound on the forehead of Hell Demon Dragon, will put in order a giant head to pound the ashes.