World Defying Dan God - Volume 16 - Chapter 1588
Hell Demon Dragon was cut to kill completely, including is Shen Xiang kills most probably, but just fused Godhead him, strength powerful to this situation, lets Qi Shi and in the Jiang Sheng heart extremely exclaimed in surprise that they can affirm, even if Shen Xiang facing two Hell Demon Dragon, accomplishes a task with ease. That Blood Dragon camp, not having Hell Demon Dragon to divert Jiang Sheng, died two Heavenly Dragon, at this time Shen Xiang and Jiang Sheng help Qi Shi, causes his great stress. Withdraw!” In the Blood Dragon heart is not willingly, moreover he loses to be so serious, was punished is the affirmation, the words that but he continues again, will perhaps die here. „To walk?” A Qi Shi suddenly roar, the body lightens a white light, turns into a white lion, the build is not very big, is similar to a small house like that contrasts that height ten thousand zhang (3.33 m), the body such as the big dragon of mountain, he is very small. This is the Great Emperor of Ten Heavens main body, a white lion, Shen Xiang has not thought that so will be small, that Ancient Fire Beast is older than him! After Qi Shi changes the main body, Shen Xiang and Jiang Sheng can induce to his strength clearly strengthened, Jiang Sheng has hit a meaningful glance to Shen Xiang, shook the head, hints him do not come up the help. Doesn't have the issue really?” Shen Xiang asked. Does not have the issue, Qi Shi turns into the main body, perhaps our past words, are brought disaster to by that strength that he will use.” Jiang Sheng said. Shen Xiang has not passed, gazes at the distant place with Jiang Sheng float in the air, Blood Dragon is bringing several Heavenly Dragon to run, fires into the space crack of edge, before that is them , when comes in an entrance that rumbles.

Turns into Qi Shi of white lion, the speed rapidness, was similar to white light such has shot directly, sent out angry roar unceasingly, that filled might roaring hiss, Shen Xiang thought that had that ruler imposing manner. Qi Shi overtook that crowd of running away Heavenly Dragon, saw that crowd of Heavenly Dragon must run out of that crack time, Qi Shi white light gushes out, is centered on his body, presents the vortex that a white light has sparkled, revolves crazily, sees only in all directions the great mountain and ground thick soil layer stone, had been attracted by that vortex. As that white light vortex revolves crazily, then by the devour dozens great mountain and thick soil layer, dissipates to disappear, is turns into Qi mist to be ordinary likely, now Shen Xiang understands why Jiang Sheng did not make him pass, because this will hinder Qi Shi to display this terror the move. What is this? Likely is not Heaven and Earth Slaughtering Technique!” Shen Xiang surprisedly said, because murderous aura does not have, cultivates Heaven and Earth Slaughtering Technique him, regarding this understood. This is the Qi Shi special skill, very fierce Power of Law, little person knows that this matter, knows he controls the Power of Law enemy, generally died.” Jiang Sheng laughed: This Power of Law was called by him for giving up affectation, because was locked after by this Power of Law, will turn into the most primitive appearance.” Shen Xiang understood, by that strength devour rock dust, turned into the most primitive energy state a moment ago, if these Heavenly Dragon were hit, then the fate can be imagined, will turn into the energy shape. Your this group of bastards, ruin my this place, like such death ends all troubles to leave? Delusion!” Qi Shi is roaring. Heavenly Dragon that must run away, at this time by the white vortex that he released attracting, after being involved in that white vortex, Shen Xiang saw all kinds of multi-colored sunlight spout immediately, big dragons roared to struggle, along with that white light vortex, moved around Qi Shi. I seal up that hole, avoids here energy revealing, you absorb here, these Heavenly Dragon energies are pure.”

Jiang Sheng vanishes in same place, Shen Xiang saw a big group with the colored energy that the naked eye sees to surpass him to float, this energy is rich, can see directly. Shen Xiang transports the merit absorption immediately, the speed rapidness that he absorbs, causes regarding also to turn into a small vortex in his all around energy, wells up crazily toward his body. He melts the Saint nine revolutions, within the body has extremely terrifying Divine Power, the strength was unable to use the common sense weight, this is lucky that Godhead merit. The gap of this space had been blocked, Jiang Sheng also starts the energy that absorbs these Heavenly Dragon to turn into to practice, Qi Shi in that group of energies, absorbs many quickest, after this time, Qi Shi is unsatisfied to own strength, if he had in the past that strength, a hand can destroy completely this crowd to be small directly. Now Shen Xiang discovered that fierce of Qi Shi, the speed rapidness of absorbed energy, was similar to the cow drinks water like that shortly after oneself has absorbed most probably. Jiang Sheng and in addition of Shen Xiang absorption does not have Qi Shi 50% many, is only three days, they completely kill the energy that that crowd of Heavenly Dragon turn into. Lion Mountain has ruined, that comfortable great hall did not have, this with the small space that Nine Heavens isolates, at this time became gloomy, after multiple great war, was broken hole, the energy outflow were massive, at this time became very unstable. Heavenly dragon clan Dragon Emperor has not gone into action personally, gets what one deserves they dead that many Heavenly Dragon.” Qi Shi laughs. Shen Xiang puts out two Heavenly Dragon corpses that he cuts to kill, prepares eat a meal, after Jiang Sheng receives, is very skilled peels off dragon scales, pulls out Dragon Pearl, takes completely the useful thing, only leaves behind the most delicious flesh and blood, then starts the making soup barbecue......

After eating to the full, Jiang Sheng and Qi Shi start to get the Shen Xiang's physical exam. Two Senior, what strength am I now? I passed Saint nine revolutions!” Shen Xiang said: Now should be Saint Immortal!” „It is not right, now what you have is Divine Power, has Godhead, only then the body is also not divine body, although Divine Power was weaker, but cultivates slowly, sooner or later will become very strong, you should be half Gods!” Qi Shi knits the brows to look at Shen Xiang: Now I cannot affirm that you are any strength, you do not have truly to display one time, is very difficult to judge.” The Jiang Sheng nod said: Has not thought that Godhead is so fierce! However you do not have certain foundation, is unable to control that Godhead, your Divine Power contrasted your Godhead to be too weak, fleshly body could not follow by far, your strength should not under me.” You use Heaven and Earth Slaughtering Technique and Divine Weapon words, that is very fearful, you now to Heaven and Earth Slaughtering Technique grasped were too few, but I did not suggest that you penetrated to grasp Heaven and Earth Slaughtering Technique these to kill to incur, did not have the advantage to you.” Qi Shi said: You only needed profoundly to study Life Slaughtering Technique to suffice, this to your alchemy helpful!” Heaven and Earth Slaughtering Technique slaughters is too heavy, Godhead that use too many words, you just purified will turn murders Godhead, you later want to become the Gods words, hostility the fewer the better.” Shen Xiang understands that meaning of Qi Shi, is makes him mainly develop Pill Dao!