World Defying Dan God - Volume 16 - Chapter 1589
I, when Hell was suppressed, has many with I together suppressed fellow, I understood that Infernal Demon Emperor was one slaughters very heavy fellow, Gods has incorporated finally he, making him manage Hell!” Qi Shi laughed: If you must profoundly study Heaven and Earth Slaughtering Technique, therefore murders the big technique, you later can perhaps snatch the position with Infernal Demon Emperor, but you do not want to stay in Hell that damned place!” Your present Godhead is also at a purest condition, inside does not have any consciousness, but will act according to the matter that you handle from now on, breeds strong consciousness strength in Godhead, that realizes strength to be stronger, later you can display oneself special skill with wishes fulfilled strength, the direction that for example your alchemy words, you mainly practice definitely is the flame and spiritual control.” Shen Xiang nodded, then asked: In the past that Heavenly Dragon Great Emperor Godhead, what consciousness did inside have?” Qi Shi curled the lip: That greedy dragon is thinking eating all day, but must I have that thought during that time all day . Moreover the innermost feelings of this female dragon also a little...... Evil.” The Shen Xiang corners of the mouth have twitched: She did not have Godhead now, but is that gluttonous, is that the color.” She is this appearance, therefore in her Godhead has this very strong consciousness, in the past in that Slaughtering Heart was also so, therefore after I and my Master fused, out-of-control slaughtered frequently everywhere.” Qi Shi sighed: Also because of so, my Master becomes Slaughter God, but in my subconscious is also thinking murders everywhere, therefore I finally become Great Emperor of Ten Heavens, has relationship with this!” Shen Xiang was uneven the Heaven and Earth Slaughtering Technique collection, if he for the next long-term perspective, he could discard the part, the choice cultivates Life Slaughtering Technique and Spirit Slaughtering Technique, formidable own Divine Soul, but Life Slaughtering Technique can be used in the herbs aspect, but when fight can use, he grasped much, was sufficient. I must go back, these fellows prepare to start the general attack to me, perhaps the Heavenly dragon clan fellow also will come.” Shen Xiang said. if wanted do we go? If Dragon Emperor appears, I think that we can block his.” Qi Shi said.

Shen Xiang smiled: Your Master has promised me, when the time comes can come the help, his White Tiger Fighting Clan is fierce, but you can watch the fun, if cannot withstand, you get rid again.” I do not have the face to see his old man now.” Qi Shi sighed: He sees me, definitely very much will despise my, loses the soul in Hell.” What Shen Xiang is worried is Long Xueyi, if Long Xueyi bumps into Qi Shi, the quarrel Godhead matter, definitely noisyly will overturn the heavens. Then you can't go?” Shen Xiang patted the buttocks, preparation left here. Jiang Sheng said: Does not go, the big lion you refine Divine Weapon with me, this brat lacks Vermilion Bird Divine Weapon, I need some helpers.” Shen Xiang understands that the meaning of Jiang Sheng, puts out the skeleton of Vermilion Bird immediately, puts in these bones Divine Cauldron, and one and gives Jiang Sheng divine hammer. After Jiang Sheng receives, the forced smile said: Just was delivered from oppression, does the hammering the old profession.” Shen Xiang thinks that asked: Senior Jiang, my wife is also Refining Master, does not know that can make them your assistant, you pass on their craftsmanship while convenient.” They...... It seems like your wife may be many!” Appearance that Jiang Sheng laughed, I understand: Does not have the issue!”

Shen Xiang said: Has two...... Adds on female slave again, you felt relieved, they had the talent, they studied that divine book that you have left behind, that Vermilion Bird Soul Bow blueprint was they looks.” This is best!” Jiang Sheng said with a smile. Afterward Shen Xiang Liu Meng'er and Xue Xianxian possibly in the place told Jiang Sheng and Qi Shi. Has not thought that unexpectedly is the Old Ice descendant, the descendant who he leaves behind can guard here many years, we may probably thank them well.” Qi Shi said: At least must help them being the Old Ice thing takes carry back!” Shen Xiang asked: What thing is? His Ice Dragon Sword here!” „It is not Ice Dragon Sword, but is supreme Dragon Vein! Ices Dragon Heaven born with some thing, in the past took away by several formidable Old Dragon, finally that several Old Dragon are missing does not see, perhaps if his supreme Dragon Vein, me has not used, his strength will be very absolutely strong.” Qi Shi spoke of this matter, indignant. That supreme Dragon Vein where?” Shen Xiang has thought of a place immediately. Heavenly Dragon Territory, past Dragon Emperor and four dragons plotted against Old Ice with joint forces, took away Old Ice supreme Dragon Vein, was divvied up by them...... Function and Godhead of that supreme Dragon Vein not different, therefore you are conceivably precious.” Qi Shi coldly snorted: Was only a pity that we in the past were less than existences of Heavenly Dragon Territory, does not know that they hid in inside, otherwise currently where also has their anything matter, pitiful Old Ice.” Shen Xiang said: When the time comes you go to Heavenly Dragon Territory, called me, what now a Ice Dragon clan is effective was my elder sister, moreover Ice Dragon Old Ancestor had the graciousness with me, I must strive!”

Does not have the issue, I and Old Jiang looks for these Little Bing dragon understanding first.” Qi Shi nodded, sighed: In the past I died early, with enough time has not given that group of old friends to repay a debt of gratitude, now I must repay.” Jiang Sheng puts out formation plate to place ground, three people stand together, after opening Teleportation Formation, they appear outside that cold Profound Cold Ancient Domain. This place is that cold, because practice ice cold strength Gods dies here, affected that many years.” Qi Shi exclaims: Here one crowd had lived mystically, in the past probably by slaughter up, but this was very difficult saying that perhaps in this also had Gods that these went into exile.” That god grave? Under that grave has fierce Dragon Vein......” Shen Xiang simple told Qi Shi and Jiang Sheng the matter of Devil Province that grave, that lands once were the Shen Xiang birth places, he fondly remembered very much, but there already became earth-shaking. That god should meet resurrect, probably was the past years chases down that crowd to go into exile in the Gods fellow, finally he was also injured dead, but the ghostdom does not dare to receive the soul of this fellow, therefore he can resurrect. Hopes this fellow is a good thing, heard that defends the fellows in grave to have very big future for him.” Qi Shi said. Jiang Sheng opens Teleportation Formation once more, transmits on a remote area them to King Continent, afterward drifts apart, Shen Xiang returns to own Evil Dragon Burial Ground, Jiang Sheng and Qi Shi the region that goes to a Ice Dragon clan to be. Shen Xiang found a city, when he wants to transmit to being away from the Evil Dragon Burial Ground recent city, was informed that nearby city already to move out, is away from the Evil Dragon Burial Ground recent city is very far, but he transmitted the past, walked the past words from here, was farther.