World Defying Dan God - Volume 16 - Chapter 1590
Shen Xiang does not know city that own this time is, he inquired that is responsible for managing the Teleportation Formation person, that person makes him step onto person quite many Teleportation Formation. After arriving here, he knows that this city is not simple, moreover just constructed shortly, named Heaven territory Sacred City! He inquired in the city, unexpectedly knew that this Heaven territory Sacred City to attack Evil Dragon Burial Ground constructs, at this time gathers the person here, majority by some big influence employments, so long as when the time comes breaks through Evil Dragon Burial Ground, cuts to kill the Subduing Dragon Sect's disciple, delivers persons head and Subduing Dragon Sect's faith token, can receive in exchange for the rich reward. In order to obtain massive Immortal Crystal, many people when the time comes will participate, this will create very huge pressure to Subduing Dragon Sect, Shen Xiang knew that this matter, feels uneasy. When the time comes Subduing Dragon Sect, if creates the too big slaughter, makes these big influences have a better excuse to discredit Subduing Dragon Sect.” Shen Xiang mood suddenly becomes heavy, now on the street pastes the full this call-up, many youngster full of enthusiasm raising troops. The person who if participates are many, when the time comes will die surely many irregular person, person who although these are greedy for money court death, but Shen Xiang does not want to make Subduing Dragon Sect by the evil forces that world of Nine Heaven is hostile toward. Has to acknowledge that many big influences collaborate to attack Evil Dragon Burial Ground, has had very tremendous influence, making some people of having little experience of the world think that Subduing Dragon Sect is that evil influence, in addition these big influences propagandize, thinks that is not black difficultly. This Heaven territory Sacred City is away from Evil Dragon Burial Ground to be so near, will seize Dragon Vein for the present, can develop here rapidly. Shen Xiang looks that near street these post a reward the command, how starts to calculate to cope with this aspect, when the time comes the combatant may not only be these super big influences, the won over middle-and-small influence, in addition these want to earn Immortal Crystal fellow not awfully, the population are definitely many. This Heaven territory Sacred City constructs intentionally that greatly, to accommodate more people, when the time comes here certainly becomes main cities that ships the strength.” Shen Xiang is strolling in all directions, discovered that in this urban large-scale Teleportation Formation is not general many. What make his gratified is, he seeks for some secret marks here, is Huang Jintian remains, can see from these that Huang Jintian hides in this city at this time. Before Huang Jintian, separates in Profound Cold Ancient Domain with him, bringing that crowd of Ice Dragon to seek for Long Huishan, great war, Huang Jintian also will participate when the time comes, he also has high right to speak in Subduing Dragon Sect.

Shen Xiang following these secret marks, had found Huang Jintian. Huang Jintian sets up a stall in the street , helping that the person told fortunes specially, his present appearance looks like looks like coax greatly, but he has the infinite life, can unscrupulous use Heaven's Divination Technique know in advance the future, this deceived people actually. change appearance from now on Shen Xiang, arrives in front of the stall that Huang Jintian sets up, stretches out the palm, says with a smile: „Do Old Mister, when please have a look at me to get rich?” Huang Jintian has not recognized Shen Xiang to come, Shen Xiang is also testing own camouflage at this time, if Huang Jintian cannot look, other people were more difficult. A Huang Jintian listless appearance, opens the eye slightly, looks at the Shen Xiang's palm. Facial expression that sees Huang Jintian putting on airs, Shen Xiang laughed: Saw that what selects to come?” Huang Jintian has coughed, said: „The words that you want to know, must give Immortal Crystal!” How many?” Shen Xiang asked that Huang Jintian this appearance, cannot determine that at this time whether has recognized him. Five thousand Immortal Crystal issues!” Huang Jintian said leisurely that looks at his appearance, appearance that likely do not do business, he truly is not doing business, but here and the others. Shen Xiang has put out five thousand Immortal Crystal, then inquired: I want to know that Evil Dragon Burial Ground can be attacked!” Huang Jintian has not thought that the blind cat ran upon matter unexpectedly of dead mouse to be bumped into by him, here set up the flickering booth also to gain five thousand Immortal Crystal.

Cannot capture!” Huang Jintian said very much self-confidently. Shen Xiang puts out five thousand Immortal Crystal again, asked: When can I send one greatly?” Huang Jintian said: Crosses again crosses probably again for two years, when the time comes you are sleeping, you will be pounded to awake by treasure.” Huang Jintian only treats as the fool Shen Xiang, therefore spoke thoughtlessly to ramble on several. Master, do not deceive me!” Shen Xiang laughs. Hears these words, Huang Jintian responds immediately that then ridicules saying: Young bastard, but also thinks that your dead Profound Cold Ancient Domain, I heard that side came many Heavenly Dragon, finally how?” Huang Jintian enters the Emperor's Tomb matter to be curious to Shen Xiang, very cherished wants to know. Great Emperor of Ten Heavens and Divine Craftsman resurrect, now they came out! However Great Emperor of Ten Heavens did not have in the past that strength.” Shen Xiang laughed. Said...... This did fight us to win?” The Huang Jintian excited place said. Is uncertain, heard that has Heavenly Dragon Territory, above Heavenly dragon clan is the biggest threat!” Shen Xiang sighed one: Told me the recent situation!” Also more than ten days, they must start to attack probably, but they did not have a good attack plan, I hear in two days, they will hold a congress, selects a strongest person to direct the battlefield.” Huang Jintian said: I thought that this point suspense does not have, this sets up for Heaven territory these Saint Immortal radically, but went through the motions, gives these Heaven territory people the command jurisdiction.”

Right, the fellow who these Heaven territory come was very strong, in world of Nine Heaven can win their are not many!” Shen Xiang nodded: Also to Heaven territory these expert stages of displaying, making the people experience to their great strength, good to produce the heart of awe to them.” Is this!” Shen Xiang laughed: If I can do the command jurisdiction, you said that they do recognize?” Huang Jintian has smiled several, said: You must the director they attack Evil Dragon Burial Ground, is directed by you, must attack to be easier. That two will enter the war?” Has Great Emperor of Ten Heavens and Divine Craftsman these two top rank expert participation, it can be imagined. Shen Xiang shook the head: I do not make them come, if possible, this great war should better not to erupt, this clarifies some people intentionally to shoulder great war, making more people die.” So long as some people die, Hell inside Evil Spirit will compete, benefit on that Infernal Demon Emperor! Mobilizes this great war person, these expert from Heaven territory, was bought by Infernal Demon Emperor, if no support of Heaven territory, these super big influences do not dare to be so rampant. Knows after Infernal Demon Emperor plot, Shen Xiang does not want to lead by the nose!