World Defying Dan God - Volume 16 - Chapter 1591

Huang Jintian also quite knew about the Infernal Demon Emperor matter, the person who so long as world of Nine Heaven dies are more, Infernal Demon Emperor is happy, this great war, he wishes one could to come every day on several. What to do do you plan? little rascal Yun they led a group of people to enter here, Ice Dragon [lineage/vein] also comply to enter the war,...... Hundred Flowers Palace Flower Empress also took a stand, will help when the time comes certainly you get through the difficult time.” Huang Jintian said: Always quite neutral Hundred Flowers Palace, this time can with these super big strength oppositions, this not be that Flower Empress consistent attitude, it seems like you and her relationship is good!” This woman, I had already told her, making her not meddle this matter!” Shen Xiang sighed: You told Xiaodao them, here all withdrew the hideaway person, informed Flower Empress again, making her not act rashly, should better cancel all plans, all gave me.” „Can you be good?” Huang Jintian and Shen Xiang separate, only then how many months, at that time their strength was only same, now sees Shen Xiang to say such words to come, thinks that was formidable many, but how many months, can strong to where go? We are Subduing Dragon Sect, what must cope is these does all kinds of evil Heavenly dragon clan that you later must teach their method, lets their Tu Dragon time, takes away including the soul! Regarding Infernal Demon Emperor, Dragon Spirit greatly makes up the soup.” Shen Xiang laughed: We kill the dragon specialized, the murder also considers as finished, otherwise that ignores a proper occupation!” Good, how I must have a look at you to solve but actually, when the time comes do not make yellow.” Huang Jintian said that if made war to cause the massive deaths, that will make finally only Infernal Demon Emperor the biggest winner. No one hopes that Infernal Demon Emperor becomes formidable, after because they become expert, Infernal Demon Emperor will certainly walk, when the time comes they do not submit, only then dies. What do you have to plan?” Huang Jintian looks at that pale golden cloud that the sky has floated: Holy Power when that is the Heaven territory front door opens to send out.” Shen Xiang also looks up, said: Plan had temporarily! I will solve this matter. Master, what existence that is Punishing Demon Summit? Now at this time, this mysterious organization how sound?” You know that doesn't have the sound? That Night Demon Underworld makes now fiercely, if not Punishing Demon Summit there, perhaps troop formidable Night Devil already ran, now came little.” Huang Jintian said: I thought Punishing Demon Summit, but after Great Emperor of Ten Heavens that time , the most formidable influence!”

Concrete I am not clear, you later have enough strength, has a look!” Huang Jintian quits work to leave, seeks Yun Xiaodao they, making them evacuate here, but must conveys a message to Lu Qilian and a Ice Dragon clan. That big construction of Shen Xiang city distant place, that is Suppressing Devil Temple, has also the construction of fiery red in the distant place, that is Fire God Palace. Suppressing Devil Temple's big Palace Master, you should abdicate!” Shen Xiang walks toward that Suppressing Devil Temple, the traveling speed rapidness, goes through this avenue suddenly, although some people discovered that but actually nobody can see clearly his form. Several suddenly, he arrived at the Suppressing Devil Temple's entrance, the stride stepped. Enters first layer, he emits vast Divine Power, seeks here big Palace Master, crosses two to hold the congress that selects the captain again, at this time, most expert of each big influence should in own lair. Shen Xiang found that big Palace Master quickly, an instantaneous flash he disappears in the hall, immediately causes many Suppressing Devil Temple's disciples to be scared, they saw that person was extraordinary a moment ago. Suppressing Devil Temple's big Palace Master, is Sacred Realm expert, is melts the Saint about seven revolutions probably, he is sitting cross-legged at this time on the bed, closed eyes is resting.

Shen Xiang arrives at this big Palace Master front, had not been discovered. This big Palace Master is old man, wears the pale golden Chinese-style gown, the hair and must somewhat turn yellow steadily, the wrinkle on face is very obvious, could see him, when the late stage practice is difficult, body gradually senile. Shen Xiang puts out the reduction Suppressing Devil Sacred Seal, seal on this big Palace Master forehead! Felt that has the thing to move own forehead, that big Palace Master awakens suddenly, will revolt against time, actually discovered below that one sit cross-legged, very fierce to seal|confer Mozhen, keeping him from moving. Suppressing Devil Sacred Seal now on top on your forehead...... Suppressing Devil Sacred Seal has a usage, whether is used to examine the Suppressing Devil Temple disciple to the Suppressing Devil Temple sincerity.” Shen Xiang gloomy saying: You should hear this use.” You are the Suppressing Devil Temple's disciple, so long as you have to betray the Suppressing Devil Temple's thoughts, this seal will make you be in deep sorrow.” Shen Xiang laughed, then moves out of the way Suppressing Devil Sacred Seal, sees only on this big Palace Master forehead to have small golden color town character, this character vanishes gradually, submerges in the big Palace Master forehead. You......” this big Palace Master just had to put to death the Shen Xiang's heart, but the whole body bewilderedly pain, making him receive that thought immediately, otherwise continues again, meets the pain dead his. Shen Xiang has Suppressing Devil Sacred Seal, should be Suppressing Devil Temple's big Palace Master, if he has to kill the big Palace Master thoughts, that betrays Suppressing Devil Temple!

At this time that big Palace Master also thought of a matter! This tries seal is not everyone can use, only then the strength surmounts the Saint nine revolutions, becomes a saint can use! Although Shen Xiang has used another face, but this big Palace Master is very clear, at present this person is Shen Xiang, only then Shen Xiang has Suppressing Devil Sacred Seal. Big Palace Master temporarily your, but you must obey my arrangement, otherwise you court death also no wonder I.” Shen Xiang receives Suppressing Devil Sacred Seal, is watching intently him, saying of coldly. All said!” Big Palace Master sighed, Shen Xiang has the so fearful strength, even if not need this to try seal to cope with him, he must submit to Shen Xiang. Big Palace Master named Xu Teng, he faces Shen Xiang at this time, probably facing Suppressing Devil Heavenly Venerable such respect, his adaptiveness is very strong, is merry with Shen Xiang all of a sudden. You should know that Flower Empress is the Suppressing Devil Heavenly Venerable daughter, town devil art Method who she grasps you are many, therefore this matter in the past, you must ask her to chat, if she is willing to take over Suppressing Devil Temple, you must return to her, but she does not want mostly, she also has Hundred Flowers Palace on hand! However, you later manage Suppressing Devil Temple, definitely according to her meaning.” Shen Xiang said. This should be!” Xu Teng nodded: We must attack Evil Dragon Burial Ground quickly...... When the time comes should I do? suddenly withdraws, these Heaven territory will not let off my.”