World Defying Dan God - Volume 16 - Chapter 1592

Shen Xiang asked: Is the preparation must select a captain to come out? In what way?” Xu Teng suddenly understands the Shen Xiang's intention, said hastily: Through the way that the ratio fights, their strengths are very strong, moreover this is prepares to these Heaven territory expert.” Looked that you close up the preparation here, when the time comes do you also want to participate?” Must go to two moves, if I am not very when the time comes formidable, my Suppressing Devil Temple will be looked, in the eyes of these Heaven territory influences, our status will become very low.” Xu Teng sighed. You arrange, when the time comes makes me go to battle!” Shen Xiang said: Relax, I will not screw up the matter.” Xu Teng cannot say anything, but in the heart somewhat worried that was worried Shen Xiang will implicate him, he does not dare to offend these Heaven territory expert now. Shen Xiang stands in the Suppressing Devil Temple's top layer, emits Divine Power to investigate the entire city, seeks for hideaway expert here, what he first locks is Fire God Palace. Fire Emperor also came, but he has not restored the peak, this fellow was injured by Great Emperor of Ten Heavens in the past, has declined now, no wonder Great Emperor of Ten Heavens has not paid attention to him.” In the Shen Xiang heart sneers, that Fire Emperor present strength is Saint Immortal. What is different from others, this Fire Emperor and Infernal Demon Emperor have cooperated, after he died , the soul can not enter the ghostdom, the soul is formidable, is very difficult to kill him. Phoenix King also came, Phoenix Princess! Well...... This aura is quite familiar, unexpectedly is he!” Shen Xiang is somewhat surprised, displays Nine Heavens Mental Exploration, goes to a manor, his unexpectedly saw Ji Meixian. Ji Meixian and Imperial Feather Clan have very deep hatred, but her present unexpectedly and Phoenix Princess walk very nearly, this makes puzzled. This small female slave now gets better fierce, restored the past strength, no wonder Sister Meiyao and Sister Youyou were chased down in the past that distressedly by her, her strength unexpectedly is so formidable.”

In the Shen Xiang heart is somewhat surprised, this Ji Meixian unexpectedly has the incarnation nine revolutions of strengths, Shen Xiang can the clear feeling in her Heaven Dan that nine formidable aura. Small female slave, is I! Did you arrive at the same place with Phoenix Princess? You and aren't Imperial Feather Clan have a grudge?” Shen Xiang gives Ji Meixian sound transmission directly. Hears the Shen Xiang's sound to reverberate in own mind, in the Ji Meixian heart is very surprised, hastily seeks for Shen Xiang, but is actually not able unable to find, she can only follow that Divine Power, responded to the Shen Xiang's words: Imperial Feather Clan that and I have a grudge, was already destroyed completely, came from Heaven territory strength, present Phoenix King and Phoenix Princess and my hatred, moreover they are very good to me.” Is I urges them to help your, Princess said that in the past you have saved her, therefore she when the time comes also will get rid.” Hears the Ji Meixian words, in the Shen Xiang heart is moved secretly, said: Many thanks you, but has not needed now, I can solve, the inside story of this matter is complex!” Ji Meixian said: I heard, this is Heaven territory promotes, they want to occupy seize your Dragon Vein.” Not is only this, in brief you do not need to get rid. I now relieve you and my master and servant contract.” Shen Xiang was saying, the intention moves, relieves that master and servant contract: Sister Meiyao and Sister Youyou they in Heaven territory, should quick be able to restore.” Ji Meixian felt that contract vanishes, in heart an inexplicable feeling: Has thanked, later we are the friend...... If you called me small female slave again, I will not mind.” Shen Xiang smiled: Um, what do you later have to plan?” Princess now is the Flower Empress apprentice, I had decided that joins Hundred Flowers Palace to accompany her, inside has the formidable female, this place was most appropriate I, in the past I also had such idea.” Ji Meixian said. Shen Xiang has to acknowledge that Flower Empress in world of Nine Heaven many females, has very high status, must be many many females the respect, joins Hundred Flowers Palace also to be sheltered. He had known, Mu Jialan and Yao Shumei this to mother and daughter, as well as Yue Xuelian already in Hundred Flowers Palace.

It seems like this Hundred Flowers Palace later strength will be getting more and more formidable.” Shen Xiang said with a smile: Inside has to be many my acquaintance.” Your hand really extends is long, did not fear that Flower Empress does act crazy?” Ji Meixian said with a smile lightly. Do not let one's thoughts wander to be good, we are friend relationship, like you and me.” Shen Xiang thinks somewhat undeserved: You continue to play with that Princess, I have the matter!” Shen Xiang receives that Dao God strength, Ji Meixian also wants to chat a period of time with Shen Xiang, makes her helpless sighed one. He continues to search here expert with Divine Power, he wants to have a look at these Heaven territory expert to have here, understands their strengths ahead of time. „A powerful demon ghost, is this big devil who where comes?” Shen Xiang suddenly one startled, hastily takes back Divine Power, he determined that type of aura does not come from that several Heaven territory absolutely. When Shen Xiang just took back Divine Power, behind him presents one group of black Qi suddenly. Shen Xiang fierce has turned around, only sees that to roll black Qi gradually to turn into a handsome tall and strong black clothed middle age, especially that eyes, making him feel somewhat familiar. Who are you?” Shen Xiang and that middle age also asked. They thought that the opposite party is fierce, but they have not had the hostility, is only very curious. Since is I looks, I said first! I am Bai Yaowei, calculated a little fame before, now should have many people unable to remember me.” Bai Yaowei sighed.

This name, making Shen Xiang think very familiar, whom probably listens to mention, he seeks for the memory about this name immediately, quick recalls that Bai Youyou had mentioned with him. You are...... In the past Bai Family Boss? Bai Youyou and Bai Ziqian's father?” The Shen Xiang whole face is surprised: „Weren't you died? It is not right, you were probably more formidable than that time, what's all this about?” This so formidable devil, unexpectedly is Bai Youyou and Bai Ziqian's father! „Do you know my these two daughters? What status are you in Suppressing Devil Temple? Have you chased down them?” Bai Yaowei frowned, suppresses murderous aura in heart, he only knows the Bai Ziqian's whereabouts now, because Bai Ziqian uses Devil Decaying Death Qi to issue a warrant for arrest now, mainly issues a warrant for arrest Bai Ziqian's is Suppressing Devil Temple. Can know this ancient devil, perhaps also only then Suppressing Devil Temple's old undying, moreover Shen Xiang at this time to a Bai Yaowei very strong feeling, therefore Bai Yaowei such will ask. I am Shen Xiang!” Shen Xiang sees Bai Yaowei to seek female cherished, in the heart secret is happy for these two sisters, because before them, has not felt the concern of father, this Bai Yaowei has this mood at this time, explained that his change is big, this makes Shen Xiang somewhat curious, is anything makes him so formidable.