World Defying Dan God - Volume 16 - Chapter 1593

The Bai Yaowei whole face suspects looks at Shen Xiang, hatred between his naturally clear Suppressing Devil Temple and Shen Xiang, but now Shen Xiang actually in Suppressing Devil Temple, probably is here Boss. Shen Xiang now also is really the Suppressing Devil Temple's Boss, Bai Yaowei that sees does not believe that Shen Xiang smiled, puts out Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade. Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade most can prove the thing that Shen Xiang status, Bai Yaowei has also believed at this time, he thinks to feel strange: „Can you here? If I am you, now should prepare for withdrawing Evil Dragon Burial Ground.” Bai Yaowei sees Shen Xiang to be well-meant to him, calm conversation, Shen Xiang this time strength, makes him feel shocking, in his cognition, Shen Xiang again heaven defying, is unable all of a sudden formidable to this situation. I had the arrangement.” Shen Xiang looks to distant place that region, there is going to conduct the place of congress. Was right, matter that you know my two daughters? Where do you know them?” Asked this matter, Bai Yaowei was anxious, in the look full was intense missing worried. I know them...... Especially Sister Youyou, she passes to me some fierce devil art, has given me very big help! She was injured by the personal enemy before, dantian caused heavy losses, now she therapy in Heaven territory, should quick be able to recover, as for Sister Ziqian...... she and Grandma Lu together.” Shen Xiang lowers the sound: You do not need to be worried their, after a period of time should be able to come back.” Bai Yaowei knew that two daughters are both safe and sound, immediately thought with ease. Uncle, where did you go before? Sister Youyou has said that you died.” Shen Xiang asked. „Does she have with you have mentioned the Heartless Devil Venerable matter?” Bai Yaowei asked. Naturally has mentioned...... You and Heartless Devil Venerable great war?” Shen Xiang is surprised. Then, Meiyao this girl also with her together?” Bai Yaowei also asked. Um, they and my together for a long time.”

Bai Yaowei is suddenly enlighted: It seems like they teach to your many divine art, cultivation technique that no wonder you early use makes me feel that familiar.” The Shen Xiang doubts asked: Uncle, do you also know Sister Meiyao?” Bai Yaowei shakes the head smiles: „Was I Heartless Devil Venerable...... you say?” This......” Shen Xiang has tarried immediately, that Heartless Devil Venerable unexpectedly is Bai Yaowei plays the role, now he understands why Bai Youyou and Su Meiyao thought this Heartless Devil Venerable is mystical. „Didn't you go to that Nine Heavenly Devil Palace?” Shen Xiang took a deep breath, in the mind is recalling many matters, if Heartless Devil Venerable is Bai Yaowei, then Ji Meixian is his niece. Bai Yaowei smiles lightly: It seems like they and your relationship is good, anything told you!” Then, he also heaved a deep sigh: Regarding Youyou, I have been unfair to her one time, afterward to make up for her, I play the role of Heartless Devil Venerable...... because afterward cultivated Ruthless Devil Art, became unfeeling, but also almost killed their apprentice sisters, again hurt thoroughly her heart, moreover I also passed to her Ruthless Devil Art.” She is now more open, she gave up Ruthless Devil Art, moreover she very much thinks your, they mentioned each time own Master, the mood is not very good.” Shen Xiang hastily moves in the furniture, making Bai Yaowei sit down: Uncle, it seems like you have very big harvest in Nine Heavenly Devil Palace, will otherwise not become that fierce, you should get rid of Ruthless Devil Art now!” Sees the appearance that Shen Xiang is ready to make trouble, Bai Yaowei to shake the head saying: No, in Nine Heavenly Devil Palace is unamusing, even if I go in now, is a narrow escape, because I luck good...... Found own thing in inside, can make me live coming out.” In Nine Heavenly Devil Palace has your thing?” The Shen Xiang doubts are puzzled. I do not know before, but enters in Nine Heavenly Devil Palace, sees my actually corpse, I know that I in the former also status, in that corpse contained strength of my previous generation, fused these strength and Divine Soul, I became such fierce, then fled from that terrifying place.” Bai Yaowei recalls the past events, in the look reveals a fear.

Shen Xiang understands immediately that this Bai Yaowei unexpectedly was one ancient times greatly can be reincarnated, with White Tiger Long Xueyi such, adopted the rebirth way resurrect. In the fierce devil of antique time, has Evil Emperor and Devil Emperor two! Devil Emperor is missing, Evil Emperor went to Heaven Evil Territory, then this Bai Yaowei, may at present is Devil Emperor! Uncle, is your previous existence Fifth of Nine Emperors inside Devil Emperor?” Shen Xiang said the question in heart, in his hand has a Devil Emperor dagger, is Devil Emperor. Bai Yaowei laughs: Why you think that I am Devil Emperor, but isn't Evil Emperor?” Shen Xiang said: You pass to Sister Youyou these devil art, is no one has! In the past that many years, had not spread. Also, Evil Emperor went to Heaven Evil Territory, only then you are missing.” But, you , if Devil Emperor, why you are the Punishing Demon Summit person?” Bai Yaowei said with a smile: My previous existence truly is Devil Emperor, but now I am only Bai Yaowei, is two daughters' fathers, no longer is any Devil Emperor.” Therefore, then you are keeping the dagger, if you do not need, can give Youyou or Ziqian.” Shen Xiang has not needed that Devil Emperor dagger now, his Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade is fierce enough. Uncle, does your niece, you know?” Ji Meixian here, Ji Meixian has been seeking for Heartless Devil Venerable. Afterward Shen Xiang told Bai Yaowei the Ji Meixian matter.

After listening, Bai Yaowei expression is complex, in the eye reveals a sorrow: This child, she can also live luckily, otherwise after me, does not have the honor to my younger sister.” She here, with Phoenix King together.” Shen Xiang told him the position, then gave him one set to contact the Bai Ziqian's secret marks. Shen Xiang has not mentioned him to help the Bai Ziqian's matter, but Bai Yaowei can see, Shen Xiang to his two daughters, that nieces extremely cared, therefore he also plans to help Shen Xiang. If you need, when the time comes I can help you to preserve Evil Dragon Burial Ground, this relates my bead.” Bai Yaowei throws to a Shen Xiang grain of black bead. Shen Xiang receives, expressed gratitude continually, but he had other plan. Uncle, you and Great Emperor of Ten Heavens friendship how?” Regarding the Devil Emperor matter, Shen Xiang knows not many, on Huang Jintian that ancient book also records many. Also good, his resurrect?” Bai Yaowei thought that this has the possibility very much: Among your suddenly becomes that fierce, should not be he will help your!” Almost...... He and Divine Craftsman came out.” Shen Xiang said that Qi Shi and Jiang Sheng two, have wanted to talk about old days with the old friend, in the past that many years, but can also live is not being easy. They want here, I can find their, I first look for Meixian to chat now.” Bai Yaowei turns into one group of black Qi, then vanish from sight.