World Defying Dan God - Volume 16 - Chapter 1595

Shen Xiang jokes: Your founder dog Tian Nu has not coordinated our Suppressing Devil Temple's big Palace Master direct dialog.” Courts death!” Fiendgod Cult old man flies into a rage, other believers are also same, is looking angrily at Shen Xiang, sees only sky over this plaza, among suddenly is cloudy, thunder cry is billowing, the blood-colored lightning constantly emerges, bursts out intermittent beautiful blood light. Shen Xiang comes here goal, is bothers, can great war, this also open here inadequately, moreover can the pain punch Fiendgod Cult. Big Palace Master Xu Teng stands there, looks calm, but in the heart worries incomparably, the back has seeped out the cold sweat. Thinks that fight and other hits on the stage!” The chilly sound conveys together, the airborne dark cloud diverges immediately, a that Tian Nu eye becomes red, is looking angrily at Shen Xiang, he has not thought that unexpectedly has the fellow to dare to provoke he. And other does dare to hit on stage? That awfully!” Tian Nu coldly said. I accompany certainly, has the time while the present, you asked for instructions your heaven well, making him from look for a son-of-a-bitch newly.” Shen Xiang smiles lightly. Is waiting to me!” That Tian Nu temperament is not very good, loudly shouted, shakes the people heart to be startled. Before Suppressing Devil Temple and Fiendgod Cult, has cooperated, because afterward some minor matters had the contradiction, finally evolves the important matter. Middle that compared with stage on, presents a lightning greatly suddenly. Wears the white clothing, where the handsome man appears, the body is bringing air/Qi of thick Sacred Spirit, understood at a glance that is fierce Saint Immortal. Everybody waited to be so long, I did not speak any pleasantries, everybody is clear today here reason.” That white clothing man said that the sound transmits eight sides, making the person hear to be very clear. In Evil Dragon Burial Ground has Dragon Vein, this Dragon Vein is world breeding, should be everybody has had the share, can enjoy, but actually possesses of by Subduing Dragon Sect now, therefore we must break through Evil Dragon Burial Ground, exterminates Subduing Dragon Sect, shares Dragon Vein.”

Hears this saying, Shen Xiang wants to come up to step on several foot that faces maliciously. But our a group of people without a leader, everybody sees only some contradictions, the way that therefore we must fight through the ratio today, selects a strength to be strongest, most can the persuasive person as the captain, everyone be able to participate, moreover when the time comes in any event, must listen to that person of dispatching.” suddenly, the sound deafening sound comes together: If some people don't listen?” Formidable Dragon Qi, such as the thunder sound transmits with that Shen Xiang frowned, this is Heavenly Dragon! If some people do not listen, is everybody's enemy, when the time comes I will eliminate that person first.” The man was very probably happy that after all now Heavenly Dragon Territory joins, making them capture Evil Dragon Burial Ground more relaxed. So long as has won, what making everybody make to make what?” Moreover the sound appears together, at this time people induced to strength of the stars, this should be hearsay expert in Stars Heaven Territory. So long as is primarily taking Dragon Vein, we must obey.” The man also said. Even if two groups of people successively appeared in plaza, walks into on some spatial seats, seems is some strength very formidable people, especially these Heavenly Dragon, do not restrain these Ba Shi full Dragon Qi. Heavenly dragon clan Dragon Emperor has not appeared, this makes Shen Xiang feel relieved much, he was only strange Long Xueyi goes to do, unexpectedly can also make Heavenly dragon clan bring that many dragon ginseng to add this congress. Shen Xiang and Xu Teng take a seat, wait compared with fighting to start, an audience peace, the atmosphere is depressing, several influences that because suddenly presents were too strong, presses many world of Nine Heaven big influences not to gasp for breath. Shen Xiang is paying attention to that Fire God Palace's Fire Emperor, this half remnant Fire Emperor, the complexion is unattractive, because his present relative strength some expert on the scene, anything is not, even was inferior including the Flower Empress this womenfolk.

How must, a bit faster say that do not waste the time, compares the result, directly attacks Evil Dragon Burial Ground, my person brought.” Person shouted. Friend who wants to strive for the command jurisdiction, thinks that is the strength is very strong, even many not knowing one's place, the time that the words that therefore hits, require is very long, even if branches out carries, definitely also the side refuses to accept, because the strength is almost the same.” The man said: Therefore we decide to limit a period of time, so long as cannot come out within the given time carries, must leave office.” Saying, the man puts out an hour glass, sees speed that these sand flow backwards, can forecast that has time of food. Regarding the strength suitable person, this was really too short, some expert great war, dozens days were hard to fire off. But if must make others believe completely, truly needs very strong strength to be good. „If there is left office, the opportunity of again coming up?” Some people asked. Opportunity, only then one time, is similar to they also leaves office, these two people did not have the qualifications to come up again.” Who starts first?” Ballot decided that the influence that if plans to participate, sends out one to represent the ballot now, each influence can only they enter the war.” Shen Xiang looks to Xu Teng, hints him to come up the ballot. Xu Teng gives him sound transmission: „Do I use?” He somewhat worried that can meet Fiendgod Cult, Shen Xiang was mad that Tian Nu a moment ago heavily. With, all gives me, you look at that's alright here.” Shen Xiang smiled to him: Puts with ease, fears anything!”

At this time many representatives of influence sent for the ballot, Shen Xiang paid attention, Hundred Flowers Palace and a Ice Dragon that clan was invited has not come up, after all they must help Shen Xiang's, they were invited see a play. What to do if makes the human life?” old man asked. In such a short time fights, the words that killed, he is not patching.” The youth said with a smile: His resurrect, he perhaps does not have the face to go on living!” The time of fight is very short, if the opposite party is very strong, cannot support, can only blame being too weak, or is not willing to admit defeat. This short competition, generally speaking, very difficult deceased person, even decides the victory and defeat is very difficult continually, many people can meet, when the time comes should have much ties to leave office. Therefore, from the beginning must erupt strongest strength to come, otherwise does not have the opportunity that the least bit wins, naturally will not defeat, only meets the tie! The advantage will not make many expert extremely ugly. Huang Jintian to Shen Xiang sound transmission, asked: If wants in such short time, to hit the person begs for mercy, or hits to lie the opposite party, this is very difficult! If I facing that many expert, supports by hard and stubborn effort, can support a tie.” The standard of achievement was to let the opposite party died fight strength, or was makes the opposite party admit defeat, killed the opposite party, this was truly difficult. After drawing lots, finally announced that making Shen Xiang feel somewhat accidentally, the Suppressing Devil Temple's match was Saint Thunder Heaven Territory, not hit with Heaven Evil Territory or Fiendgod Cult, the Suppressing Devil Temple's superiority greatly reduced.