World Defying Dan God - Volume 16 - Chapter 1596
The influence that attended the competition are not many, has more than ten, Suppressing Devil Temple and Saint Thunder Heaven Territory are fifth. If to has not come out a winner finally, from newly will have compared one time, if wins to two finally, competes with by these two, in brief, must come out a strength strongest captain. First is hitting of Fire God Palace and Saint Ice Heaven Territory, many people on the scene saw the result, by Fire Emperor that Great Emperor of Ten Heavens injures, still does not have recover completely, but Saint Ice Heaven Territory expert is old man, gets on the stage, the imposing manner puts, makes people feel the ice of penetrating to the bone to be cold. The Fire Emperor imposing manner in comparison, appeared weak. Has barrier compared with stage on, is several Heaven territory jointly arranges, has very strong resistivity, can not make inside strength spout. These Heaven territory Emperor Level characters have not come, but they send the fellow who enters the war, should be very high in Heaven territory inside status, is quite formidable one approved.” Shen Xiang somewhat could not completely understand that these Heaven territory procedures, the Emperor Level character has not appeared, explained that they do not regard as important to that Dragon Vein very much, but currently has on a grand scale comes one crowd of expert, looks like they take seriously that Dragon Vein. These Emperor Level expert had the tacit understanding, oneself do not go into action, lets under vie to see who better.” The hour glass in reverse, compared with fighting to start! This is time very urgent fight, just started that instantaneous, on two people compared with stage turns into two remnant shades immediately, dashes mutually, uses oneself strongest strength, collides to battle violently. They fight that instantaneous, square shape compared with fighting on stage, separates from the middle, Land of Ice and Snow, moreover while is the raging fire is steaming, Fire Dragon howls. The fight between Ice-Fire, is from the beginning intense, two formidable Saint Immortal, use is Holy Power, Ice-Fire strength that releases is terrorist.

The fire can melt the ice, after ice water, can fight fire, if the flame is weak, is unable to resist the fierce ice cold strength. Competition time cannot use weapon, therefore fight time is very wild Holy Power is all colliding. Although Fire Emperor only then 50% strengths, however his match is not that Emperor Level expert, he does not have in the people imagination to be suppressed from the beginning. Compared with fighting on stage, a Fire Emperor pair of hot fist is splattering the rock magma, is bringing burning hot incomparable strength, is sparkling the intense flame, the flame that the whole body burns, various barrier, make people feel burning hot incomparable. Fire Emperor sends out intermittent low and deep roaring, is similar to is burning the fierce positive beast of prey, treads the thick ice of under foot, fires into Saint Ice Heaven Territory old man, raises a boiling hot heat wave, ice sludge melting that splashing. Saint Ice Heaven Territory old man does not show weakness, the body white light sparkles, the body was covered by firm ice armor, the strength of Saint ice continuously spout from his body, turns into sharp lances, such as the thunder sudden downpour is common, is bringing deep cold strength, from all directions thorn to Fire Emperor. The ground also emits ice thorns, hinders the Fire Emperor advance the footsteps, but response of Fire Emperor very fast, beats, Violent Fire is steaming, routs these to attack his ice to puncture the ice spear, still with lightning speed fires into that old man. Several suddenly, before Fire Emperor moved sideways arrives at the Saint to ice the body of old man, pair of hot fist fire palms, back and forth fluctuates, turns into innumerable palm shade fist image, is similar to Tornado, covers that old man in inside, the wild flame howls unceasingly, as if the evil spirit calls out. That old man brow tight wrinkle, firm ice armor resists the crazy fierce attack of Fire Emperor, does not need to care about the body to be attacked, can set aside two hands, makes ice cold Holy Power, breaks through that flame tornado, concentrates various types of firm weapons, strikes to Fire Emperor. The time are not much, saw that hour glass must finish, the place above suddenly red cloud is intermittent, turns into a giant palm instantaneously, fierce pounding falls! Cloudy Fire Spirit palm!

Bang! Compared with fighting stage suddenly shakes, the steaming heat wave penetrates barrier, emerges compared with fighting around stage, covers entire plaza instantaneously, blows the people whole body to give off heat, the strength faint junior, sweats profusely, has a parched mouth. Although that barrier has not resisted this heat wave, but that barrier is very fierce, otherwise this plaza must turn into flame, the earth will be melted. This finished!” That youth shouted of management, compared with after fighting on stage the flame diverges, that Saint Ice Heaven Territory old man stands there, the body was covered by the thick ice layer, the Cloudy Fire Spirit palm hits that instantaneous, this old man causes itself a Little Bing mountain to wrap in inside, therefore he had not been defeated. They by any wound, the strength quite, they had not been hit satisfying, finished on suddenly, making them not be feeling well, suppresses the air/Qi that is very difficult to spit. Tie, next!” The second comparison has the quality of being worth looking, is Heavenly dragon clan to Stars Heaven Territory! Compared with fighting the stage regarding humanity was quite big, but regarding these huge Heavenly Dragon, put a claw to be insufficient continually, therefore this fight, Heavenly Dragon can only melt the turn into a human shape to fight, the strength will be weaken much. Even if cannot turn into huge Heavenly Dragon, steps onto that Heavenly Dragon middle age of stage, is still confident, he wears the black long gown, does not plan to take off, looks like like not needing such. Stars Heaven Territory person unexpectedly is youngster, looks like very young, not having the imposing manner of that Heavenly Dragon middle age, the people to have doubts, Stars Heaven Territory sends such little rascal to come up, was too careless. Although each influence has two quotas, but if first round comes out the winner, the second quota has not used.

Starts!” First what attacks is Stars Heaven Territory white clothing youngster, the movement is quick, probably shuttle space such, dodges to the body side of Heavenly Dragon middle age instantaneously, that slender arm is similar to the poisonous snake that speedily attacks, grasps to the throat of Heavenly Dragon middle age. In the crowd many people just saw that white clothing youngster to appear, his hand grasps seized the Heavenly Dragon middle age the throat, and also digs out bulk flesh and blood, that Heavenly Dragon middle age's throat blood hurricane, splashes that youngster whole body blood red. The person of observing, dumbstruck, they have not thought immediately Heavenly dragon clan middle-aged unexpectedly like this caused heavy losses all of a sudden, youngster of that attack lightning, one face does not believe looks at the throat of that wind blood. Only then Shen Xiang and other people saw that Heavenly Dragon middle age is false! This is Dragon Clan Transformation Technique inside camouflage, Shen Xiang is skilled this move. Sure enough, in the instance that white clothing youngster is in a daze, black dragon claw, fierce grasping to the head of that youngster, then vigorously clamps, the head of that youngster explodes immediately, ** splits open, blood like bubbling spring. Such died! This Heavenly dragon clan got rid too to be really cruel, among them simply did not have what hatred, but also only then this can win.