World Defying Dan God - Volume 16 - Chapter 1597

Heavenly dragon clan this wild method, making Stars Heaven Territory be furious immediately, intense murderous aura is similar to the haze is ordinary, is covering the big piece sky, but this has not violated the rule that the ratio fights. That strength, do not send, died to finish to blame others, actually does not think that was your overestimate one's capabilities, died getting what one deserves!” Compared with fighting on stage that Heavenly Dragon middle age steps down the stage slowly, he a moment ago brought Heavenly dragon clan to come, is strongest that. In the people heart to rejoice in other people's misfortune, Stars Heaven Territory truly overestimate one's capabilities, fierce old fellow did not call, actually sent youngster, they regarded as the exercise this evidently, actually does not know to strive for command jurisdiction, all parties will send out strongest one person, got rid is strongest. That youngster of dying was truly strong, young was Saint Immortal, trained to have boundless prospects, but actually dies now. Second, has to obtain the victor of this hard bargain competition, matter that also presents the deceased person. Then is third, Heaven Evil Territory to the Divine Craftsman mountain village, making people think what is funny, from the beginning the Divine Craftsman mountain village admitted defeat. Fourth is Fiendgod Cult and Heavenly Sword City, what Heavenly Sword City is strongest is only melts Sacred Realm eight then already, but Fiendgod Cult founder Tian Nu is Saint Devil, was worried that will be cut to kill, Heavenly Sword City old City Lord also from the beginning admits defeat. Following fifth, people somewhat anticipated, because is the fight of Suppressing Devil Temple and Saint Thunder Heaven Territory! Suppressing Devil Temple's Temple Protector, very provocative Fiendgod Cult Tian Nu not awfully, evidently was a moment ago talented, making people think that Suppressing Devil Temple was very strong. Now gets on the stage is not Suppressing Devil Temple's big Palace Master, but is that Temple Protector, causes youngster that the person cannot help but remembered the beforehand that dead, blood of that youngster also on stage. Suppressing Devil Temple has not sent strongest big Palace Master, might like a moment ago that youngster, was struck to kill instantaneously. Saint Thunder Heaven Territory arranges, the white clothing man who a moment ago was responsible for managing, he also revealed over several moment ago, the strength is very strong, is responsible for this congress, the right to speak is very high. „Do you no longer consider? For achievement, I when the time comes will not keep the hand.” Be responsible for shouting starts is this Saint Thunder Heaven Territory man, he said that but actually hopes that Shen Xiang can remain to fight with him, he thought that this can win is more relaxed. Idle talk little said that a bit faster starts.” The Shen Xiang coldly reply, the expression is rampant, lets that male very life Qi/angry. Starts!” The white clothing man shouted to clear the way coldly.

Because shouted the one who starts is this white clothing man, therefore he grasped the most essential attack moment, he just shouted that several water jar thick golden color lightnings, chop to hit crazily, without any gap, chops to dodge one after another, covers Shen Xiang, that glittering golden light, is reduced to the people heart panic-stricken, this Holy Power lightning was really too wild, was similar to is striking the earth, shook the ground continuously swayed. Thunder Gang who erupts, turns into golden mist astral wind, penetrates that barrier, wreaks havoc entire plaza, audiences expert is having to collaborate parry Thunder Gang, if sweeps across the entire city, the casualty will be innumerable, this big city will be razed by fierce golden Thunder Gang. As can be seen, this white clothing man at this time the anger in heart big, looks like his self-control is extremely good, but he gets angry, makes people think that he changed person. The continual thunder lightning attack, has continued hour glass 50% time, the firm ratio fights the stage to be rumbled big hole, shocking incomparable is not that white clothing man crazy terror lightning strength, but stands in that pit inside person. Shen Xiang has protected the clothes as far as possible, but the clothes were divided to hit burned black, burns many holes, his hair very is also very chaotic, but his straight back, is full of the strength body, the bright eye, can explain that fierce thunder was not big to the influence that other party became a moment ago. The white clothing man frowns tightly, this is unreasonable regarding him, during the attack, he has not induced to the fluctuation of aura slightly, explained that the opposite party has not resisted with strength in within the body, but can actually resist fiercely attacking of his hundred thousand Heavenly Thunder. Before Qi Shi, some had not determined that this person is Shen Xiang, because Shen Xiang hid too well, if did not see Shen Xiang to be able with formidable fleshly body to resist this terrifying Golden Lightning a moment ago, he is not possibly able to see flaw. Suppressing Devil Temple unexpectedly has this and other fierce characters!” Mu Qianxiang knits the brows: Master, after it seems like you, must take back Suppressing Devil Temple more difficult.” Is will be more difficult, perhaps this fellow also cultivated Suppressing Devil Golden Body.” Lu Qinlian lightly snorted: Elder sister, can be that little rascal?” Is unlikely, we also had seen a while ago him, several months, is he so strong?” Xiao Lizhi shakes the head to say. Lu Qilian had not replied that the females do not know she is thinking anything. Ji Meixian thought that may be Shen Xiang, but she has not said that was worried that can make Shen Xiang expose, destroys the Shen Xiang's plan. Shen Xiang walks from that pit, on the face is having the smile: You a bit faster admit defeat, I do not want to kill you!” Saint Thunder Heaven Territory overall is powerful, will otherwise not be the Saint Thunder Heaven Territory person will be responsible for presiding over this congress, regarding the command jurisdiction, their Saint Thunder Heaven Territory will win, must make this white clothing man admit defeat is impossible. Has a dream!” White clothing man both hands suddenly lightens purple light glow, lightning glow jumps to dodge, the under foot shakes, blows out lightning , to promote his body, making him be similar to escapes the string the arrow, shoots fiercely toward Shen Xiang.

Sees the opposite party so fast clashes, the Shen Xiang eye publicizes some slightly, the motion path of catch opposite party, making the opposite party in his eyes very slow. Two contain the hand of belt wild Saint thunder strength, pounds to his head, another is to turn into the sharp claws, grasps to his abdomen. Shen Xiang catch to the directions of two hands, has not moved aside, but is Divine Power of revolution within the body, then controls the ingenious revolution of Divine Power, meets the approaching enemy the double fist of opposite party that Purple Lightning glittering. The both hands of white clothing man arrived in front of Shen Xiang, but Shen Xiang can still respond to resist, this unexpected speed, impressive. They to striking, the people revolution strength, the preparation resists fallout that erupts immediately, that barrier is very difficult to resist this expert to fallout that the wartime erupts. When the people think the wave must sweep across all at once, a sound does not have, the people see only that white clothing man to look deathly pale, afterward is weak in the ground. „...... Transforming Bone Devil Palm!” The white clothing youth whole face is panic-stricken, the sound trembles said. Snort!” Shen Xiang to a that body foot, will be kicking the martial arts contest stage softly vigorously, a foot of that heavily is bringing powerful incomparable Divine Power, Heaven Dan of direct bang broken white clothing man, will make into a disabled person. The white clothing man Saint Thunder Heaven Territory person catches, has fainted deadly in the past, is killed by Shen Xiang, but the people thought that might as well killing him, that Holy Power was discarded, compared with dying also miserably, the words that must recover, can only expensive incomparable Saint pill be good. The Suppressing Devil Temple's person, unexpectedly understood that uses that to make Transforming Bone Devil Palm that one is panic at the news, goes to opposite party skeleton instantaneously, this makes people think very inconceivable. Deals with the Evil Devil person specially, understands devil art! However the people are very curious, how his Transforming Bone Devil Palm comes, after all that is lost very long devil art, many old fellow on the scene are clear, in the past Fifth of Nine Emperors inside Devil Emperor, had frightened many expert with this Transforming Bone Devil Palm. Ji Meixian affirmed, on the stage this person is Shen Xiang, she knows that Bai Youyou Su Meiyao with Shen Xiang together, Bai Youyou has taught these devil art to Shen Xiang, she looks to Phoenix King nearby Bai Yaowei, on the Bai Yaowei face full is the smiling face. Bai Yaowei sees Shen Xiang to use that well own Transforming Bone Devil Palm, in the heart is very haughty, this move, a move of person, the skeleton by, him will withstand unexpectedly the test in the past, causes the fellow who many and he fights, is with trepidation. Suppressing Devil Temple wins, next!” Be responsible for shouting propaganda turned into old man, at this time he is looking angrily at Shen Xiang, because this old man is also Saint Thunder Heaven Territory. Following, is the fight of Xie Family and Ten Thousand Pill Immortal Country, has tied, must therefore.

Now what can enter the next round is Heavenly dragon clan, Heaven Evil Territory, Fiendgod Cult and Suppressing Devil Temple, they will draw lots, competes with again, the rule was the same with before, must defeat the opposite party in a short time. Shen Xiang, Tian Nu and Heavenly Dragon middle age and a Heaven Evil Territory tall and thin man, draws lots. After the result comes out, Shen Xiang and that Tian Nu unexpectedly laugh, because and other is their fights. „The Suppressing Devil Temple's fellow, your time of death arrived, only if you admit defeat.” Tian Nu said with a smile cloudy. Copes with your this devil, is really my Suppressing Devil Temple is most adept, we are second, your also a little time confession things to do after death.” Saying with a smile of Shen Xiang coldly. Wait and see!” Tian Nu coldly snorted, returns to the seat. Then was contest between Heavenly dragon clan and Heaven Evil Territory, Heaven Evil Territory before and Divine Craftsman mountain village compares, but the Divine Craftsman mountain village admitted defeat, therefore the people cannot see the Heaven Evil Territory strength. This time can feast one's eyes on, lead of Heavenly dragon clan is formidable, killed Stars Heaven Territory youngster a moment ago all of a sudden, Heaven Evil Territory facing terrifying Heavenly Dragon, the pressure definitely is not so small. But second Fiendgod Cult and Suppressing Devil Temple's fight, is the people anticipated the Temple Protector that Suppressing Devil Temple suddenly braves is mystical, powerful did not say, but also understood Transforming Bone Devil Palm that is lost, making that Saint Thunder Heaven Territory outstanding Saint Immortal eat one to owe greatly. Although the present is to form an alliance, but Suppressing Devil Temple definitely will be hated from now on by Saint Thunder Heaven Territory! In the past many years...... Has not thought that we can also meet, but can also get, in the past when we were young grievances, hopes that today can solve!” Heavenly Dragon gets on the facial countenance full is smiling face, but both eyes actually fill killing intent.