World Defying Dan God - Volume 16 - Chapter 1598
Now to the both sides of war, unexpectedly is the acquaintance, but is the old match. If the strength quite, they are unable to understand grievances here, but dragon head of that day leads to be confident, Heaven Evil Territory that tall and thin man somewhat is instead alarmed and afraid. That old man of management must shout starts, airborne suddenly a very strong pressure, the people look up, see only a formidable middle age, treadons lightning, from far runs spatially, making in the sky send out intermittent sad thunder cry. Sees this person to arrive, the Saint Thunder Heaven Territory person arrives on a flat land, bows to salute, high shouted: Welcomed Thunder Emperor!” Comes person unexpectedly is Thunder Emperor, in this people hearts jumps, this is Emperor Level expert of genuine goods at reasonable prices, although was not past Fifth of Nine Emperors that but truly Saint Thunder Heaven Territory strongest character, otherwise does not dare to say Thunder Emperor. Shen Xiang looks that whole face is dignified, competitive Thunder Emperor, in heart some disturbed, now everyone can look, this Thunder Emperor meets suddenly to appear, definitely comes because of the matter of beforehand that white clothing men's, was hit an important subordinate, Thunder Emperor will come remnantly is also very normal. After that crowd of Saint Thunder Heaven Territory person salutes, immediately reported report here matter, several also to sitting direct there Shen Xiang, understood at a glance that is telling Thunder Emperor, the person who injures the white clothing man is Shen Xiang. The arrival of Thunder Emperor, lets hideaway Bai Yaowei and Qi Shi here is ready to make trouble, because this is the match who is worth them facing , the strength is very strong. They know the Shen Xiang's status, therefore thinks or has the opportunity to get rid, so long as this Thunder Emperor to Shen Xiang fight, they will certainly get rid to protect Shen Xiang. This Thunder Emperor looked at Shen Xiang, expression is light, but everyone can feel his killing intent!

little rascal you have troubled, this Thunder Emperor evidently was the father of that fellow a moment ago.” Huang Jintian said with a smile. How do you know?” Shen Xiang asked. Looked that his murderous aura knew, is not the father of that fellow, is Master, looks at their appearances, is somewhat similar, you hit remnant that a moment ago, but Thunder Emperor Crown Prince master.” Huang Jintian teased: Prepares for and this Thunder Emperor gets one, making me have a look at your present strength.” Relax, when the time comes is not one's turn me to get rid.” Shen Xiang he he smiles, was not worried that still looks calm, but sits in his Xu Teng actually already the whole body cold sweat, because Thunder Emperor that murderous aura comes to them. The arrival of Thunder Emperor, making other Heaven territory expert in a low voice discuss that Shen Xiang hears these discussions the words, knows the status of that white clothing man, if is really that Thunder Emperor son. Since is the Thunder Emperor son, that has not discarded, as Thunder Emperor, understanding Pill Saint definitely has, perhaps has Saint pill on hand. But before these Emperor Level expert, has not come, really has the agreement in private, for does not give these juniors to result in the pressure. Shen Xiang thought that Thunder Emperor should thank him, because he kept the hand, before dragon head lead(er) of that day, started more than his very ruthless, killed Stars Heaven Territory youngster all of a sudden, did not have including the disabled opportunity. Thunder Emperor sits on a very spacious chair, waved, hints to continue to start, does not know that he has what purpose in coming, definitely is not observes, the people thought that might come to Suppressing Devil Temple very much, Suppressing Devil Temple will not have Emperor Level expert to support, then might be destroyed completely by Saint Thunder Heaven Territory very much.

Saint Thunder Heaven Territory destroys completely the Suppressing Devil Temple's words, nobody dares to say anything, no one wants to become enemies with Emperor Level expert. Starts!” The hour glass one in reverse, means compared with fighting to start to time, but day dragon head gets the tall and thin men not immediately fight with evil territory, does not fight like the beforehand these ratios, from the beginning launches the swift and violent attack. Although they do not have fight, but they actually in crazy storing up strength, especially Heavenly dragon clan that leader, he in air/Qi of sky condense huge portion rich Sacred Spirit, make airborne fluctuate thick golden cloud layer, the [gold/metal] cloud of that tuck dive came from the rewiring in all directions, collides the intense golden lightning, is full of the incomparable pressure dragon power, depresses unceasingly, making the people somewhat unable to ventilate. This is Heavenly Dragon Seal!” Shen Xiang looked: Should executes evil Sacred Seal, specifically is used to cope with Evil Devil!” Heaven Evil Territory the great stress, especially that tall and thin man on stage, looks dignified immediately, but he also refuses to admit being inferior, the body reappears light purple Qi mist, is having one to the evil aura, from his body splattering, concentrates finally in his front purple black Qi ball, that Qi ball has had the change gradually, turns into a glittering dark purple light spheroid, seems like inside condense very powerful evil strength. They probably had were tacitly same, unexpectedly has not carried on that type frenziedly to striking, but was preparing itself strongly struck, fought out in that quarter one move finally. Seeing these two must display strikes, prepares to resist, in order to avoid and other that breaknecks was made to be off their feet. Hour glass inside sand must leak quickly, strength that they store up was intrepid, even if has not attacked, but that two energies have actually produced the resonance, one type fills the hostile resonance, making the ground sway, like momentarily can crack the innumerable cracks.

The people were best to prepare, release a strength guard shield to resist. Started!” Shen Xiang has not resisted like other people, his fleshly body is so intrepid, does not need to protect itself with Divine Power again. The hour glass will soon leak that instantaneous, dragon roar of bang is similar to the thunderclap explosive is together ordinary, the suddenly shake comes, in the ratio fights around stage person, was similar own heart to be broken by that dragon roar, the whole body blood turned to well up. Heavenly Dragon launched the attack, cloud layer suddenly that sky that golden light four dodge turns into sparkle eye-catching Golden Dragon, although the build is not very huge, but that vast imposing manner is scary, dives from the upper air, strikes to that Heaven Evil Territory tall and thin man, the time of attacking, compared with fighting stage suddenly split open, is similar to the sea water fluctuates such floating disruption. Purple light ball suddenly of Heavenly Evil man chest loses that monster different purple light, instead the black ghost is steaming, presents an vortex in the middle of black ball, like can the devour myriad things, he hold up that black ball high, sees only the time that Golden Dragon dashes, huge portion strength by that black ball Devour. What that Heavenly Dragon uses executes evil Sacred Seal, copes with the strength of Evil Devil to have the injury of amplification, hits on that black ball, still shakes intermittent qi wave, penetrates that barrier, shakes the plaza ground to present many fissures, these upholstery plaza thick big stone brick, majority have disrupted. The hour glass only then a point, must tie shortly, black ball suddenly split open that Heavenly Evil man both hands lift up high, black Qi explodes, afterward airborne lowers golden flying dragon, dashes suddenly, hits on the head of that Heavenly Evil man, making him put out a black blood.