World Defying Dan God - Volume 16 - Chapter 1599

The attack of Heavenly Dragon has not ended, the airborne [gold/metal] cloud turns into Golden Dragon one after another, is bringing strongly executes evil Holy Power, is similar to the raindrop falls into the ratio to fight the stage generally. plaza had wreaked havoc has looked awful, moreover this two executed evil Holy Dragon strength a moment ago, at this time that many strip hit, definitely will raze here, perhaps links plaza all around house to be affected. When the people are panic-stricken, Thunder Emperor beckons, sees only violent wind filled with dust to come, violent wind filled with dust glittering [say / way] Purple Lightning, is turning into a cover, fights the stage to cover that ratio, fights stage revolving to howl regarding the ratio, lightning flash thunder cry, wind and cloud color deterioration. Compared with fighting in stage, Golden Dragon continuous pounding falls, blows out intermittent golden flash, as well as shakes, Thunder Emperor gets rid strength that isolates in that to erupt, has not presented that scene in people imagination. Finished!” Saint Thunder Heaven Territory old man shouted, compared with fighting the stage becomes tranquil, the airborne [gold/metal] cloud diverges, Thunder Emperor receives his strength, that horrible to look at ratio fights on stage, is lying down a tall and thin man, lost the battle efficiency. Heavenly Dragon Territory wins!” The Heaven Evil Territory person rushes to come to power to help up that tall and thin man immediately, looks like the body is complete, but fainted deadly in the past, injured is not too heavy. Attacked facing this type crazily had not died, this strength also calculated well. Although wins, but dragon head of that day gets on the face not to have a smiling face, definitely is because is unable to kill that Heavenly Evil man, has not mediated their grievances. Compared with fighting the stage has ruined, was considering in the Saint Thunder Heaven Territory person if wanted suspends a period of time, the repair ratio fights the stage the time, that Tian Nu shouted: Rotted rotted, we cannot stand on the flat land can hit.”

expert fight time, float in the air great war that is very normal matter, that Tian Nu could not wait to kill Shen Xiang, will therefore say. I do not matter, since this son-of-a-bitch sharply is dying, I also want a bit faster to help him.” Shen Xiang enrages that Tian Nu with a very rampant tune intentionally. Fiendgod Cult practice method, but needs to do many matters wicked haughty, before Shen Xiang is very early, has experienced, therefore this war, he must destroy completely this Tian Nu today in any event. Shen Xiang and Tian Nu want to get on the stage time, suddenly very strong pressure arrive, is Emperor Level expert arrives. Shen Xiang has not been surprised, Thunder Emperor came, other Emperor Level characters also will definitely appear. Person who comes is a person of wear a look of black mask, wears the black robe, has an elegant long hair, from his build and that pair of big hand, this is a man, the whole body has a very strong evil strength, he treads dark clouds to come, landing time in Heaven Evil Territory that place. He looked at a moment ago the injury of defeated that tall and thin man, puts out a grain of golden meatball to squeeze in his mouth, then sits on a chair, looks like does not have the Thunder Emperor that high-sounding talk. The people can affirm that this person should be Heaven Evil Territory Evil Emperor! Senior, is he that Evil Emperor that you know?” Shen Xiang gave Qi Shi sound transmission immediately, Evil Emperor went to Heaven Evil Territory, now appears also called Evil Emperor, this made Shen Xiang very curious.

In the past Great Emperor of Ten Heavens and relationship of Evil Emperor surface was very ordinary, even was a little contradictory, but was secretly good, this was Duan Ming tells Shen Xiang's. „It is not he, fellow is not coquettish.” Qi Shi replied: Next was your brat, can you kill that Tian Nu? This bald is very weird, Fiendgod with cultivating, god for auxiliary, the demon is a focus, does not repel mutually! This practice method is not this thing can create absolutely, behind him definitely also has a fierce fellow.” Did not say that Heavenly dragon clan Dragon Emperor came, careful, this Dragon Emperor cultivate Spirit is fierce, can perhaps discover our sound transmission, even listens secretly.” Qi Shi just said that airborne presents a leaf of very huge golden Dragon Gate. Dragon Gate opens, such as the mountain-like huge golden color large cart, is hauled by two big dragons, the big dragon roared, made threatening gestures, is treading [gold/metal] Yun, was towing grandly such as the giant large cart of mountain, drove slowly from the horizon, the scene shocked. At this time entire Heaven territory Sacred City has seethed with excitement, although the people already know that today will have many Heaven territory expert gatherings here, but has not thought that unexpectedly can witness this formidable big dragon, but that two very big dragon, unexpectedly pulls a cart, may think that is similar to the large cart of palace, is a how extraordinary character. The big dragon and large cart, stay in the upper air, Heavenly dragon clan all dragons immediately soar, goes to greet, at this time wants to know with the knee that is Heavenly Dragon Territory Dragon Emperor! Sees this Dragon Emperor to arrive, that side a Ice Dragon clan, emits a resentment immediately, they are very angry, because their Ice Dragon Old Ancestor supreme Dragon Vein screened out by that Dragon Emperor plan. little rascal, if you defeat that Tian Nu, finally will fight with that Heavenly Dragon, when you best are leaving no ground blows away that fellow, that Dragon Emperor must get rid, I and Old Bai will also get rid, I have informed Old Jiang, he and other will arrive.” Qi Shi when that Dragon Emperor has not arrived, hastily gives Shen Xiang sound transmission: Attacks the Evil Dragon Burial Ground matter, here solves!”

Shen Xiang suddenly has an inexplicable tense feeling, he has not calculated that before attended the meeting to emit Emperor Level expert, in five Heaven territory, Heavenly Dragon Territory, Heaven Evil Territory and Saint Thunder Heaven Territory Great Emperor arrived here, remaining Stars Heaven Territory and Saint Ice Heaven Territory, will definitely come. Heavenly Dragon Territory Dragon Emperor appeared, arrives with that crowd of Heavenly Dragon compared with fighting near in stage the seat, this Dragon Emperor is a tall and strong old man, a white long hair combs very neatly, that pair of severe pupil has swept the people, making people feel one immediately to the strong pressure, he wears a golden imperial robe, bringing audiences formidable Heavenly Dragon to walk into the seat. Thunder Emperor is first arrived here, he comes is because his son was hit remnantly, other Heaven territory reported the report to come up immediately, therefore other Emperor Level characters caught up, was the same with Thunder Emperor, person who here met, was these Great Emperor has close relationship person. This Dragon Emperor really came, Xueyi? Where did she go?” Shen Xiang starts to worry that Long Xueyi and Leng Youlan are now missing, Shen Xiang thinks their possibly together. Afterward, Saint Ice Heaven Territory Ice Emperor and Stars Heaven Territory Star Emperor also one after another arrives, they are the same with Evil Emperor, is quite low-key, is comes, that Ice Emperor is a hoary-headed grandma, Star Emperor is a look is average, puts on the simple middle age, not that type the imposing manner of absorbing the person.