World Defying Dan God - Volume 17 - Chapter 1600

These Great Emperor are new, is not that ancient Fifth of Nine Emperors Venerable in the past, whom compares to owe as for their strengths and ancient Fifth of Nine Emperors who is weak, understanding that this was very difficult saying that has not hit anyone not to know. Here most is not feeling well should be Fire Emperor, although does not have new Great Emperor to replace his position, but this time strength is awkward, this makes him hate Great Emperor of Ten Heavens, regrets and Great Emperor of Ten Heavens for the enemy. Shen Xiang also discovered that a quite interesting matter, is these five new Great Emperor come here time, looks at Fire Emperor one, in the look has revealed one type to pity and taunt, it seems like in the past these five new Great Emperor knew Fire Emperor, the strength definitely is also inferior to Fire Emperor. However present Fire Emperor, is actually well below them, this feeling also makes in their hearts very comfortable. Five new Great Emperor, in addition Qi Shi, Bai Yaowei and Fire Emperor these three ancient Great Emperor, here had eight, waits for also to have Jiang Sheng this soldier Venerable the arrival, perhaps in the ancient times time, little had the meeting of this Emperor Level expert. Bai Yaowei and Qi Shi hid, that five new Great Emperor had not discovered that Shen Xiang looked at Qi Shi, discovered that his facial expression is very relaxed. Qi Shi with remnant soul resurrect, did not have in the past one type strength that together looks disdainfully Nine Heavens, but he has said that even if his present strength, must kill 1-2 this Great Emperor, camel of skinny is big, let alone Qi Shi not thin, his Heaven and Earth Slaughtering Technique does not crack a joke. In a seat of Ice Dragon clan, are unknowingly many another handsome man, on the face is bringing smiling, this was in the past that famous Divine Craftsman! He had said do not need change appearance, because in the past his appearance was a bad old man, he has soaked many years in that Emperor's Tomb, felt rejuvenated, became very young, only then can recognize him with he very familiar old friend. Hits...... How to hit? I come to here am look to fight!” Just arrived here Jiang Sheng, seeing that many expert to gather, immediately was happy, is shouting blindly, he liked looking at others to fight probably. Because suddenly came several Great Emperor, the atmosphere is depressing, nobody dares to speak a few words, during a piece is peaceful, Jiang Sheng that smart-alecky sound appears very clear, making the people immediately look to him.

Qi Shi has hit immediately, initially Jiang Sheng exited catches the dragon to eat, but has let escape several Heavenly Dragon, perhaps in the Heavenly Dragon group. Jiang Sheng had not been discovered that with a laugh is curling upwards the leg. Continues compared with the war, please go on stage.” old man settles the throat clear, clear and resonant voice shouted. Shen Xiang is actually very calm, steps onto that sores all over the eye ratio to fight the stage, that Tian Nu has not felt any pressure, is stroking the bald above trace, steps the stride to walk. Has not shouted starts, that Tian Nu launches the both arms, face upwards to bellow: Fiendgod Great Emperor!” His that shocking roar falls, airborne is cloudy immediately, crazy Thunder Meng dividing hits together on him, sees only this Tian Nu body suddenly to inflate, the muscle is very towering fiercely, two eyes one black 100, looks like very strange scary. Those who let all people change countenance, on him that to the strength of strong Fiendgod, Evil Devil strength, is especially strong, lets the Evil Emperor brow tight wrinkle on the scene, but that Divine Power imposing manner, is makes cultivate Spirit people on the scene feel that the soul is trembling. I am Fiendgod Great Emperor, brat, your time of death.” The Tian Nu voice becomes very hoarse, as if two people are the same in the speech. Shen Xiang retreat several steps, opposite party strength is really too fearful, he thought that the opposite party is two Emperor Level expert fuses together such, has two formidable souls. Dragon Emperor under field and other Great Emperor, the whole face is dignified, will obviously be they have not expected will have the so formidable fellow to go to battle.

You grasp very strong Suppressing Devil divine art, you how me, the shame I died!” Tian Nu both arms that towering blue vein, can see inside to flow bunch of black-and-white strength, is very scary. Jiang Sheng with a laugh, was serious a moment ago at this time, he knows that on the stage that person is Shen Xiang, but the Shen Xiang's match was so fierce, making him be worried. Hasn't started?” Tian Nu to that been shocked old man loudly shouted. Opens...... Starts!” That old man responded that shouted. Commencing of action! Compared with fighting ground suddenly of stage presents black liquids, that is very strong Evil Devil strength, Shen Xiang fierce jump gets up, avoids being seeped within the body, but airborne suddenly presents a golden sacred hand imprint, pounds to fall suddenly, covers the entire ratio to fight the stage, making Shen Xiang nowhere move aside. Bang! A dull thumping sound, compared with fighting stage has shaken, ground these black liquids turn into Qi mist, evaporates does not see, but Shen Xiang had not been pressed, he shuttles back and forth the space, arrives at that hand imprint the sky. This bastard, resembles suddenly to have any fierce thing to take possession, making him all of a sudden that fierce.” The Shen Xiang congealing eyebrow looks under, if beforehand Tian Nu, he perhaps does not have a pressure, fellow but who faces now, is that anything Fiendgod Great Emperor, this makes him feel very weak. Can evade that hand imprint a moment ago, and float arrives airborne, only then the penetration space can achieve, but that hand imprint pressed a moment ago, in addition ground that evil incomparable demon ghost, making the space very unstable, but Shen Xiang can pass through, this type to the ability that the space has, making in the people heart exclaim in surprise secretly.

Fiendgod domain!” Tian Nu loudly shouted, sees only entire martial arts contest stage suddenly to present a black-and-white giant sphere, covers Shen Xiang and Tian Nu in inside, formidable Fiendgod strength, has reinforced inside space, letting Shen Xiang is unable with ease the shuttle space. This brat so was a moment ago rampant, now died!” Has not thought that this Tian Nu also really has many skills, perhaps before us, sees, is only that anything Fiendgod Great Emperor clone, now the main body came!” Said that what he faces is Emperor Level expert?” The people see that firmly incomparable, the translucent black-and-white sphere, discussed with amazement. Relax, I will finish quickly, I will let you in the shortest time, enjoys this in society most painful suffering.” That Tian Nu laughs, double palm waves, the black golden palm shade is similar to the tide, blotting out the sky firing into Shen Xiang. You think really I am so good to cope? Idiot who says the lackey!” Shen Xiang said with a sneer, body suddenly presents energy shield, energy shield above full is abstruse sacred spirit pattern, sparkles the intermittent glare, these palm shade knocked out above, were purified completely. Obtains Godhead Shen Xiang, spells to assign, is not good to cope.