World Defying Dan God - Volume 17 - Chapter 1602
After revolving that chant, Shen Xiang's eyes golden light sparkles, whole body Divine Power winds around, both hands gush out liquid general Demon Execution god Gang unceasingly. Sees this god Gang, Bai Yaowei at present one brightly, he associates to anything immediately, although Bai Yaowei is a big devil, but he is also the Punishing Demon Summit person, knew about this Demon Execution god Gang very that he could see Shen Xiang also utilizes the insufficient quantity to this Demon Execution god Gang, he guessed that some people are instructing Shen Xiang in secret, but this unexpectedly not by the Divine Power strong Dragon Emperor discovery. Shen Xiang has not controlled god Gang who good condense to come out, therefore turns into the liquid to gush out both hands, at this time that Tian Nu emitted the black ball that two demon ghost condense become. That two black ball hits to Shen Xiang, after god Gang who Shen Xiang overflowing receives, the double palm still has strong remaining god Gang, his double palm wields, hits can have the fierce explosion to that two demon ghost black ball. pā pā two, that two black ball of implication terrifying demon ghosts, unexpectedly turns into black Qi instantaneously, making the people open the eye immediately, they saw this type of black ball a moment ago very awfully, if has not defended, was exploded remnantly is uncertain, but Shen Xiang's two palms, making into black Qi. Shen Xiang controlled Demon Execution god Gang to have some experiences at this time, the revolution, mobile whole body, both hands and both legs are most. This Demon Execution god Gang not only makes him have to cope with Evil Devil formidable strength, can strengthen his strength, at this time he thought that the body is lithe, the intention moves, these strange and formidable Demon Execution god Gang along with his intention, lead his body to plunder that Tian Nu side instantaneously. Shen Xiang suddenly arrives at own side, under the Tian Nu startled anger, a fist pounds. pā! Shen Xiang displays Devil Subduing Energy that nine sounds unite to make strikes Devil Subduing Fist, in addition that Demon Execution god Gang, making this fist very terrifying, this very firm space, suddenly presents a big piece of fissure, the space fissure spreads to the entire sky, extends several li (0.5km) space fissure continually is similar to the spider web covers the sky, lets in the person heart panic-stricken, as if the world must split is the same. The so terrifying fist, welcomed the Tian Nu black fist strike to go! Tian Nu that full is the fist of Fiendgod black ghost has not moved god Gang, was given to grind by that Qi Energy, the entire arm turns into the flying ash instantaneously. Shen Xiang sees not to bump into the fist of Tian Nu, destroys completely the entire arm of Tian Nu, in his heart admires to that Demon Execution god Gang, the hastily control fist change direction, hits to the head of Tian Nu.

No one has expected Shen Xiang unexpectedly to be able in that very short instance, the change fist road, very inconceivable hitting to the head of Tian Nu, his fist bang on the head of Tian Nu, resembles iron hammer heavily to strike on together the charcoal. The head of Tian Nu turns into the black pellet that a piece breaks to pieces, Shen Xiang by this fist is also given surprisedly, but this has also consumed his massive Divine Power. The after head of Tian Nu was destroyed, one group of black Qi spout from the place of nape of the neck, this is Tian Nu Divine Soul, unexpectedly is the black, turns into a giant shadow, covers the ratio to fight the stage. I want devour your calling back the soul of the deceased, Grasping Soul Devil Curse!” Tian Nu severe Xiao gets up, big racket that a shadow turns into to Shen Xiang. Tian Nu Divine Soul is exceptionally formidable, after being separated from the body, turns into one group of naked eye obvious shadows, that giant shadow at this time in compared with fighting on stage severe Jiao, is sounding unceasingly very terroristly. Shen Xiang induces to opposite party Divine Soul is separated from fleshly body, displays Grasping Soul Devil Curse immediately, the soul of fast devour opposite party, seeks for the memory that he needs. This Tian Nu unexpectedly understands Grasping Soul Devil Curse, the people whole face is panic-stricken, hastily is far away from that ratio to fight the stage, was worried one will also be affected by Grasping Soul Devil Curse. When everybody Shen Xiang danger(ous), that Tian Nu unexpectedly call out: You...... You also understand Grasping Soul Devil Curse,......” Tian Nu that black Divine Soul, fast changes along with that severe Jiao is small, finally vanish from sight, the body of Tian Nu also turned into one group of black Qi, dissipates in between Heaven and Earth. Hour glass inside sand also has little to leak, but Tian Nu died, Shen Xiang wins that this ratio fights! The people have not recovered, Shen Xiang has stepped down the stage, the people thought that he is true Fiendgod, grasps very fearful Suppressing Devil divine art, but has to understand that made one be panic at the news, is lost for a long time devil art, moreover used is very skilled!

Uses Grasping Soul Devil Curse to cope with Soul Body is best, Bai Yaowei is not accidental, he in strange, among whose is suddenly teaches Shen Xiang that Demon Execution god Gang's chant sutra. Shen Xiang steps down the stage, is taking a fast look around the crowd, seeks for Lu Zhen, Lu Zhen Divine sense withdrew from his Divine sea, he is unable to give Lu Zhen sound transmission again, he wants to tell Lu Zhen very much, Lu Qilian has been seeking for him. However he believes firmly that Lu Zhen should still nearby this, he observe! Shen Xiang thought that Suppressing Devil Heavenly Venerable this time strength is certainly same as these Emperor Level expert, including Qi Shi somewhat was worried that sound transmission will be discovered by Dragon Emperor in secret, but Lu Zhen does not have! In the past Suppressing Devil Heavenly Venerable was missing, strength was formidable, he went to Heaven territory, afterward went to Punishing Demon Summit, the strength had affirmed that had the promotion greatly, that Punishing Demon Summit also made Shen Xiang more curious. Suppressing Devil Temple wins!” That old man announced the result. At this time the Fiendgod Cult believers in abundance escape, formidable Tian Nu in such a short time was cut to kill, that person of strength is not they can shake, stays here again, only then criticized share. Before the people also secretly looked down upon Suppressing Devil Temple, because Suppressing Devil Temple did not have Emperor Level expert, but that Fiendgod Great Emperor in such a short time is destroyed completely now, no one dares to look down upon Suppressing Devil Temple again. In Lu Qilian heart complex incomparable, previous time she and Shen Xiang practice Spirit Gathering Technique time, the Shen Xiang's strength is very weak, but now looks like, actually endures compared with these Heaven territory Great Emperor present. Finally has fought, is the fight of Suppressing Devil Temple and Heavenly dragon clan, Qi Shi gave Shen Xiang on sound transmission a moment ago, making Shen Xiang cut to kill that Heavenly Dragon reckless! But what now Qi Shi worry is, that can Heavenly dragon clan admit defeat, the strength that Shen Xiang showed a moment ago was too strong, is not the range that middle age withstands, the going on stage words, was extinguished very much easily kills.

Last, if has not come out carries, from will have compared newly again one round.” That old man shouted: Please come to power!” Your rules, had not said probably does not allow to change players, my Heavenly dragon clan person the body somewhat was a moment ago ill, therefore I go to battle for him, this is permits!” The people look immediately to the person of this speech, unexpectedly is Heavenly dragon clan Dragon Emperor! Dragon Emperor goes to battle, but also hits a wool, this bullied the person! In the people heart criticizes, this clearly a moment ago saw Shen Xiang to be so fierce, if lets before again, that middle age goes to battle, definitely will defeat. Heavenly dragon clan Dragon Emperor, his strength is fiercer than other Great Emperor in many person hearts, after all he is the dragon. Changes players has not violated the rule.” That old man nodded, in the heart calls out in alarm secretly, two Emperor Level characters hit here, this city can not want.