World Defying Dan God - Volume 17 - Chapter 1603

Although Shen Xiang has the Emperor Level expert strength side by side, but Fiendgod Cult the heart of that Fiendgod Great Emperor Evil Devil is too heavy, Shen Xiang suppresses with Suppressing Devil divine art, said again that Fiendgod Great Emperor strength, possibly sets the base in these Emperor Level expert. If Dragon Emperor goes into action, Suppressing Devil Temple lost, Shen Xiang expression was dignified at this time, but in his heart actually very much wants with this Dragon Emperor several moves. Dragon Emperor smiled, is reorganizing that white hair, although he is an old man, but no one dares to despise him, he moves toward the ratio to fight the stage at a moderate pace, he thought the words that one get rid, should nobody be able to suppress him, is ties at most. Shen Xiang also walks, this time unexpectedly so is calm, this courage makes in the person heart admire, when he must mount the stage many...... Wait / Etc.!” Heard this time, Shen Xiang also thinks that was Lu Zhen to him sound transmission, but this was not. This is Lu Zhen shouts, everyone heard, moreover Lu Zhen also appears in the line of sight of people, this is one has two to cast aside the beard, the corners of the mouth goes up slightly, is hanging a handsome middle age of smiling face. Shen Xiang sees that face, thought that Lu Qilian looks like him very much, this Suppressing Devil Heavenly Venerable facial expression looks like, likely is that very mischievous fellow, he wears a white clothing, the shoulder is chopping a sword, feels casts aside the beard, walks with a smile. Sees Lu Zhen, Bai Yaowei curled the lip, can see him to know Lu Zhen, moreover their relationship probably also good, they are Punishing Demon Summit come out. Is you, Senior!” Shen Xiang gives Lu Zhen to salute hastily. Lu Zhen arrives at side Shen Xiang, has patted the Shen Xiang's shoulder with hand: You sit, making me enter the stage for you!” You and Suppressing Devil Temple any relationship, cannot enter the stage, are you Suppressing Devil Temple's person? If yes, please put out to prove.” Heavenly dragon clan middle-aged hurriedly said, because Lu Zhen looks like looks down on the world, even a strength aura does not have, but Shen Xiang shouted this artificial Senior, moreover was polite, understood at a glance the strength of this person above Shen Xiang, even was fiercer than Shen Xiang.

Otherwise Shen Xiang will not be respectful to him! I called Lu Zhen!” Lu Zhen looks at that Heavenly dragon clan middle age, replied. Lu Zhen? Has not heard.” That middle age said. The people shook the head, truly nobody has heard, only then in the Lu Qilian heart shocks, because this is her father's name, she seeks for many years of father, among suddenly appears before her, this makes her somewhat be hard to accept, unbelievable. Suppressing Devil Temple is I creates, you said that I and Suppressing Devil Temple do have relationship? Do I have the qualifications to go to battle?” Lu Zhen sound cold, airborne suddenly presented huge incomparable golden "Suppress (镇)" character, that pressure, is not only the person of strength of practice Evil Devil, even if other people felt that is uncomfortable. Shen Xiang coldly said: He is Suppressing Devil Heavenly Venerable, my Suppressing Devil Temple's Old Ancestor, he does not have the qualifications, who is entitled?” Now everyone believes that that "Suppress (镇)" character, shook Nine Heavens many years ago on a moment ago, this suddenly missing Suppressing Devil Heavenly Venerable, appears at this time, unexpectedly was also fierce. Lu Zhen throws to Shen Xiang the sword: This is Divine Sword, is very difficult to receive in storage pouch, you help me favor.” Then, Lu Zhen arrived at ratio to fight on stage! Before Shen Xiang, has paid attention to Lu Qilian, sees the Lu Qilian stunned facial expression, his hastily gives her sound transmission: Sister Qilian, calm, after here matter ended, your father and daughter recognize each other again, he definitely knows you here.”

Dragon Emperor sees Lu Zhen to go to battle, in the heart some are not calm, he most hates these powerful humanity, but their these dragons inborn obtain very strong strength, if unable to defeat humanity, that will make them appear more useless. Has not thought to obtain Dragon Vein, makes you go into action personally! That is Dragon Vein very important to you? However I, under grave of that ancient god Dragon Vein is as far as I know fiercer, should turn into saint stone, even may also concentrate saint crystal to come, how don't you go to that place to dig Dragon Vein to go?” Lu Zhen lightly smiled. The matter of grave of ancient god, these Emperor Level can expert not know? However they do not dare to go to there, in that defending grave is formidable. Looks at your meaning, don't you want that Dragon Vein? Such makes little rascal wrest away?” Dragon Emperor sneers: Let alone that place is also called Subduing Dragon Sect!” „Do you want to obtain Dragon Vein really? In Heaven territory that you govern, saint stone that has does not compare few here! Do you have the goal?” Lu Zhen looked under the stand these Heaven territory Great Emperor: Or do some people incite you to initiate this great war?” Punishing Demon Summit by the gate of that Hell, Legend to suppress Hell, this Lu Zhen suddenly jumps to participate in this matter, to prevent this great war. Shen Xiang hastily puts out White Tiger to his bead, to White Tiger sound transmission, making White Tiger lead White Tiger Fighting Clan to catch up with great speed, afterward gives is passing place of inside Lan Cang pass on message god, makes him catch up immediately. Must hit do not hit in my Evil Dragon Burial Ground, simply here hits, the person came in any case neat!” Shen Xiang thought that great war is possibly hard to escape by luck, but these Heaven territory so many Emperor Level expert, he first a bit faster called White Tiger. Lu Zhen and Dragon Emperor were still negotiating, Lu Zhen wants to prevent this great war to erupt, because he also knows that this was the Infernal Demon Emperor plot. Dragon Emperor just thought start to talk, making that old man shout starts, who knows that the horizon spreads a tiger's roar!

This roaring hiss that fills to murder, new and old Great Emperor on the scene is familiar, is unable to forget that this makes them feel nightmare general murders to roar, this is antique time that Slaughter God roaring hiss, that imposing manner makes them have a vivid memory. Although White Tiger in the past has not proclaimed oneself emperor to seal|confer Zun, but he actually became Slaughter God, now his resurrect, in the Great Emperor hearts of these Heaven territory was extremely also shocking, they also think that White Tiger died, or is become god, in Nine Heavens, who does not know that now suddenly appears. Comes, not only White Tiger, hundred White Tiger Fighting Clan warrior, they surmount the space directly, appear here palace, stands behind the people. Quite lively!” White Tiger lightly smiled, waves to hint his behind warrior to stand there, then he moves toward the crowd, he looked at these Heaven territory Great Emperor, he knows these people. I heard that your duel, to select a captain here, then attacks Subduing Dragon Sect's, right!” White Tiger asked. A scene peace, nobody replied. Right!” Shen Xiang sees nobody to answer, then said: What relationship you and do Subduing Dragon Sect have?” I am Subduing Dragon Sect's Great Elder, you said that has relationship?” White Tiger smiled: Since here person is so uneven, here solves, wants to attack the Subduing Dragon Sect's fellows to stand, making me have a look at anyone, I cut here him!”