World Defying Dan God - Volume 17 - Chapter 1604
The words that White Tiger spoke are ruthless, who wants to attack Subduing Dragon Sect's to stand, then cutting will kill, sees his so murderous-looking, who dares to stand? Even if these Emperor Level expert, at this time does not dare with this resurrect White Tiger for the enemy, this to be the past Great Emperor of Ten Heavens teacher, is honored as Slaughter God. Shen Xiang is Subduing Dragon Sect's Dean, this White Tiger is Subduing Dragon Sect's Great Elder, but Subduing Dragon Sect Great Elder long time ago was very famous, no one has thought that Shen Xiang that already and White Tiger had this relationship. Shen Xiang intentionally said with a sneer: „Do you make us stand to stand? We gather today here, is discussed how to attack Subduing Dragon Sect's, except a Ice Dragon clan and Hundred Flowers Palace woman, we must attack the Subduing Dragon Sect's person, you think that who you are? You said that cuts us to cut us? You did not have a look here to come many expert today!” Hears Shen Xiang these words, these fear White Tiger expert to wish one could maliciously the fan his mouth, this clarifies pushes toward the fiery pit in them. White Tiger already knows that at present this person is Shen Xiang, he also very coordinates Shen Xiang at this time, has swept the people, cold sound track: Then I give you again an opportunity, if you set firm resolve to attack Subduing Dragon Sect, makes a sound! We solved that's alright here, you sooner or later will bump in any case into my.” Jiang Sheng sees a scene peace, then said with a smile: „Doesn't here have five Heaven territory Great Emperor? Did you instigate? It is not a big Old Bai tiger, what do you fear? Moreover of rebirth, the strength should be very disappointing.” Before was not shouts crazily, overcame Evil Dragon Burial Ground, divvied up Dragon Vein? How now doesn't dare to put the fart?” Hears the Jiang Sheng words, several Heaven territory Great Emperor immediately looked at the past, was this looks like very young mischievous ghost, courage unexpectedly was so big, dares to taunt these Heaven territory Great Emperor. Although several Heaven territory Great Emperor have not spoken, but they in secret have actually been exchanging views, at this time Dragon Emperor and Lu Zhen this Suppressing Devil Heavenly Venerable also in the ratio fights on the stage. I think before us, to some Evil Dragon Burial Ground misunderstanding, misunderstands now has relieved, then this final duel did not need.” Thunder Emperor stands up, looks to White Tiger, said indifferently. White Tiger sneers: You said actually where misunderstands?”

Where has anything to misunderstand, they are fellows of one crowd of bullying the weak and fearing the strong, seeing suddenly to present a fierce fellow, to avoid the physical suffering, has to shrink the egg.” Jiang Sheng was taunting at the same time: This group of fellows are this damned type.” Thunder Emperor expression one cold, looks to Jiang Sheng, coldly said: This friend, you slanders us again and again, this to us is a provocation.” Jiang Sheng is still smiling, said: Where slandered you? Before to Subduing Dragon Sect shouted that hit to shout " kill " fiercely, now is soft like the mud, does not dare to put the fart, your this crowd of new Great Emperor, this, past Fifth of Nine Emperors inside, two idiots did not want the life looked for Great Emperor of Ten Heavens to go all out, you five Heaven territory Great Emperor, fear including a big white cat of rebirth now.” Who are you? But dares to fight?” Thunder Emperor is angry, grasps double fist, thunder might covers the audience, in the sky immediately lightning flash thunder cry. Jiang Sheng said while loudly laughing: You also only dare to my this small show off one's military strength, to plant to that side big Old Bai tiger declare war.” In the ratio fights on stage Dragon Emperor to step down the stage, looks at Jiang Sheng saying: You are not young, who are you?” Thunder Emperor and other Heaven territory Great Emperor, seeing Dragon Emperor to be so earnest, knows Jiang Sheng that has agitated a moment ago has the background greatly, but they cannot see anything. Your this group of ungrateful fellows, have not recognized him to come are also very normal matters.” Sits together Bai Yaowei suddenly to say with Phoenix King. Sees the person with this expression speech, the people know that besides five Heaven territory Great Emperor and Suppressing Devil Heavenly Venerable, here also has expert of that time, Jiang Sheng is one, Bai Yaowei was also one. Is you! Didn't you go to Gods?” An old woman that wrinkle eye suddenly opens, looks to Jiang Sheng, she is Saint Ice Heaven Territory Ice Emperor.

At this time other four Heaven territory Great Emperor, guessed correctly the Jiang Sheng status probably, unexpectedly and ices Dragon Clan together, this makes in their hearts shake, although Jiang Sheng always self-ridiculed one in Fifth of Nine Emperors are the pad ballast, but never has the person to dare to despise his strength. White Tiger has coughed several, said: Your also if wanted attacks Subduing Dragon Sect, to the explicit reply, I do not think came in vain.” Big white cat, this matter and other said again that I must make that fellow also return to a thing first.” Jiang Sheng looks at Dragon Emperor: That supreme Dragon Vein was the time.” Hears supreme Dragon Vein, several Heaven territory Great Emperor whole bodies shake, look to Dragon Emperor, they do not know probably Dragon Emperor has supreme Dragon Vein this type of thing. Everybody meets again!” The Dragon Emperor whole face is vigilant, has arched cuping one hand in the other across the chest to the people, changes to together golden light, flies to the airborne that giant saloon car, other Heavenly Dragon received the order probably, flies in abundance to that saloon car. little rascal, fight! Snatches supreme Dragon Vein.” Jiang Sheng hastily gives Shen Xiang sound transmission: Loses Divine Cauldron and divine hammer.” Jiang Sheng jumps, pursues to Heavenly Dragon that crowd runs away in a panic. Is the duel strove for the command jurisdiction, but actually evolves this now, the people are unexpected. Shen Xiang shoots divine hammer and Divine Cauldron immediately, the black iron hammer circles in flight, aware enters in the hand of Jiang Sheng, Jiang Sheng grips tightly divine hammer, loudly shouted, divine hammer the white light dodges immediately crazily, turns into a white great hammer, lowers the head to have a palatial ten thousand zhang (3.33 m) mountain to be like that huge.

Jiang Sheng grasps the divine hammer terminal, body is with overpowering momentum, brandishes such as the hammer head of mountain, pounds to that giant saloon car that Dragon Emperor rides to come. That giant saloon car contrasted the divine hammer hammer head to be smaller, divine hammer swept away, hit on the saloon car, exploded a piece of smashing together with that the big dragon of two pulling a cart. The saloon car in golden light explodes dodges with shakes in the explosive to turn into a piece of golden fragment greatly. This person is Divine Craftsman! Some person of suddenly are startled to shout one, at this time that Divine Cauldron became very greatly, cover to that crowd of running away Heavenly Dragon. Dragon Emperor roared, flew to huge Divine Cauldron that pounded to fall, in the hand to present a giant stick, hit horizontally toward Divine Cauldron, swept Divine Cauldron. That Divine Cauldron and divine hammer, in the Shen Xiang hand, the instance that Shen Xiang threw a moment ago, the people know that before this Suppressing Devil Temple's Temple Protector, unexpectedly is Shen Xiang! The people think that the Shen Xiang's strength melts Sacred Realm at most, but not only melts the Saint nine revolutions to complete now, becomes formidable Saint Immortal, the strength also endures to compare Emperor Level expert, can kill that Fiendgod Great Emperor. But now some people cannot believe that is Shen Xiang, Shen Xiang unexpectedly also understood that the use extinguishes Devil God Palm and Grasping Soul Devil Curse these devil art, sees Shen Xiang that flies to leap up, puts out Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade, the people have to believe that this is really Shen Xiang.