World Defying Dan God - Volume 17 - Chapter 1605

Shen Xiang will appear here, the people one want to understand, clarifies is bothers, does not want to make that great war erupt in Evil Dragon Burial Ground, therefore here solves the matter. Now carries on completely is different from the Shen Xiang expectation, but the goal has actually been achieved, these Heaven territory have not been able to unite the world of Nine Heaven big influence to attack Evil Dragon Burial Ground. White Tiger has not expected like this, he gives Shen Xiang sound transmission: Wanted me to help in the past?” Shen Xiang just about to replied that was given to lift by all at once the wave, a golden brilliance punctures the people unable to open the eye, hearing that to frighten dragon roar of world, knows that Dragon Emperor turned into the main body, the world was shivering. Perhaps Jiang Sheng here, Qi Shi this Great Emperor of Ten Heavens, other Heaven territory Emperor Level expert definitely this turbid water, Dragon Emperor now only does not want a bit faster to leave here, perhaps if Jiang Sheng, Qi Shi and White Tiger to his fight, he meet Yuan Qi to damage severely together. After golden light flashes through, Dragon Emperor that giant dragon body just appeared, vanished on suddenly, he is having that audiences Heavenly Dragon shuttle space, returned to Heavenly Dragon Territory. This bastard, unexpectedly ran.” Jiang Sheng grasps is changing small divine hammer, is taking that small Divine Cauldron, to that remaining golden light bah. Several other Heaven territory Great Emperor want to walk, but was actually drunk by Qi Shi. Although Qi Shi has not revealed the status, but these four Heaven territory Great Emperor know that he is Great Emperor of Ten Heavens. Evil Emperor where?” Qi Shi is watching intently that Heaven Evil Territory new Evil Emperor. He in Heaven Evil Territory, has been missing 30,000 years ago.” This Evil Emperor does not want to provoke Qi Shi, although resurrect Qi Shi was weaker, but he did not have the courage and this once Xiong dominated the Great Emperor resistance of Nine Heavens.

You walk, later is best honestly, do not think you really forever undying.” Qi Shi coldly snorted. Shen Xiang body all around space suddenly fluctuates, Jiang Sheng hastily shouted: little rascal, are you doing? This is space power so how fierce?” Shen Xiang all around space twists crazily, Jiang Sheng does not dare to approach, he knows that Shen Xiang to good that space strength grasps, but has not thought that unexpectedly will be in this situation, even if in the past Qi Shi heyday, is unable to have this terrifying control strength. You talked about old days first, I must go to Heavenly Dragon Territory.” In the sky a big piece of space fluctuates, looks like very terrifying, making people think under that space power covers, the space that oneself are at as if will be ripped the fragment. „Do you go to that place to do? You now are also not the match of that fellow.” Jiang Sheng hastily shouted: Stops quickly.” I go to there to find the person.” The Shen Xiang's body vanishes gradually, he already since space passage that oneself open, that is passage to Heavenly Dragon Territory, he induces according to space fallout that Dragon Emperor is remaining. Fuses Law of Space profound bead him, is keen to the induction of space, his strength is formidable, to the space principle is familiar, can break through some space principles. Like this was ending?” White Tiger looks at Shen Xiang that vanishes, somewhat depressed saying. Did not finish like this, do you want to attack brutally, blow away that crowd of Heaven territory fellow? That finally convenient Infernal Demon Emperor.” Lu Zhen continuously silent looks at this, can the peaceful settlement, not make the plan of Infernal Demon Emperor prevail, this is the best victory. White Tiger sighed: Then I continue to hide, I do not think that second time was killed by Infernal Demon Emperor.”

White Tiger walks, Qi Shi followed. Bai Yaowei vanishes in the crowd quietly, Lu Zhen looked at Lu Qilian one, probably is giving her in secret sound transmission, then makes that Xu Teng lead him to return to Suppressing Devil Temple. Jiang Sheng looked at divine hammer and Divine Cauldron in hand, he wants to give back to Shen Xiang's, who knows that Shen Xiang walks that sharply, has to receive temporarily, then stared Divine Craftsman mountain village that group of people maliciously, with icing Dragon Clan leaves here. Although has not erupted Emperor Level expert intense great war, but has experienced the person of this matter today, indistinctly thought that in the past great war of antique time, quick once more will repeat! ...... In Heavenly Dragon Territory, what is different from world of Nine Heaven, the air/Qi of here Sacred Spirit is rich, here beasts have the bloodlines of some dragons, outside the wilderness, Saint Beast, Shen Xiang induces to several aura. „Did young bastard, we arrive at Heavenly Dragon Territory really?” Huang Jintian abandons bare sits in ground: Heard that the wilderness in this place, is more fearful than that Saint Territory.” Shen Xiang in that flash of shuttle space, to Huang Jintian sound transmission, then separates to empty him to grasp, loads in Hidden Jade Ring, arrives at Heavenly Dragon Territory to put him. This is natural, I come to here find the person, I was not worried about his them before, but their news does not have now.” The Shen Xiang facial color is serious. Huang Jintian asked: Whom looks for? Do you have the friend here? How I do not know!”

White Dragon, has the White Dragon Bloodline dragon person with one!” On the Shen Xiang face worried completely: Dragon people is Youlan, as for that White Dragon, may is Heavenly Dragon Great Emperor of that ancient time, she with my together, has given me the help.” Heard that White Dragon female, said that with your together White Dragon is also female?” Huang Jintian remembers Leng Youlan that strange white hair, immediately is suddenly enlighted, moreover Leng Youlan in afterward had very big change, actually has White Dragon Bloodline. Shen Xiang nodded: I and you come back from Saint Territory, she leaves me, said that revenges! I she went to Imperial Dragon Clan before, but that Imperial Dragon Clan has been incorporated by Heavenly Dragon now, but Heavenly dragon clan was very probably tranquil, has not received anything to affect, therefore I want to come to see her in not here.” She said that will look for Youlan to come together, now their these two dead girl news do not have, I am worried about them very much.” Huang Jintian pinches the finger immediately, revolution Heaven's Divination Technique, winking that the eye keeps is moving, the whole body is shivering. They in piece of old tree towering ancient forest , all around do not have no danger(ous), Shen Xiang to crawl to the tree on at this time, vigilant all around, while waits for Huang Jintian to figure out the result. After half double-hour, Huang Jintian was sweating profusely, restores the normal appearance, Shen Xiang hastily has jumped down from the big tree. Youlan that girl is also living, temporarily but where I cannot figure out her,...... this is very difficult to calculate as for that White Dragon that you said that without the least bit clue, resembles her not to have such, but was not the sign of dying.” Huang Jintian frowned, then looks at Shen Xiang, counting. Strange, I consider as finished to you, your situation and that White Dragon are exactly the same, this what's the matter? Before I told fortunes to you, never have this situation.” Huang Jintian whole face doubts.