World Defying Dan God - Volume 17 - Chapter 1606

Shen Xiang thinks: Is because I had Godhead, therefore you can't calculate?” What? You had Godhead!” Huang Jintian is surprised to jump: No wonder your suddenly becomes that fierce, so that's how it is! It seems like that White Dragon is all right, moreover there is Godhead this thing, she should really be Heavenly Dragon Great Emperor.” This is impossible, her Godhead was borrowed by Great Emperor of Ten Heavens, after Great Emperor of Ten Heavens dies, Godhead follows his soul to go to Hell, was suppressed by Infernal Demon Emperor, Great Emperor of Ten Heavens also said that that Godhead possibly had not been made.” Shen Xiang sits in the ground, congealing eyebrow is thinking. Long Xueyi also to Heavenly dragon clan fight, actually has not been tosses about the Godhead matter, this made Shen Xiang feel relieved, he thought is also, Long Xueyi did not have the Godhead words, was very difficult to defeat here that Dragon Emperor. Has been worried to have danger(ous) Huang Jintian very much here, knows after Shen Xiang has Godhead, was happy. We stay here some time, helping me hunt and kill some Saint Beast, you now were fiercer than me, must help Master I promote the strength.” Huang Jintian happily said with a smile: Your that Subduing Dragon Sect has that many old Great Emperor to look in any case that will not have the matter.” Master, you should hope that I a bit faster build up Saint pill, when the time comes Saint Beast anything's you definitely cannot have a liking.” Shen Xiang smiled, knew that Leng Youlan and Long Xueyi nothing, Shen Xiang was more relaxed. Said again, this place is Heavenly Dragon Territory, kills ordinary Saint Beast to have any meaning, must kill kills these Heavenly Dragon.” Shen Xiang happily said with a smile. Huang Jintian curled the lip: I do not want to be chased down by Dragon Emperor, here is his domain, we when do not have absolutely strength, do not have the conflict with Heavenly dragon clan!” It is getting dark, dawn again starts off.” Shen Xiang jumps to the big tree on, causes tree hole in the thick bough, then comfortable lying down in inside, Huang Jintian sits outside tree hole.

Master, Lu Zhen comes out from Punishing Demon Summit, I when cope with that Fiendgod Great Emperor, is Lu Zhen in secret gives me to pass on merit laws, making me learn Demon Execution god Gang, what secret in that Punishing Demon Summit was hiding?” Shen Xiang lies down in tree hole, was recalling Punishing Demon Summit that he sees. I only know that Punishing Demon Summit is Gods establishes, this Gods should be in that grave, although the fellow has made a grave, but he did not die, he will live every other day one time, clearly, his match is that Infernal Demon Emperor.” No wonder!” Shen Xiang suddenly thought that Suppressing Devil Heavenly Venerable Lu Zhen, should in the god with that grave have relationship, otherwise he will not understand that many fierce Suppressing Devil divine art. Your these do devil art learn from whom? Now does not need to hide the truth from me.” Huang Jintian said: As far as I know, only then Devil Emperor understands these devil art, Devil Emperor resurrect, but also has taught your in secret?” Heartless Devil Venerable descendant passes to me.” Shen Xiang said. „Doesn't Heartless Devil Venerable enter the fellow who Nine Heavenly Devil Palace does not have? His descendant probably is two female......” Huang Jintian puts out ancient book of his record history important matter, is turning fast. Heartless Devil Venerable has two apprentices, Su Meiyao, another is Devil Heaven Bai Family Bai Youyou! Su Meiyao pill technique unparalleled, Bai Youyou grasps Devil Emperor peerless devil art, they at that time were very famous female expert.” Huang Jintian sighed: Your this young bastard, unexpectedly already obtained the inheritance of these two women.” Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou's godmother is Su Meiyao's Dean, Master is Heartless Devil Venerable that Devil Emperor is reincarnated, two both are Emperor Level expert, Shen Xiang now is not worried about their personal enemy anything. Who of their personal enemy? They said that hides that personal enemy to hide very laboriously.” Shen Xiang said: Their personal enemies should be a woman.”

Huang Jintian continues to look at that page of ancient book, said: Their personal enemies may be extraordinary, according to the ancient book record of my Undead clan, chased down their strongest personal enemy in the past, should be the severely wounded demon emperor!” Demon emperor? What Great Emperor is this? Fifth of Nine Emperors inside does not have this fellow!” Shen Xiang hastily asked. In Fifth of Nine Emperors truly does not have, was the reputation of this fellow too was mainly bad, because she was a very virulent woman, it is said Divine Craftsman, Dan Emperor and Sword Emperor these fellows by her cloudy.” Huang Jintian evil smiles: „The emperor of attracting is a very fierce woman, in the past by expert that she confused, even if obtained her fleshly body, but must pay very big price.” Shen Xiang understands the Huang Jintian's meaning, some cannot believe: You were said that Divine Craftsman Dan Emperor they, did have that relationship with this woman? Quite chaotic!” This I do not know that you and aren't Divine Craftsman very ripe? Goes back to ask his that's it.” Huang Jintian said with a smile. That demon emperor heard that was injured, does not know that by anyone, was very likely Devil Emperor or Great Emperor of Ten Heavens, the Devil Emperor beforehand woman are too many, therefore the demon emperor is hard to entice him, but Great Emperor of Ten Heavens is a lion, is not interested in humanity.” Huang Jintian said: I thought that was very likely Devil Emperor to injure her, therefore he will chase down to have devil art Bai Youyou and Su Meiyao.” This...... Actually Heartless Devil Venerable is the reincarnation of Devil Emperor, is the Bai Youyou's father, named Bai Yaowei, is Phoenix King sits together that.” Shen Xiang said. so that's how it is, I thought that before that fellow is not simple.” Huang Jintian is suddenly enlighted, then opens that ancient book, fast records something above, these are the historical important matters. Shen Xiang also asked: „Does Master, on your this ancient book have Sister Heartless Devil Venerable matter, the Heartless Devil Venerable younger sister and Imperial Bird Clan Phoenix gives birth to a doll, that doll is the Heartless Devil Venerable niece, in the past to protect Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou, camouflaged to chase down them! Right, she is called Jade Immortal Woman.”

Huang Jintian stares, said: „The position of my this record history should give you to be right, matter how that many that you know?” Shen Xiang curled the lip: Possibly is my female personal connection is good, that Jade Immortal Woman now is Hundred Flowers Palace inside Ji Meixian, just joined Hundred Flowers Palace, she was I arranged in the White Sea Sacred Realm undercover.” How many matters your has brat done in secret also?” Huang Jintian suddenly thought that Shen Xiang also has many important matters: You said some quite important important matter, quite made me record, I know that you also want to know many secrets, I used these to exchange.” Now temporarily do not reveal, later several hundred thousand years have been casual you.” Shen Xiang said. Does not have the issue, finalized.” Huang Jintian whole face happy shouted. Shen Xiang said: Helps me look for the Dongfang family history, under Dongfang family Dongfang Mysterious Realm, has a skeleton of Vermilion Bird, I am very curious to the present.”